WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 06.10.2014

Seth Rollins/ John Cena/ Dean Ambrose/ The Authority Segment
Seth Rollins came out furious and he was welcomed by roaring BOOS. Right now Rollins is arguably the most hated heel in the WWE and he earned that spot on the top. His character is constantly evolving. When Mercury and Noble came to the ring to call Rollins back in, he refused to leave. He said that he loved being a marked man because all the attention was directed at him. Quite frankly I love it too. There’s a heel, who’s not taking heat from his opponents just as a byproduct of being in a feud with them. He wants to be hated by them and he actually is amazing in the ring too. It’s a rare combination. Enjoy it!

Cena ran out to attack Seth. Seth tried to escape through the audience but Dean Ambrose popped up behind him. I think pretty much everyone expected The Lunatic Fringe but seeing him just randomly appear behind Rollins and looking slightly confused towards the ring with Seth, as if he was just a spectator, made the crowd explode. This is just how magnetic Ambrose is. And so Mr. MITB found himself trapped between an angry Cena and a crazy Ambrose. Rollins ran towards Cena and Ambrose launched himself, taking them both out. The Lunatic Fringe didn’t think twice about going through Cena and the crowd loved it. The AMBROSE chants echoed loudly. However, Mercury and Noble intervened and distracted Ambrose long enough for Rollins to be able to retreat.


Stephanie and Triple H showed up to restore order. The Game set up the main event as John Cena & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Kane & Randy Orton. Neither Cena, nor Ambrose were delighted by the idea of teaming up again or having to deal with Kane and Randy, instead of Seth.

This segment was great. Everything was precisely as it should have been. Rollins was just egocentric enough. Ambrose was just unapologetic enough. And Cena’s presence wasn’t felt too much, which was just enough.

Dolph Ziggler & The Usos vs. Cesaro & Gold & Stardust
Ziggler and the Usos fit so well together. Their styles are equally hyped and over with the crowd. However, the fans in Brooklyn had to wait until they got to see the IC Champ compete. Almost half of the match was gone by the time Ziggler managed to tag in. Despite that, his rivalry with Cesaro was on display. Early in the match, the Swiss Superman used the commotion that was going on to throw Ziggler on the steel steps. I like how Cesaro uses every single opportunity he’s given to further his feuds, just like that in a second in a match that potentially wouldn’t mean anything.
As for the Usos and the Tag Team Champions, with these four you never have enough cameras around. The action was so fast-paced and so many things were happening at the same time that the camera men didn’t quite get to film everything. At some point we heard someone hitting the steps but we never found out what happened there because even the commentators couldn’t see.
In the end, Ziggler and the Usos did a triple superkick to Stardust, Jimmy did as splash from the top rope and picked up the win. In the bottom left corner we could see Jay holding Goldust back so he wouldn’t be able to break the count.

The match was awesome. The Usos have grown on me because of their in-ring work. They belong in this feud for the titles with the Cosmic Brothers and should stay the hell away from Adam Rose and the Bunny. Ziggler and Cesaro’s rivalry will elevate the IC title instantly.Although this was a 6-man tag it was probably the best match of the night from a technical point of view.

Kathie Lee and Hoda w./ Adam Rose

This was a terrible segment, involving two middle-aged women slapping each other’s asses with a bottle and Adam Rose teaching them to do the trust fall onto the Party Express. The fans in Brooklyn were booing this segment so bad that the two “ladies” in the ring were right to ask for the music to be put higher.

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry was just easily picking Bo apart. The Inspirational One didn’t get any offense. He slid out of the ring to take a breather but Henry followed him and completely destroyed him. Bo got hit on the announce table, into the steel post, in the barricade and just as Mark Henry was about to slam him onto the announce table, Bo managed to run away and get back into the ring just before the end of the 10 count, thus winning the match.I laughed so hard at this. The way Bo always wins amuses me. This gimmick has so much potential.

Mark Henry debuted a new t-shirt with the slogan “Bent on Destruction”. Are we still supposed to feel sorry for Henry and take him as a face or are we allowed to accept his heel turn already?

