WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 23/09/2014

Slater Gator vs. Los Matadores w./Adam Rose and the Bunny at commentary

That wasn’t a match at all. The bell rang; Adam Rose and the Exotic Express distracted Heath Slater by singing and dancing, which led to the Los Matadores picking up the win with about two moves in total. That’s it. In on sentence. That’s exactly how bad it was.


From jobbing to a bull to jobbing to a bunny, well done WWE, well done, you definitely know how to utilize your talent! Poor Heath Slater!

Mark Henry/Big Show Segment

Mark Henry came out in a suit and gave a bitter speech to the WWE audience. He blamed the fans for having forced him into facing Rusev for the second time although he was already hurt. The former Olympian made a good point by saying that America loves winning, no matter the cost, but the moment you lose, you cease to be the nation’s hero.


For a moment, I thought Mark Henry was about to turn heel but then The Big Show came out and told him that he loved him and was going to knock Rusev out for him. It ended up being a segment, meant to promote a Big Show vs. Rusev match on Friday.

Paige vs. Naomi w./AJ on commentary

AJ and Paige have officially dropped the friends act. AJ acknowledged that Paige was the only diva to manage to beat her. However, the Divas champ also gave credit to Naomi, Summer Rae and Emma, picking them out as potential challengers for the title. Is it a coincidence that all three women come from FCW/NXT and not modeling? I think not.

The match was alright. Naomi hasn’t lost it. She is one of the most athletic divas in the company at the moment. It’s a shame that that eye socket injury a few months back stopped her dead in her tracks. It seemed like Naomi was just about to win the title at that time.

Paige did a good job of looking bitter and aggressive.  She couldn’t take her eyes of AJ. The Brit picked up the victory, using the help of the ropes.After the match AJ attacked Paige with the title and skipped away.

It seems like the feud for the Divas Championship is going to get darker and more violent this time around.

The Usos Promo

Jimmy and Jay spoke to Renee Young in their usual hyped manner. The Usos let the viewers know that the Tag Team Championship rematch will happen this Friday. They said that at Night of Champions the best team for the night won but the Smackdown was another night. Things don’t look bright for the Usos. Although the Samoan twins are very charismatic and are over with the audience I don’t see the titles changing hands on a Smackdown.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Bo started with a promo, saying that on RAW he felt like a loser for the first time. Then he proceeded to offend Kofi in the most hilarious ways possible. The things Bo says and the way he says them are so ridiculous that he cracks me up every time. After, he noticed that Kofi was actually still employed by the WWE, Bo offered him to exchange his signature BOOM BOOM BOOM for BO BO BO.

The match itself wasn’t the point. Yes, Kofi was good in the ring as usual. He was fired up and didn’t give Bo much space. The Inspirational one tried to outsmart Kingston for the win and tried to roll him up but didn’t get the 3 count. Instead, Bo found himself on the receiving end of Trouble in Paradise and lost the match.

This wasn’t about Kofi winning. It was about Bo losing. Dallas was an emotional wreck. After the match, he curled up between the steps and the ring, crying in frustration.  We know from NXT that Bo doesn’t cope well with losing. It will be intriguing to see his character develop; using the bitterness of losing and the suppressed aggression of someone who is a heel but believes himself to be a face. It’s a shame Bo’s story is so low on the card. It’s too original and too interesting to be on the midcard scene.

Miz TV w./Dean Ambrose

This segment was pure gold. All three superstars in the ring played their parts to perfection.

Miz opened the show with an angry, resentful, promo addressing his loss to Ziggler on Monday. I wonder how much of his frustration is based on his real feelings towards the way the WWE use him. Although, the Miz was fuming and was believably passionate in his speech, I couldn’t help but laugh at Damien Sandow, mirroring his every move. Sandow is hilarious. I hope he gets a push out of this.Then Dean Ambrose came out and cracked me up in his turn. The way he shook Miz’s hand was hysterical.

The whole segment felt like a time bomb. Miz’ spitefulness from last night’s loss was leaking through his seemingly justified questions. Sandow was trying to support the Miz, making the audience laugh but heating up the situation between the host and his guest in the process. Dean Ambrose’s body language was brilliant. The way he was sitting on the edge of his seat, smiling but at the same time, biting his nails and shaking…There is a reason why Ambrose is called the Lunatic Fringe. In his own words: he’s not “a normal person”, he’s “Dean Ambrose”. Brilliant, brilliant acting from all three superstars!

Miz asked Ambrose how he got out of the locked room on RAW. And Ambrose responded to all the speculations with: “It’s simple. There was a back door.” Miz was furious. He wanted a scoop and got the plainest explanation possible.  Then Ambrose decided to apologize to the Miz, if that made him “feel cheated”. The word cheated made the A-lister flip out. All his anger and frustration, direct to Ziggler’s win on RAW, burst out. However, in his fury, he made the mistake of getting in Ambrose’s face. The Lunatic Fringe seemed calm at first and reacted with a face palm but soon he switched off too and head-butted the host. Mizdow got thrown out and the Miz was knocked out by the Dirt Deeds. Then Ambrose proceeded to drag Miz into a chair, give him a microphone, put his sunglasses on and then thank him for being a great host before finally leaving.

This was the best segment I’ve seen in a while! Great work!

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