New Plans for The Wyatt Family’s Future? (UPDATED)

After the new Wyatt Family video, focusing on Luke Harper, aired on RAW, there’s been a lot of talk about Harper going solo.But that is not the only change that will befall the Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt has been criticised by a lot of wrestling fans online for not recruiting new members to his cult. Things may change soon. Apparently, according to Wrestling News, the WWE Creative have the Ascension in their sights. There’re rumours that the former NXT Tag Team Champions are about to join the main roster as part of Bray Wyatt’s following. I thought that The Ascension with their dark gimmick would make good rivals for the Wyatts once they come to the main roster but the idea of joining the Family makes for an intriguing scenario too.

Wrestling News have also reported that both Rowan and Harper are expected to remain heel and possibly feud with each other but they will not stay in the Wyatt Family.

There’s also talk about turning Bray Wyatt face after the split.

Everything is still up in the air and could change at any point but the Wyatt Family are very likely to part ways soon.

Do you think that The Ascension would be a good fit for the Wyatt Family? Should Bray stay heel or turn? What do you think of Luke Harper as a singles competitor?

Share your thoughts in the comment section, FB or Twitter!


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