Examining the WWE Tag Team Division – The Good, The Bad and The Possible

The Good

  1. The Usos

TheUsosWin6_original_crop_northThe Usos are the workhorses of the division. They have come a long way to get to where they are now. Jimmy and Jay first entered the WWE in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2010 when they appeared on RAW. They’ve been 7 years with the company, 3 of which they spent in developmental purgatory, the next 3 – jobbing to everyone and then finally got their well-deserved push in 2013. Since then, the Usos have connected really well with the WWE audience and are the most over face tag team in the WWE at the moment.

Jimmy and Jay are great in the ring. They use a rich highflying arsenal, which makes them exciting to watch. On the mic, they are energetic, charismatic and all around easy to like. Their reign as WWE Tag Team Champions lasted 202 days and featured feuds with the Rhodes Brothers, the Wyatt family, the Authority, Rybaxel, Los Matadores and the Real Americans. It’s safe to say that the Usos have fought their way into improving the quality of the tag team division.

  1. Stardust and Goldust

Goldust-and-StardustThe current reigning WWE tag team champions definitely deserve to make this list. The Rhodes brothers have also put a lot behind their backs to achieve their current status.

Cody Rhodes is undeniably talented in the ring but he’s been struggling to find a gimmick that will be in favour with the WWE Creative for a long period of time. He has had so many character changes that it’s hard to keep track for the audience but it always feels so natural when Cody morphs into his next gimmick. I was mortified the first time I heard about the Stardust idea, thinking that it would end up being a lame Goldust rip-off that will drag Cody’s career down but Stardust came to life with his own unique personality and has now become a character to look for in a good show.

Goldust has never looked better. When the Rhodes brothers first got together in the anti-Authority storyline the critics were skeptical about Goldy but he proved us all wrong. This man is 45 years old and moves in the ring better than most of his younger co-workers. Go back and re-watch the Usos vs. Gold and Stardust and Goldust at Night of Champions and tell me that when you look at Goldust wrestle you see a man, nearing his 50s.

Gold and Stardust bring uniqueness to the table. There’s no one in the tag team division who can compare to them. They are so bizzare that regardless of wether they are face, heel or tweener, they’ll always work well.

The Bad or Where are the other teams?

  1. Los Matadores


We have Los Matadores on the face side but they will never be main-event talent. They are good workers but not great. Their gimmick is so bad that that even after weeks of watching their vignettes on TV, nobody cared about them when they finally arrived. Since their debut, the repackaged Primo and Epico, have been used only for jobbing and/or comedy relief. Their mascot bull has more credibility than them at the moment. If those two are to be taken seriously at any point again, they should take back Rosa Mendez as their manager and play heels. The Los Matadores gimmick is a dead end unless you want to sell merchandise to really small children. It definitely doesn’t bring anything to the tag team division.

  1. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper from the Wyatt Family

7f008265ae08062129aa01582506595f_crop_northBefore I get stoned to death for putting the Wyatts in this list, I’ll explain myself. Do you remember the time when the Wyatts were facing the Shield and the audience exploded in THIS IS AWESOME chants before the match had even started? Yes, I remember that too but the WWE Creative seems to have forgotten. The Wyatts haven’t felt like a real threat in a while.

Don’t get me wrong the whole Wyatt Family is a great stable, made up of wrestlers who can put up amazing matches in the ring. The gimmick is original and Bray Wyatt’s amazing promo skills make it so mesmerizing that the whole arena surrounding the Family lights up by lights, held by fans. However, their momentum peeked and deflated. The WWE missed the opportunity to make Rowan and Harper tag team champions when those two names used to bring fear to people’s minds. Now, the’ve been humanized and their dark, undefeatable aura is gone.

Rowan and Harper are on this list not because they are bad but because they are way too good to be in the position they are in.  The fact that the Wyatts are jobbing to one half of the pseudo team of Big Show and Mark Henry, is what’s wrong with the WWE tag team division.

