Where is he now? – Catching up with former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre

In the end of June this year, due to budget cuts, the WWE released quite a few superstars, one of who was Drew McIntyre. In 2009/2010 firing McIntyre would have sounded ludicrous. After all, he  was the Chosen One. In 2014, however, his release wasn’t nearly as shocking as it would have been back then. In 2011 the Scottish superstar got involved in an unfortunate scandal with his now former spouse – the current reigning TNA Knockout Champion – Taryn Terrel (aka Tiffany in the WWE).  Since then he was pushed down so hard in the WWE that he was reduced from a fierce Intercontinental Champion, hand-picked by Vince McMahon himself, to a comedy relief superstar, who gets beat by a mascot bull and Hornswaggle. Although in retrospect McIntyre’s release in June 2014 shouldn’t have come as a surprise, I was still taken aback by the news as the Scotsman has always been one of the stand-out performers in the company.

Following his departure from the WWE, Drew McIntyre changed his wrestling name to Drew Galloway and on the 27 July, he made his return to Insane Championship Wrestling.

Just a couple of weeks later, on 8 August, he became the new Evolve Heavyweight Champion by defeating Chris Hero for the title.You can watch the full match here:


The Scotsman’s last successful defence of the Evolve Heavyweight Championship was at the Evolve 34 event against Rich Swann. Galloway is performing for Evolve and Dragon Gate USA. The two promotions unified in 2011 and now “exist in the same universe” (http://www.dgusa.tv/evolve-about).

Recently, the former WWE superstar announced on twitter that he’s also looking to expand to different platforms (acting to be precise). He has recently been cast as the lead role in an in independent featured series project, called The Cursed. The series revolve around the story of an Irish mythological hero of the name of CuChulainn. The plot summary is that CuChulainn and his family were cursed with immortality by an evil Roman priest and still dwell amongst us to this day.  The main hero, portrayed by Drew Galloway, is on a mission to fight evil and save the world from an Apocalypse. If you want to find out more about The Cursed project check out what Galloway himself has to say:

It is safe to say that Drew Galloway/McIntyre has created more opportunities for himself in the last 3 months as a free agent than in the last 3 years in the WWE. Let’s wish the Chosen One plenty of success in the future!


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