WWE NXT –Review, Highlights and Analysis from 02/10/14

Bayley vs. Charlotte

Bayley started off the match fast with a lot of quick covers. At some point she picked up the pace so much that the NXT Women’s Champion had to go outside the ring to take a breather. Bayley didn’t look confident though. Her face was that of a person, who is trying to convince herself that she can do it. At some point, the NXT fans reacted to Bayley with some peculiar LET’S GO BAYLEY! CENA SUCKS! chants. I’m a bit confused as of where that came from. Fruity pebbles maybe?

However, once Charlotte got back in the ring she was in full control of the match up. She was focused on destroying Bayley’s left leg and worked on her knee for about ten minutes. When Charlotte finally locked the Figure 4, she decided to apply additional pressure by doing a bridge.  The NXT Women’s Champion looked absolutely dominating. Her presence in the ring is that of a queen.

Bayley reversed the Figure 4 and managed to get some desperate offense going. She even made the audience believe for a second that she had a chance when she hit Charlotte with a back elbow form the 2nd rope. However, Bayley got hit by the Natural Selection and the champ retained.

After the match Charlotte hugged Bayley as a sign of respect. This is something that you’ll rarely see on the main roster. The heel/face polarity there is too strong to allow for sportsmanship of this sort.

Since Bayley is out of the title picture, next one in line for a shot at the championship will probably be Sash Banks. As for Bayley herself, I’m intrigued by where her character is going from here. Once she’d had her shot at the top and lost it, she can either go up to the main roster or find an engaging feud that will keep her relevant, otherwise she’ll just be forgotten. The second one would be best for Bayley at the moment because the way the main roster Divas Division is, she’s going to get lost in the shuffle. Finding her a rival with a purpose on NXT won’t be that easy either.

Hideo Itami vs. Viktor w./Konnor

This match never happened. The Ascension assaulted Itami before the bell rang and decimated him in the middle of the ring. Viktor and Konnor are amazing at looking beastly. The viciousness with which they attacked Itami makes them as intimidating as ever.

Five referees weren’t enough to make the Ascension stop. Konnor and Viktor were dark, brooding and blood-thirsty. However, it’s still two on one and I still believe that this angle isn’t going to be beneficial for the Ascension at all in the end.

Carmella/Enzo Amore/Big Cass Segment

We saw another video of Enzo Amore, coaching Carmella at the Performance Centre with Big Cass behind the camera. Enzo used his usual douchey antics and instead of training Carmella, he tried to flirt with her. He “Sniffed her twice” and she responded by dropkicking him out of the ring.


Enzo being told that he’s SAWFT and being kicked out (literally) by a woman…Well, isn’t justice sweet?

Baron Corbin vs. Troy McClain

Just seeing, who was going to compete in this match, I knew I had to get ready to count the seconds between the first and the last bell. Baron Corbin was taking his time and it still took him 57seconds precisely to flatten his opponent with The End of Days. At least this time we were honored with a slight change of expression from The Lone Wolf – barely half a smile but still something.


I love The Lone Wolf gimmick. It’s simple but effective.  And it wouldn’t work for anybody. Baron Corbin just has that powerful presence. I know it’s early to think about it, but I believe this is a gimmick that could catch on on the main roster as well.  For now though, I’m eager to see who’s going to be Corbin’s first big rival.

The Legionnaires Challenge

The Legionnaires challenged Enzo Amore and Big Cass to a match next week. Sylvester Lefort offered Marcus a change of wigs.

The Vaudevillains vs. Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan

The NXT audience just loves the Vaudevillains. I can see why. The gimmick is so original in its vintage nature.

The match started slow. There was a bit of getting to know each other and showing off. Aiden English bowed elegantly. Jason Jordan flexed his chest muscles in return. Talk about contrast in style!

Jason Jordan looked like the strongest man in the match. He is the largest out of the four and when it comes to sheer strength Jordan comes off as superior. Tye Dillinger was hungry for a victory. He exposed his knee to inflict more pain. Dillinger and Jordan together just look mean.

However, the Vaudevillains are miles ahead technically.  Just one swift swinging neckbreaker from Aiden English renders all taunting from his opponents irrelevant. And Simon Gotch’s airplane spin reminds me of Cesaro’s swing in a way.  The Vaudevillains picked up the win with a beautiful combination of a barrel roll from Gotch and a 2nd rope senton from Aiden English.


I would like to see the Vaudevillains as NXT Tag Team Champions at one point. I haven’t seen anything unforgettable from Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan in this match but they are still new as a team. They need some time to adapt before getting judged.

After the match we saw Titus O’Neil sitting in the first row. You know your career isn’t going well when you have to go back to NXT to get a cameo in a decent storyline.

Hideo Itami Backstage Segment

Hideo Itami was getting checked out at the doctor’s office after the assault by the Ascension.  His friend and translator, former WWE superstar Funaki, came in and told him that he was concerned about this feud with the Ascension. Funaki assured Itami that he had his back.

I seriously doubt that Funaki will come in and wrestle to help Hideo. I suspect, he’ll find him a partner to face Viktor and Konnor.

Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville

This was Tyson Kidd’s last shot at the NXT Championship and he fought as if there was no tomorrow. There were no NATTIE’S HUSBAND chants, Kidd was just that good. He was aggressive, determined and he pulled out moves that we haven’t seen before.

The action was intense as expected from the two veterans. The spots in the match varied from top rope to outside the ring, on the apron and right in the middle. Neville and Tyson were so evenly matched that the crowd was ready to give support to both with LET’S GO TYSON! LET’S GO NEVILLE chants. Again, this is something that doesn’t happen often on RAW or Smackdown.

At one point, Adrian Neville powerbombed Tyson Kidd so hard that it unleashed BETTER THAN BATISTA chants. Neville went for the Red Arrow, Tyson Kidd rolled away but Neville still somehow landed on his feet.  Tyson followed with the Sharp Shooter but the champ got to the ropes.

Neville had just delivered an enziguri to Tyson Kidd from outside the ring, when Titus O’Neil jumped from the audience and smashed him into the ground. The referee didn’t see it so he just started counting to 10.  Suddenly, Sami Zayn flew in out of nowhere with a massive kick to Titus which sent the Gator over the barricade and could have knocked a few teeth out. Then Zayn started yelling at Neville to get back in the ring, which he did just after the referee had counted to 9. Technically the drama here was a bit unnecessary, having in mind that the title cannot change hands via count-out. However, it looked awesome and brought Sami Zayn to the rescue, which is always nice.

Tyson Kidd planted Neville on the top turnbuckle and was setting up for something big and risky when he fell victim to the Red Arrow and Adrian Neville picked up the win.

After the match the ring announcer decided to inform us that: “Tyson Kidd has no more championship opportunities.”  It felt very awkward. Did they really have to rub it in? Poor guy! Even I felt his pain there.

A feud between Neville and Zayn will not only have the title on the line but will also see a strong friendship fade. It will be just as bittersweet as it sounds. I can’t wait for what will probably be the last feud of the two before they move up. Although, much like Rollins vs. Ambrose, this has the potential of being a rivalry that transgresses from NXT to the main roster.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? What rivalries are you most excited about? Which gimmicks do you like the most/least?

Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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