Dean Ambrose/ John Cena Segment
When Ambrose’s music hit, the audience erupted in AMBROSE chants. The Lunatic Fringe was angry because Cena was in his space and because of the way Cena abandoned him on SmackDown. So Ambrose called Cena out. The 15-times champ obviously did come to the ring, welcomed by loud boos. He tried to get the crowds to give a pop to Ambrose but Ambrose’s facial expression made it clear he wasn’t happy about that.
Cena thought he had nothing to explain and was about to leave when Ambrose told him the he didn’t “give a crap” about him. And then The Luntic Fringe told Cena that he had no problem dropping him where he stands, right now and taking on the authority by himself. Cena wasn’t happy at all so he tried to play tough on Ambrose by using his own words to threaten him. Ambrose just stared at Cena, with that look, which says that something’s working somewhere there in the back of Ambrose’s twisted mind, and then decided to go get a hot dog, leaving Cena hanging.

This is why the audience loves Ambrose. He’s absolutely unpredictable. He does whatever he wants to do. He answers to no one and is the one person on the roster right now that feels absolutely free.

Ambrose Takes the Train

We saw a footage of Dean Ambrose, getting on the train to Coney Island. Ambrose’s face made this moment hilarious. There’s no one but The Lunatic Fringe, who’d just randomly leave Cena like that. Awesome!

Cena and Triple H Backstage

Triple H found Cena backstage mainly to gloat and if possible to turn Cena’s attention to Ambrose, instead of Rollins. As Cena still wanted Rollins, The Game promised him that Seth will start the match that was now a 3 on 1 handicap.

Brie Bella (one arm only) vs. Summer Rae w./Layla

Nikki’s series of revenge matches for Brie continues. This time Brie had to fight Summer with one arm tied behind her back. It came as no surprise that Brie found some miscommunication between Summer Rae and Layla, used it and won the match. Yes, she actually won the match with only one arm tied behind her back.


This is getting ridiculous. I don’t know who’s taken the most damage out of this storyline. First of all, no one really cares about the Bellas’ family issues, although it was meant to be a big thing. Second of all, no one’s going to take Nikki seriously if Brie’s given superman victories like this one. And third, how is Summer Rae supposed to look convincing, losing matched to one-armed opponents.

Miz / Mizdow/ Kane Backstage
The A-lister wanted to apologize to the Authority and brought an organic fruits basket as a token of reconciliation. However, even as a heel, Kane can’t stand the Miz so he punished him by putting him in a match against Sheamus. Mizdow was gold as ususal, coming back for the basket, which Kane obviously didn’t appreciate or deserve.

Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd w./Natalya
Swagger got a good reaction. He got good WE THE PEOPLE and USA chants going. He’s fused with this gimmick so well, you can actually see patriotism imprinted on his face. But the actual storyline here was Tyson Kidd’s character development.

Tyson again used Natalya as a shield. He wanted to high five her for that but she wasn’t happy. Tyson wanted to do the Sharpshooter but eventually Swagger caught him in the Patriot Lock. Kidd was looking for his wife to pull him to the ropes but Nattie didn’t know what to do and Tyson had to tap out.

Whether being “Nattie’s husband” is complimentary or not, Tyson Kidd is getting back on the main roster and that is good. The guy can actually wrestle and gimmick or no gimmick, he shows it.

Roman Reigns Interview

Roman Reigns’ appearance on RAW was so over-hyped that I was a bit disappointed with what I got. Reigns didn’t really say anything new; it was just an opportunity for him to be on TV.


I don’t really know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t short appearance via satellite. Since Roman had been attending autograph signings, I assumed he’d be well enough to show up in person. However, his health is more important and I can understand why he wasn’t in Brooklyn. At least Reigns is being kept in the attention of the audience. The WWE doesn’t want him to lose all his momentum.

El Torito vs. Mini-Gator 
My reaction to this was “NOT AGAIN!!!” .

The match(if we can call it like that) was as terrible as it sounds, El Torito put a cloak over Hornswaggle’s head, Slater tried to help but Hornswaggle mistook him for the Bull and did the gator roll on Slater. El Torito won.

