Why The Wyatt Family Should Stay Together

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the future of The Wyatt Family. The rumours say that Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are going to part ways. The break-up of the Wyatts is supposed to involved a push for Harper as a heel and potentially for Bray Wyatt as a face. Nothing’s been said about the WWE’s plans for Rowan yet.

The two cryptic messages that the Wyatts released lately seem to support this idea. The videos are obviously directed at building up Luke Harper and Erick Rowan as separate characters. Also, in the end of each video Bray Wyatt says “I set free”. This leads us to suspect that Rowan and Harper will be “set free”, meaning “will leave the Wyatt Family”.

Since the WWE had dropped the ball with the Wyatts the last few months, it is a definite plus that they are getting a new wave of attention. However, I think that none of this prevents the Wyatt Family from existing as a stable for a while longer.

I agree, it’s about time to find out who Rowan and Harper are. Until now, they were only Bray’ s followers. Those videos portray them as much different from each other. However, their characters are very deeply tied to The Eater of Worlds. Bray Wyatt created them, he saved them, he “fixed” them and is now letting them go but Rowan and Harper would only benefit from staying by Bray’s side.

When the Wyatts and The Shield  faced each other, the difference between the two stables was that The Shield consisted of three separate individuals, who had insanely good chemistry together and worked as an inseparable unit, while the Wyatts were a cult, which had a leader and two followers. The reason why all three members of The Shield now occupy the main event scene in the WWE is that when The Shield broke up, the audience already cared equally for each of them. This is not the case with The Wyatt Family. The reaction they get from the crowd is only based on Bray’s promos.

Now, this new push gives Rowan and Harper have the opportunity to become equals to Bray. They can still develop as singles competitors. They can still shows us more and more individuality. However hype vignettes that rely on Bray’e eerie eloquence are not going to help Harper and Rowan get over by themselves.They need to grow by Bray’s side until they are two large to co-exist, at which point Harper would turn on Bray.

We don’t need a rushed break-up. The Wyatts are still a single entity in the eyes of the fans. Right now, Rowan and Harper would look out of place if they tried to cut loose from Bray. It won’t feel natural if they act entirely separately.

I do believe that things need to change. Harper and Rowan can’t remain faceless, following every order that Bray gives them. They should act on their own ,speak on their own and fight on their own. However, they should not abandon their leader. If one of the three is in trouble, the others should come to his aid. The Wyatt Family is a family after all. Even if the children go their separate ways, the members of the family always have each other’s back.

Differences in ideology is what should break The Wyatt Family. I can envision Harper, developing his personality so much that at one point the way he sees the world clashes with the teachings of his saviour. That would lead to a clash between him and Wyatt. Rowan is presented as “innocent”, “just a child”. He’ll be stuck in between two strong belief systems, defended by the only two people in the world, who care about him. This would make for a dramatic ending to a movie-like stable.

And if the WWE still wants to throw the Ascension in the mix, it would still make sense to keep the Wyatts together. Rowan and Harper should still be given a bit of time to show their true colours by Bray’s side. Then, Wyatt as a great leader, would decide to take The Ascension under his wing. The older “children” would get jealous and turn on the one who once “fixed” them. And here you get another epic scenario.

The WWE should not rush the Wyatts’ parting. Let the story develop smoothly and it will pay off.

Do you think Rowan and Harper are better off leaving Bray Wyatt sooner, rather than later? Do you think the Ascension have a place in the Wyatt Family? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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