The Possible

  1. Slater Gator


Don’t laugh! Slater Gator could be a legitimate face/tweener tag team, given the chance to do so.

Heath Slater is so entertaining on the mic. The guy’s naturally funny. If you don’t believe me, check out a few episodes of the JBL and Cole show and you’ll see. Slater’s rarely given the time to show his charisma but when he does, people respond. He’s quick in the ring and has the willingness to succeed. If the WWE Creative team manages to picture a funny character as a credible competitor, Slater will pull it off.

Titus O’Neil has had as bad of luck in his career as Slater. He never really got a proper push. His lowest point (and probably the lowest point in the WWE programming) was his puking segment a few months ago. Terrible. Having in mind, that Titus’ strength in the ring is impossible to miss and he’s also a good talker, it’s a mystery why he hasn’t been given a proper chance. I think, his partnership with Slater can be the key. They go so well together in their misfit team that never lacks arguments.

I could have easily put Slator Gator in the Bad section for the same reasons as the Wyatts. The reason why I didn’t is, that unlike Rowan and Harper, Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil haven’t had their one big moment yet. It’s not too late for the WWE to stop feeding them to the Bunny and to give them a push!

  1. The Woods Faction


What happened to Kofi Kingston and Big E? One night Xavier Woods picked them up and then all three of them disappeared. The rumors say that the WWE is scared of racist scandal if they create an all-African-American faction. I say – nonsense! If you don’t push black superstars, it’s racist. If you put them in a faction and push them, it’s racist. The fact that we even have to talk about race makes everything racist. Why don’t we just forget the   politics and enjoy some wrestling?

The Woods Faction would bring so much excitement to the WWE tag team division. Much like the Shield and the Wyatt Family, a new stable will stir up the pot. A highflyer and a powerhouse with a smart, well-educated manager who can wrestle. Or maybe all three would switch into different duo combinations for different matches, like the Shield did at some point. It brings so many possibilities to the table. In a tag team division, which has only two prominent teams, the Woods Faction would be a breath of fresh air.

  1. The Ascension


The Ascension is probably closer to having their chance of becoming a success than the previous two. Konnor and Viktor were the NXT Tag Team Champions until NXT Takeover 2. They are a dominant team with a gothic/steampunk gimmick. I remember when the first version of the Ascension debuted a few years back (due to issues, some members had to be replaced). It was a haunting experience. Their entrance was dark, surreal and overall impressive. It is true that after the Ascension turned form a faction to a tag team, their gimmick lost a bit of its power. However, I still believe that with the right booking, Konnor and Viktor can create the same effect when they enter the main roster.

Since they dropped the titles on NXT, I expect them to move up really soon. When they do the WWE Tag Team division will have a new threat – ominous, menacing and merciless. The Fall of Man will hit the WWE Universe and will take down many. Can you picture a feud between the Ascension and the Wyatt Family, taking place in the grim fantasy world, which they both wander in? Phenomenal!


Final Thoughts

RybaxelThe WWE tag team division has shrunk quite a lot recently. Apart from the two obvious star duos – the Usos and Gold & Stardust, there aren’t that many legitimate teams. At the time when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were holding the titles, a few new duos emerged, including the Real Americans and Rybaxel. However, the first broke up and the second were broken up by an injury to the Big Guy. If Rybaxel were in action at the moment, they would have been in the Good section. Both Ryback and Axel are solid in the ring and the Big Guy has enough charisma for two. I can’t wait for his recovery and the return of Rybaxel.

What do you think about the WWE Tag Team Division? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


4 thoughts on “Examining the WWE Tag Team Division – The Good, The Bad and The Possible

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    • Hi, N!
      I’m talking purely about their look here. Viktor specifically always gave off this steampunk vibe. Well, at least to me 🙂
      It’s just a colour adjective based on my interpretation of the characters.
      How would you describe them? Cyberpunk? Goth?
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Keep sharing your thoughts with me!


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