The WWE World Heavyweight Championship needs to change hands at Night of Champions

A lot of people don’t want to see Cena as the champion AGAIN. A lot of people think that the WWE doesn’t have to offer any superstars who are a real threat to Lesnar. However, the Beast Incarnate must drop the title at Night of Champions.

After beating the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania and brutally dominating the leader of the Cenation at SummerSlam, Lesnar’s credibility has shot through the roof. Paul Heyman’s Beast is portrayed as unstoppable.  However, the title needs to be defended and Lesnar’s contract with the WWE, allows him to have only a few pay per view appearances.  His title reign consists of his advocate – Paul Heyman, arguing with John Cena on TV, while the Beast himself deals with some other business of his, away from our screens. It’s bizarre how superstars like Batista or even the Rock, get heat from the audience for being handed opportunities as part-timers and Brock Lesnar, who only wrestles 5 times a year is welcomed as a deserving champion. This only comes to prove how hated Cena has become. Anyone who beats him, becomes an instant fan darling. It’s unacceptable that in a month the WWE World Heavyweight Champion hasn’t had a single match. I’m not even talking about title defenses, just a simple match. It doesn’t matter how over Lesnar might be and how good of a talker Paul Heyman is, the company cannot afford another month without its main championship.  The WWE Universe deserves a fighting champion. After all, this is wrestling, not a talk show.

Now, who should be a WWE World Heavyweight Champion is a different question. Obviously, the number one contender is John Cena and as much as people dislike him he’s probably the only one who’d be allowed to beat Lesnar without killing the image of the Beast. The WWE can use a few more times the ace that is the Conqueror. The easiest example would be Wrestlemania.   However, to keep Lesnar’s unstoppable image, they need him to drop the title to Cena. The fans will always blame it on the “Superman Cena” and would still consider the Beast a threat when he eventually comes back. We have to admit, that if nothing else, Cena is so devoted to the WWE that he’ll never back down from a fight and will wrestle as much as needed to keep his champion status. Then again, no matter how many times Cena defends the title, it won’t create any excitement because no one will believe that Cena’s opponents have a chance. Also, the way things are nowadays, having a lot more of Cena on TV every week probably throws a very large part of the WWE fans in horror and despair. What’s the solution?

Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins is the answer. Mr. Money in the Bank can make the WWE Heavyweight Championship picture so much more exciting. The perfect scenario at Night of Champions would be for Cena to defeat Lesnar in a gruesome and devastating match. The Beast rages and F5s Cena a few times.  That way Lesnar saves face and Cena puts the title back on weekly TV. Bu as soon as Lesnar leaves Cena unconscious, Seth Rollins comes out and cashes in his briefcase for the title.  This would inevitably lead to a triple threat match between Cena, Lesnar and Rollins because both man would have the right to a rematch against the new champ. Cena and Brock will take each other apart, while Seth will put his strategic genius into practice and will pick up the pieces. And if after that Cena stays away from Rollins and the title, the WWE Heavyweight Championship will soon be in the midst of an ex-Shield brothers triple threat war. That will undoubtedly be amazing. Although I suspect, the fans might be unsatisfied with the way that would end, because it would probably go like this:

The two worst things that could go wrong with the scenario I described are John Cena and Dean Ambrose. The first one could destroy Rollins by squashing him in a feud following Night of Champions. The second one could screw Seth out of his title shot by interrupting the cash-in match after it has begun. The first possibility has been seen over and over again and there really is no need to discuss it once more. As for the second one, I hope, Ambrose will come to save Reigns just before Rollins does something that will take him out for good. Then when Rollins cashes in, Ambrose wouldn’t be there to stop him. Rollins comes out as victor in the end because his ex-brothers in arms could have defeated him earlier but in the end of the night he always has a plan B and he always wins, hence, the title. Of course, there’s the possibility of Ambrose just intercepting Rollins before the match starts but that would give Cena another lengthy title reign and would delay the moment when the three members of the Shield will start passing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship amongst themselves.  So, yeah, I would definitely go with my “perfect” scenario.

Regardless of who the events play out at Night of Champions, Brock Lesnar cannot remain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any other possible outcomes? Leave your comments below!


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