Review and Analysis of the latest WWE Superstars’ Interviews: John Cena, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville

John Cena

In the latest edition of Cole’s weekly interview on, Cena addressed his involvement in the Ambrose/Rollins Feud.

Cena tried to make a point that even though Rollins had betrayed Ambrose and attempted to physically end his career; Mr. Money in the Bank is for the Leader of the Cenation to take, because Seth’s involvement in Cena’s match at Night of Champions was a direct hit at Cena’s career and legacy.

As for Ambrose, Cena believes that since the two of them are at a disadvantage when facing the Authority anyway, they should somehow join forces. However, as things stand now, Ambrose is in his way and will be dealt with, if needed.

WWECS’ Analysis:

Talk about nonsense logic! Even if we accept that the championship match at NOC was an opportunity for Cena to prove he still got it, it makes no sense going after Rollins, rather than Lesner. Isn’t Rollins, from Cena’s point of view, just someone, who acts out of sheer “stupidity”? Why would Cena take his eyes off the prize to exert revenge on someone, who he doesn’t perceive as a threat? After all, asking to be locked inside a steel cage with the Beast at HIAC, where no one could interfere, would make Cena look much more credible than inserting himself in between Rollins and Ambrose.

Then again, we know that Lesnar isn’t booked for HIAC and we can’t expect Cena to sit out an entire pay-per-view. I’ve said it before; the WWE World Heavyweight Championship should have changed hands at Night of Champions. Putting the belt on a champion, who doesn’t compete, brings us to dead-end situations like this one. Now the Ambrose/Rollins feud needs to carry Cena’s weight on its back.

Ambrose logically should be happy to have Cena help him face The Authority, any normal person would. But in Dean’s own words – He’s not a normal person, he’s Dean Ambrose. Playing opposition to Cena, only raises his popularity. Cena says he doesn’t see The Lunatic Fringe as an enemy but Ambrose treats Cena like he’d treat anyone else that’s in his way. This attitude is what gets Ambrose over with the fans. It doesn’t look like this is going to turn into a full-fledged feud between the two of them; it will only help Rollins evade both of his enemies, while they are bickering amongst each other.

Bo Dallas

@BrianFritz did a few interviews with WWE superstars at the 2K15 promotional event at the WWE Performance center in Orlando. My favourite is the one with Bo Dallas.

In the interview Bo talks about many things, including BOLIEVING being a part of his everyday life, wanting to be “the wettest WWE superstar”, working with his brother and also – championship gold.

WWECS’ Analysis

What made the biggest impression on me was the fact the Bo Dallas didn’t hesitate for a second when asked about his future. Bo was certain he wanted the Intercontinental Championship. It was the reaction of someone who knows for a fact that this is going to happen. Either Bo’s an amazing actor or we’re going to see him in a feud for the IC title very soon.

I’d personally like that very much. Bo deserves a title. He is by no means close to getting the WWE’s main prize. However, he’s gold on the mic, he always gets a reaction from the crowd and having seen his work on NXT, he’s more than ready to be a champion. If I were to pick a title that would fit Bo Dallas, it would be the Intercontinental Championship for sure.


Adrian Neville

Arguably the best interview with Adrian Neville from the WWE2K15 events was conducted by Aubrey Sitterson. The NXT champion talks about the game, the way wrestling is being undervalued because of its scripted nature and the difference between NXT and RAW/Smackdown.


WWECS’ Analysis

The interview doesn’t hold any sensational news per se. However, it touches upon some of the never-dying questions about the nature of wrestling. It’s always nice to hear a technical wrestler, like Adrian Neville, talk about the difficulties of being in sports entertainment. Next time someone says wrestling is fake, you can direct them to this interview and then show them a video of Neville performing the Red Arrow.

Also, it was a highlight for me to hear a WWE superstar acknowledge that NXT is THE wrestling show of the company. It’s sad how the drama on RAW and Smackdown very often takes over the wrestling. Don’t get me wrong, I like the entertainment side of the WWE very much but I think it’s disrespectful to the amount of work these men put in their training when they’re asked to job to bunnies and little people in bull suits for cheap laughs.

I hope that in the very near future when Adrian Neville moves up to the main roster, no drama will prevent the WWE fans, who haven’t had the pleasure of watching him wrestle on NXT, from experiencing all that Neville can offer in the ring.

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