WWE Night of Champions – Review, Highlights and Analysis

The Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust

The atmosphere in the Bridgstone arena was so tense, you could feel the eagerness of the audience ooze through the screen.

The two teams were pumped up too. The Usos’ offence was rich on high spots in and out of the ring. The Cosmic brothers were focused and did a great job of looking menacing. The champs didn’t lack aggression either.

At some point, Jay Uso viscously attacked Starust’s leg, the same way that Star and Goldsut had attacked him. Although he’s face, Jay didn’t play nice, he wanted retribution. Stardust, however, didn’t wait long to return the favour. After Jay kicked out of the Dark Matter, Stardust tied him to the ropes and started slapping him across the face with a glove.

In the culmination of the match, Goldust ran across the apron and took out Jimmy Uso outside the ring. Jay ran across the ring, jumped over the ropes and took out Stardust. This exchange was followed by Jay climbing on the top rope and jumping on Stardust, who was lying in the ring. Stardust met him with knees to the midsection and got the win.


The Usos came out looking strong in their defeat but Stardust and Goldust made it obvious that they deserve to be holding the Cosmic key.

Dolph Ziggler & R –Truth promo

Ziggler made a joke about people not being able to tell him and R-Truth apart and then pointed out that being the Intercontinental Champion is better than being a movie star, such as the Miz claims to be.


It wasn’t a bad promo but the in-your-face Mountain Dew product placement in it. Seriously, it looks so ridiculous when superstars are made to promote food and drinks. Although Ziggler is undeniably charismatic, I couldn’t stop thinking how the whole segment had been filmed just to have those full, freshly opened, electric green bottles of Mountain Dew in the shot.


Sheamus vs. Cesaro

This was a proper fight. The move set of both superstars is mostly grounded and based on strength so their face-off naturally can’t produce many flashy highflying spots.  However, the sheer toughness of the competitors and their willingness just to punch it out were more than enough to create a great match. Cesaro was constantly trying to outdo each of Sheamus’ attacks.  It was a proper brawl with a lot of near falls.

In the end, Cesaro backed Sheamus into a corner and started punching him in the midsection. The Irishmen just asked for more and more until the moment he got a moment of separation and in a split second The Swiss Superman was taken down by a Brogue Kick.


Sheamus retained but it wasn’t an effortless win at all. His feud with Cesaro is nowhere near its end.

Mark Henry & Big Show segment

Mark Henry was back in his locker room. Big Show brought him the long-awaited blue, white and red singlet. The former Olympian seemd so devoted to defending his country that it created an atmosphere similar of a soldier going to war. Sending Mark Henry into this match almost felt like a farewell with a hero, about to be sacrificed.

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Florida Georgia Line on commentary)

So much attention was given to the guest stars that it diminished the significance of the match. It felt like the focus was on promoting Florida Georgia Line, while the Intercontinental Championship was just an afterthought.

In the ring, Ziggler started off the match aggressively but Miz soon turned things around and mounted off some solid offence.  When the momentum switched, the A-lister got hit with the Famouser but kicked out. The Dolph dropped him on the outside and they were brawling in front of the announce table for a bit. JBL made me laugh by assuring his guest commentators that there was nothing to worry about since the Spanish announce table was the place to throw people on.

As expected, the two stunt doubles couldn’t stay away from the action. Mizdow pulled Ziggler’s leg behind the referee’s back.  R-Ziggler came to avenge the Champ but got flattened by Mizdow. Then Miz’s stunt double went on to trash talk Florida Georgia Line and ended up getting pushed down by them. Even in his new gimmick Sandow still remains the punch-bag offered to visiting celebrities.

Miz locked the Figure 4 on Dolph but the champ managed to get to the ropes and then hit the Famouser but Miz kicked out again. In the end, Mizdow distracted Ziggler and received a kick in the face for that. However, the Miz took advantage, rolled up the champ and with the help of some tights grabbing, won the title.


I wasn’t that excited about having another month of Dolph vs. Miz but I guess the stunt double story hasn’t had all its juice sucked out yet. Also, Miz and Dolph’s friendship in real life, makes me open to the idea of them working together on a storyline for a little longer.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose Segment

A video package about Roman Reigns’ surgery was played and Seth came out gleaming.  According to Rollins, an emergency surgery was not an excuse not to show up for a match, so he demanded a forfeit win. Well, in all fairness, he gave Roman 10 seconds to show up…It’s strange how a person who’s in a hospital is getting counted out in a match that he hasn’t even entered but we’ll just use the Authority as a justifiable explanation. While the referee was counting, the audience exploded in  WE WANT AMBROSE chants. However, the official got to ten with no appearance from the Lunatic Fringe ans Rollins got the victory.

