The Stable consisting of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E Gets A Name. Evaluation of the Name

Here, on the WWE Comment Section, we’ve been referring to the stable that consists of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E as The Woods Faction because the trio was put together by Xavier Woods. However Woods himself came up with a different name – The Smart Athletic Friends. The name appeared on Twitter in relation to a WWE live show, where the trio wrestled together.

Now, there’s been a bit of a confusion, surrounding the name because in an earlier tweet, Woods said:

However, what the tweet actually says is that the name of the trio is the Smart Athletic Friends, while the combination between Woods and Kingston, who wrestled that night in Atlantic City, is called Speed Force.

WWECS’ Evalution

At first I was sceptical about the name. Although it is true that  Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E are smart, athletic and they seem to be friends in real life too, it’s questionable whether the Smart Athletic Friends is a good stable name. This name gives off a friendly face feel but it worries me that it’s a bit too friendly. It doesn’t have an intimidating ring to it.

The scenarios that I pictured in my previous article, looking at the WWE Tag Team division, focused on this new stable being like the Shield or the Wyatts, both of who were powerful, dominating heel factions, thriving in chaos. It seems though, that Woods, Kingston and Big E bet on fun and charisma, rather than force and mystery. Listening to the three of them talk, makes you want to hang out with them, rather than fight them.

On a second thought, the Smart Athletic Friends as a stable name might just work. When you think about it, DX were fun, cheeky and they were friends. Look how far they got! With the right booking, the bond that Woods, Kingston and Big E have will help them connect with the audience to. They have the potential to quickly get over with the fans. Who doesn’t like backstage segments that feel real? Here’s an example from the JBL (not Cole) Show, featuring Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston:

To sum up, I’d totally give the Smart Athletic Friends a go. Since Kingston, Woods and Big E are friends in real life, this stable is a perfect fit for Triple H’s new Reality Era.


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