Although it won’t help at all, I just want to say the following, concerning the Hornswaggle vs. El Torito feud: Dear WWE Creative, we’ve seen this before, we didn’t like it the first time and we definitely don’t want to go through this a second time! Please, stop! As the vocal crowd in Brooklyn wisely chanted – “THIS IS STUPID”!

Rusev/ Lana/ The Rock Segment

Rusev and Lana were out giving their usual tirade about the supremacy of Mother Russia and America’s inferiority. To be honest, I was getting bored by the segment and it wasn’t because Laan and Rusev were bad at delivering their lines but because we’ve heard those lines too many times before.

But then, the Rock’s music hit and the reaction was going to blow the roof off. There were HOLLY SHIT and THIS IS AWESOME chants before the Rock even started talking. As for what followed next, I think you should just watch the segment, if you haven’t because no one says what the Rock wants to say better than the Rock himself.

Needless to say, the Rock got over Rusev on RAW with ease. However, if this actually turns into a feud it’ll make Rusev’s career. Just imagine him, “crushing” the Rock! That would do wonders for the Bulgarian.

AJ & Emma vs. Paige & Alicia Fox

This match was purely focused on how insane or quirky everyone there was. Emma was too pre-occupied with being weird to be concerned with winning the match so AJ just ditched her and Paige pinned the Clumsy Australian.
I honestly don’t understand this tendency the WWE has of not refusing to let go of an idea. They keep barking on the same tree but all the fruits are gone now. The whole “crazy divas” storyline was entertaining in the beginning but it has worn off. Does anyone even remember the Divas title? RAW_1115_Photo_203-3796693239_0

Erick Rowan Vignette

After Luke Harper’s Vignette last week, we get Rowan’s this week. This is the type of insanity I want to see. Bray Wyatt called Rowan “just a child” and blamed the world for taking away his “innocence”.In the end of the video, we saw a flash of a pregnant woman’s belly with “It’s coming” written on it.


Creepy and eerie, Wyatt’s cryptic messages are probably the best hype videos I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Sheamus vs. Miz w./ Damien Mizdow
It’s finally happened! The audience finally showed the Miz that he’s been outshone by Mizdow.

The chants throught the match varied from MIZDOW to WE WANT SANDOW! The biggest pop of the fight was awarded to Mizdow when he slapped Sheamus behind the referee’s back.It wasn’t like the crowd disrespected Sheamus, they just really didn’t like The Miz.

The Celtic Warrior got his pops too. He was fired up as usual, going all out with his straight up, brawler style. However, in the end, the Brogue caught the stunt double instead of the A-lister and Miz won the match with a roll up.

RAW_1115_Photo_236-3104528315I love where this is going because I can already see Mizdow becoming a champion out of this storyline.

Joan Lunden’s Speech on Breast Cancer
RAW gave an opportunity to cancer survivor Joan Lunden do speak to the world about breast cancer. The fans supported her and Cena came out to hug her.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Kane & Randy Orton
The match started with Seth Rollins vs. John Cena. Well, at least, technically it did but Rollins tagged out as soon as the bell rang. Mr. Money in the Bank stepped back into the ring only after Kane and Orton had worked on Cena for a while. Rollins was kicking and taunting Cena, until the inevitable moment when Cena magically recharged and attacked Rollins. Kane got involved to protect Seth and got his team disqualified. Why does every match involving Cena, Ambrose, Rollins or the Authority end in a DQ these days?
The main event itself wasn’t exciting, what’s important is what came afterwards. And what came afterwards was Dean Ambrose, pushing a hot dog wagon. The Lunatic Fringe caused a proper mess. He sprayed Kane and Orton with ketchup and mustard and he used the pegs on Rollins’ nuts. Cena got involved in the picture and together with Ambrose they cleared the ring.
However, Triple H came out to tell them that this partnership won’t last because at Hell in a Cell it will be Ambrose vs. Cena for the opportunity to face Rollins in a steel cage.The Lunatic Fringe responded to the news by attacking Cena in the back and dropping him to the floor.

Amborse and Rollins belong together in a steel cage. Cena has to go down for someone and that someone is The Lunatic Fringe. Believe that!

What was your favorite moment of this week’s amazing RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter?


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