WWE MainEvent – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 07.10.2014

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas w./Cesaro on commentary

If this match was happening on RAW or SmackDown, I would have actually believed that Bo could leave as the Intercontinental Champion. That’s actually a positive. No one, apart from Bo himself, expected him to be in the run for the IC title so suddenly.  The Inspirational One got this match as a result of his tricksy wins over Mark Henry. But when you think about it, what stops Bo from winning a championship like that too?

This was actually Bo’s best match since he’s on the main roster. For once, he showed that he can wrestle, instead of just being purely opportunistic. We saw a much more focused and angrier side of Bo Dallas. He actually almost pinned the champion a few times. Bo was close and every time he missed, he got angrier and angrier, screaming and pulling his hair. Bo’s character is full of life and very entertaining.

Dolph carried himself like a true fighting champion. Ziggler just doesn’t spare any energy in his matches. It’s never been a secret that he’s amazing in the ring. Even when he was booked to job to people, his selling would sometimes outshine the winners. The crowd was supporting him throughout the match.  Ziggler won cleanly and he needed it. The series of questionable wins he had as a champion was bothering me.

Cesaro made sure that everyone knows he’s still in the run for the IC title. Although he’s a heel, The Swiss Superman made good points. He was cheated out of the title and he never had a real rematch one-on-one. His claims are just and he will get his shot. Storyline aside, Cesaro on commentary is quite good. He’s balanced, he finds a way to sell both of the superstars, he pinpoints their actual strength and weaknesses with ease and he never misses even the slightest opportunity to sell the WWE Network for just 9.99$. If it wasn’t for his accent he’d have had a good chance of becoming a commentator after he retires from wrestling. Although Cesaro’s English is perfect, he’ll never lose the accent and regardless how small it is, it will stop him from finding a career that is purely based on speaking on radio/TV.

Ziggler and Cesaro are far from done with each other. Cesaro wants a shot at the title and Dolph is a fighting champion so the Swiss Superman will get what he asks for. As for Bo, I believe he’s done quite well in proving his capabilities as a potential champion. I believe that sooner, rather than later we’ll see Bo in pursuit for his first midcard title.

Kane/ Tyson Kidd Segment

Tyson Kidd approached Kane to ask him for a match. Kidd wanted to prove tha he was “his own man, not just Nattie’s husband”. However, Kane just laughed in his face and told him that Natalya had already arranged a match for him.  In the process, Corporate Kane dissed Tyson in every possible way on the marriage topic. Kane is just so good at putting annoying midcard heel characters in their places. It’s Miz on RAW and Tyson Kidd on Main Event.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae & Layla & Cameron & Nikki Bella

Oh, really…this again?! Brie faced yet another handicap match. Surprisingly she didn’t come on top but she was dominating for most of the time so nothing’s lost here. Brie tried to drain some of the love that the audience have for her husband, again. The other divas tried to help her too by mocking the YES chant, thus causing the fans to respond. It’s painful to see Brie try to apply the YES lock. She never actually manages to do it and it looks really bad. Either no diva Brie faces can sell this lock or just Brie really can’t do it properly.

Nikki feels comfortable in a heel role. She’s such a pretentious heel that she’s a heel towards her heel partners too. The Authority’s Favourite Diva didn’tget in the ring until her sister was down and then just quickly finished her with the Rack Attack.

Although, the WWE is really neglecting their other divas for the sake of the Bellas, I’ll say a few words about each of them. Summer is so overly animated in the ring. She looks even cartoonish sometimes. When Layla tags in after Summmer, you can see the difference. Layla’s experience just makes the match flow and it’s something tangible even for the viewers at home. Cameron’s bad in the ring but not as bad as Eva Marie or Rosa Mendes. On top of that Cameron is so annoying that it’s really easy to hate her. Unlike Summer and Layla, who could be taken either way, Cameron is a pure heel.

This Bellas storyline is going absolutely nowhere. The way Brie “overcomes all the odds” is ridiculous. I can see that the WWE are trying to keep Daniel Bryan in people’s minds by making Brie the ultimate underdog, just as her husband was, and making her use his catchphrase. However, Bryan, unlike Brie, was believable in the role. Let’s not forget that he actually got badly beaten when the Authority was against him. How legit does it seem when Brie takes on all Authority attacks single-handedly (pun intended!)?

Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd w./Natalya

This match wasn’t long. Similar to the match Swagger and Kidd had on RAW, it was a brilliant technical face off. Only Tyson Kidd won this time and without cheating at that!

I have mixed feeling about the situation with Tyson Kidd. It’s good that he’s back on the main roster. The “Nattie’s husband” gimmick was over on NXT. The issue is that NXT is a wrestling show and gimmicks are just for fun on top. RAW and SmackDown, on the other hand, rely heavily on gimmicks, so Tyson’s wrestling skills will be shaded by the “Whipped husband” storyline.

It’s also worth mentioning that this was a short meaningless match between two superstars who are great in the ring, have recognizable gimmicks and are in no feud whatsoever. Does that sound like an example of utilizing talent well? I thought so…

Stardust vs. Jay Uso

The two younger brothers had a good match once again. Stardust has grown to be the crazier, more unpredictable half of his team. He’s sometimes childish but sometimes he’s mean and wild.

Jay has taken an equal role to Jimmy in their partnership. Jay is usually a face in peril, who takes a lot of punishment but succeeds in getting the win in the end. That might sound as a boring combination but it’s not ,because Jay is the type of a wrestler, who find different ways to counter attacks each time.


Jay picked up the win and it was a good booking decision. Although, some might say that it hurts Gold and Stardust that they’re booked to lose, The Usos are the best option for #1 contenders and they needed this win to get back into the hunt for the titles.

It was a surprise to me that the WWE didn’t upload a highlights video for this match, having in mind how good it was.

Which feuds do you want to see develop more? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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