WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 30/09/2014

Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

It was one of those matches where you can’t go to the kitchen to grab a coffee because you never know when either superstar will deliver something amazing and pick up the win. The action was exciting. By the end of the match, Cesaro and Swagger had accumulated so much energy that they were flowing from one counter to the other and from a cover into another cover. Whether it was the Patriot Lock or Cesaro’s top rope strikes and dropkicks, the match could end at any moment and no one would come off looking weak.

Swagger was meticulous and technical in the ring. The Real American looked strong and determined. The fans were firmly behind him with loud WE THE PEOPLE chants through the match. Swagger has gotten so much better in the ring since the time he cashed in his MITB briefcase. His Real American gimmick is over with the crowd too. If he was given that big push now, he could do wonders.

Cesaro impresses me with his ability to tell a story between the ropes. His new overconfident persona was reflected in his every move. Since he started talking about being better than everybody, he’s been pulling more and more top rope spots from his arsenal. When he wants a title, he keeps taunting and pushing the boundaries. Great attention to detail.


In the end of the match, the Real American put the Swiss Superman in the Patriot Lock but he managed to get to the ropes. Swagger pulled him back but Cesaro grabbed the ring skirt on the way, so while the referee was dealing with it Cesaro poked Swager’s eye and picked up the win.

The time that Swagger and Cesaro spent together in the Real Americans easily made this a very good match. They had an old rivalry to base the fight on and they had counters to each other’s every move. It’s a shame the WWE didn’t release a highlights video for this one.

Kane/Natalya/Tyson Kidd Backstage

If there was a title for this segment it would probably be “Reality Show Stars Give You a Headache”.

Natalya approached Kane to ask him to give Tyson Kidd a match on Main Event. Tyson Kidd joined them and started arguing with his wife because he said he didn’t need her to do his talking. Their argument moved on Tyson’s lack of interest in Rosa’s match on RAW and  by that point Kane has had enough. He put Tyson Kidd in a match and got rid of the couple.

It seems like Tyson Kidd is slowly creeping back through the door to the main roster…as Nattie’s husband.

Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd w./Natalya

Backstage Tyson Kidd insisted that he didn’t need Nattie’s help. However, things looked very different when the match started.

Kofi was just about to launch himself over the top rope onto Tyson Kidd outside the ring, when Tyson quickly hid behind his wife. Then at some point, Tyson was mad at Natalya for not attacking Kofi, while he was distracting the referee.

Natalya was still firmly in her husband’s corner, trying to make the audience cheer for him. In the end  Kofi tapped out to the Sharpshooter. Natalya went in the ring to celebrate with Tyson but he couldn’t care less and completely ignored her while she was angrily leaving.

I can see that the WWE’s trying to kill two birds with one stone by moving the “Nattie’s husband” storyline from NXT up to the main roster and advertising Total Divas dramas at the same time. The keyfabe martial issues between Natalya and Tyson Kidd are happening because she wants to stay face and he’s a heel. I just hope that this gimmick won’t make Tyson Kidd look weak. He’s doing quite well on NXT but as we’ve seen many times before, storylines and gimmicks that work on NXT are watered down on the main roster and fail to catch on with the audience, who don’t follow the developmental.

Luke Harper Video

The Wyatt Family video message we saw on RAW was aired on Main Event too. I am getting excited about this. A psycho Luke Harper solo run will be awesome.

Mark Henry Promo

Renee Young questioned Mark Henry about the post-match beat down he gave Bo Dallas on RAW. The World Strongest Man blamed it on an episodic emotional breakdown and claimed that today was a new day. I don’t think anyone bought it.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae & Layla

So Nikki decided to put her sister in another revenge handicap match, which Brie was obviously going to win. Is this going anywhere or is the WWE trying to make half of the Divas’ division, headed by Nikki, look weak so that we can hear more of Brie’s unbelievably annoying, auto-tuned entrance theme? Also riding purposely on her husband’s popularity because she can’t get any reaction on her own is not going to make us like Brie. Quite the opposite actually.

An Apology to The Russian People

The WWE issued an official apology to the Russian people for the Russian flag incident on RAW. I wonder if anyone in the WWE Creative considered the possibility of this being offensive before RAW went on air or if the WWE PR team had an “Oh SH**T” moment when watching it back.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

This wasn’t a match. This was a beat down.

We got treated to some of Bo Dallas’ inspirational excellence before the bell rang. The Inspirational One advised Mark Henry to pick up a hobby to help him deal with his anger management issues. Bo suggested, for example cooking, since Mark Henry liked eating. Quite often Bo makes me ask myself “did he actually say that?!” and it makes my night.

What happened afterwards was ugly. Bo Dallas didn’t get any offence whatsoever. Mar Henry just gave the Inspirational One a brutal beating. The World’s Strongest Man pressed Bo into the corner and squashed him until the referee disqualified him, making Bo the winner.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Bo’s massive smile, when his hand got raised, despite looking otherwise completely trashed. Mark Henry though returned and delivered two consequent World Strongest Slams to his helpless opponent. Bo sold it like a champ. The way his eyes rolled back in his head made me believe for a second that keyfabe doesn’t exist. Bo looked seriously hurt.

If I had seen this match out of context, I’d totally think that Bo’s the much smaller good guy, being beaten by a bullying heel. To be fair, even in context it is confusing. Mark Henry’s obviously turning heel but wants to be treated as a face. Bo’s heel but believes he’s face. That’s why, in the end of this segment, the audience was roaring but couldn’t really decide whether to cheer or boo. I found myself rooting for Bo. What about you, guys?

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