After the end of the “match”, Rollins, as a proper self-loving heel, asked for his hand to be raised in victory and then issued an open challenge to anyone who wanted to fight him. After Seth’s resounding “Anybody?” echoing in the building, the cameras showed Dean Ambrose getting off a cab, as JBL noted –without paying, and running to the ring. His music seemed to rush to follow him.

The two former Shield members didn’t waste any time and started brawling through the audience. The Authority brought out the security. The officials managed to get Ambrose of Rollins for a moment on top of the ramp, but the Lunatic Fringe broke loose, ran across the props and launched himself onto the security detail, taking them all out. Then he climbed some more props and took Rollins out. Seth ran through the audience and into the ring, where he got saved by HHH, who order Dean Ambrose to be hand cuffed. The Lunatic Fringe got carried out with his hands tied behind his back and the Authority raised Rollins’ hand in victory.


The return of Ambrose wasn’t unexpected but it was definitely exciting. I’m sure the WWE audience can’t wait for his feud with Rollins.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Before the match Mark Henry sincerely cried while Lillian Garcia was singing the anthem. I have never ever seen Henry so fully devoted to a feud.  It makes me feels sad for him.

The match started strong on emotions with a pumped up Henry not allowing Rusev to even get into the ring, let alone, fight.  However, when Mark Henry got out of the ring Rusev smashed him into the steps and took over.  From that moment on, the match wasn’t particularly impressive. Rusev tried to lock the Accolade but Henry blocked him. The former Olympian gave Rusev such a menacing look that the Bulgarian brute had shock written all over his face, while Lana got visibly scared.  But in the end, Rusev managed to put Henry in the Accolade and had another tap-out victory.


The commentators made sure to let everyone know that Mark Henry had a bad back but Rusev’s momentum is high. He’s undefeated. If Mark Henry couldn’t end the streak, no one with a patriot gimmick will.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Orton and Jericho delivered at Night of Champions. There was no warm up in this match. It started hot. Randy was fixated on destroying Y2J. He kept throwing Jericho out of the ring, beating him up and then bringing him back in to break the count. Jericho kept getting pinned and kicking out.  He had counter attacks for everything.

At some point, it looked as if Y2J was actually going to win. He hit the Code Breaker but instead for a pin went for the Walls of Jericho. However, Orton managed to counter the submission. The Viper did a DDT from the ropes but then got hit by the Codebreaker again. This time Jericho went for, only for Orton to kick out.

The match ended when Y2J tried a high-risk maneuver, jumped from the top rope and fell into an RKO.


It was an exciting ride to send Jericho off on his promotion tour.

Brie Bella promo

Typical overacting from Brie. All she had to say was that she didn’t want her sister to win the title and that tried to deliver a “smart” line by saying that Nikki’s like karma – a bitch.

How can you support any of those two is a mystery to me. Honestly, I’d actually go with Nikki because the Bellas just don’t work as faces. At all.

AJ vs. Paige vs. Nikki Bella

This match was the biggest surprise of the night. I don’t think anyone expected it to be good but the divas delivered. It felt like a real triple threat match with all three women actually wrestling for once. They even performed an impressive top-rope maneuver, which despite Paige’s extremely loud spot calling, was of good quality.

Nikki was the arrogant heel, who’d do anything for the win. She was brutal and  didn’t hesitate to drag AJ by the hair across the ring. AJ and Paige continued their frenemy rivalry. At one point, Paige asked AJ to kiss her hand and at another – she hugged AJ and helped her up.

For the finish, Nikki took out Paige but AJ viciously slammed Nikki out of the ring and locked the Black widow, making the Divas’ champ tap out.


It was a surprising ending to a surprisingly pleasant match. The three women’s performance brings the hopes for the Divas division to a new level.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

That match started fast and by fast, I mean with an AA and a pin attempt. And this was followed by a Kimura lock by Lesnar.

The action was brutal. The cameras focused on the massive bruise that appeared on Cena’s back as a result of Lesnar’s kicks.  The Beast tried to break Cena’s arm in the Kimura lock more than once. Cena locked the STF on two occasions. The second time, he had to pull Lesnar from the ropes to the middle of the ring three times. There were four AAs in the match. It seemed like Cena was going to win after the fourth one but Seth Rollins came out and caused a DQ.

Seth curb stomped Lesnar in the middle of the ring and it seemed like he was going to become the new WWE Heavyweight Champion. However, before the bell rang, Cena pulled Rollins away and didn’t allow him to cash in.


In the closing moments of the event, Brock Lesnar F5ed Cena. It was meant to make Lesnar look strong. However, he had practically lost the title to both Cena and Rollins. They just took each other out, which is the only reason why the Beast retained. I think from all that Cena got his redemption and his credibility back and Rollins came out looking like a real threat because he could cash in at any point, even if the champ was as intimidating as Lesnar. Although he retained, The Beast Incarnate felt like the only loser.

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