SmackDown Turns 15 – Favourite Moments in SmackDown History – WWE Superstars’ Pick

On 10 October the WWE celebrates 15 years of SmackDown. The show first aired on 29 April 1999. For the last 15 years, SmackDown has given the fans countless moments to remember.

To join the celebration,  The WWE Comment Section will have a look back at some of the most unforgettable memories in Smackdown history. In this article, I’ll give you top 5 of your favourite WWE superstars’choices for a best SmackDown moment. The moments were picked from WWE superstars and divas on Twitter and the ranking is purely based on the number of favourites and retweets that YOU have given them. Enjoy!

5.  The SmackDown Ring Collapses /picked by Scott Dawson/

Scott Dawson’s favourite SmackDown moment happened in 2003 when Brock Lesnar and the Big Show were feuding for the WWE Championship. The feud between the two had been on and off for a year when the incident happened. Lesnar superplexed the Big Show off the top rope, thus causing the whole ring to collapse, which resulted in one of the wildest crowd reactions ever to be heard on SmackDown.

4. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Booker T Brawl in the Grocery Store /picked by Tyler Breeze/

The moment that Prince Pretty picked comes from the good old WWF days, back in 2001. Booker T had just prevented Steve Austin from becoming the first Undisputed Champion by interfering in his match with Chris Jericho at Vengeance. “Stone Cold” exerted his vengeance upon King Booker in a grocery store of all places.

3. Jeff Hardy Leapfrogs Over a 20ft Ladder and Breaks the Announce Table /picked by Charlotte/

Charlotte’s pick features arguably one of the most extreme superstars to ever enter the WWE ring – Jeff Hardy.  It happened in May 2001 when Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit defended the  WWF Tag Team titles against Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz. It was the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to happen on weekly programming. Also, it was the first TLC match to involve 4 tag teams. In that match, Jeff Hardy climbed a smaller ladder, leapfrogged over a 20ft ladder and landed a legdrop on Bubba Ray Duddley  through the announce table.

2 The Miz Debuts on Smackdown as the Host /picked by The Miz/

Yes, this moment actually made the list and in a top position as well. Miz’s twitter followers are quite the prolific ones.Then again, criticise the A-lister as much as you want, but the Miz has actually held a title in the WWE 11 times. Eleven. Let that sink for a second.

Miz first entered the WWE through the reality show Tough Enough. He took part in the fourth season of the show, competeing for a 1,000, 000$ contracted and  finished as the runner-up to Daniel Puder. In 2005, the Miz was invited to join Deep South Wrestling, which was the WWE’s developmental ground at the time. There, he became the first Deep South Heavyweight Champion ever. Follwing his success in Deep South, Miz debuted on Smackdown in June 2006 as a host. Judging by the video below, the A-lister’s mic work has improved drastically over the last 8 years.

1. Chris Jericho’s In-Ring Debut /picked by Chris Jericho/

It’s been 15 years of SmackDown and 15 years of Chris Jericho. It was 9 August 1999 when the “countdown to the new millennium” clock finally ran down and Jericho made his debut. It was the night when Y2J first said “RAW is Jericho” and told us that he had come to “save the WWF”. Later that month, on 26 August, Jericho made his in-ring debut, facing Road Dogg.

It’s been 15 amazing years of SmackDown and there many, many more historical moments to talk about. This is why The WWE Comment Section will give you more of those very soon.Stay tuned for Favourite Moments in SmackDown History – WWE Fans’ Pick.

What are YOUR favourite SmackDown moments? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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