WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 09.10.2014

Tyler Breeze vs. Mojo Rawley

The downfall of Mojo Rawley continues. The match was so short and so focused on Tyler Breeze that it could have easily been any other wrestler, taken from a random nearby gym, instead of Mojo and no one would have cared. The Hyped One has completely lost his momentum and is now used as an easy victim for promising superstars.

Prince Pretty is getting more and more vicious every week. He was narcissistic as usual, taunting and playing mind games with his opponent. However, once Breeze was on the attack, he was brutal and unapologetic. He kicked Mojo Rawley’s shoulder and then put him in an armbar. Breeze didn’t break the hold until the referee stopped the match.


Mojo didn’t tap out, which I guess saves some of his dignity. However, he’s jobbing too often to too many people. First, it was Bull Dempsey, then – Baron Corbin and now – Tyler Breeze. It doesn’t look good for the Hyped One at all.

As for Breeze, I like this new emerging side of him but I want to see him getting so frustrated that he almost forgets to do the “gorgeous” act. Renee said Breeze “is losing it”. I say he’s not losing it enough yet.

Big Cass/ Enzo Amore/ William Regal/ Carmela

Enzo was on a quest to make the NXT GM give Carmela a tryout. Enzo was playing tough but once Regal was in front of him, it turned into a “school boy in the principal’s office” situation.

However, when Mr. Regal saw Carmela in action, he was impressed by the way she made her opponent tap out and decided to give her a shot next week.

Enzo made a desperate attempt to get a hug from Carmela for having arranged a trial for her but she pushed him away.

I’m starting to like the way Enzo Amore makes fun of himself.

Viktor vs. Hideo Itami

This time the match actually took place. It started with a brawl. Viktor looked hell-bent on inflicting pain. Hideo’s mouth was bleeding. But Itami didn’t back off, he managed to get his momentum going. It’s impressive when you recognize how much of Kenta’s move set has been adapted and popularized by other WWE superstars who’ve come from the Indies. My instinctive reaction to Itami’s style was to connect it to the way Daniel Bryan moves. But realistically, it was Kenta who first developed those combinations. There is a reason why this man is a legend.

Itami did a beautiful spring board drop kick and was setting up for his finisher on the top rope, when Konnor dragged out a lifeless Funaki on the ramp. Viktor tried to capitalize on the distraction but surpsingly Itami still somehow won the match.

After the match, The Ascension ganged up on Hideo and gave him a beat down. They tied him up to the ropes and kept kicking him. His friend Funaki, barely able to stand, came into the ring to help him. Itami had to watch helplessly how Funaki falls victim to the Fall of Man.

It came off a bit weird because the first thing the referee did should have been to untie Hideo. Instead, the official left him tied to the ropes because he was too busy telling The Ascension off.

Apart from that, I like the plot. It felt like a traditional Japanese drama script. Funaki was the good old friend, who tries to warn the young hero to quit the dangerous business he’s getting involved in. The young one doesn’t listen because he believes he can overcome all odds and ends up getting his friends killed/injured.  Now, the young one needs to set on a quest for vengeance for his fallen friend. Simple but works every time.

The Vaudevillains vs. Enzo Amore & Collin Cassidy

I have to admit, the pre-match promo that Enzo Amore dis was awesome. Like him or not, he’s a trash talking God.

Big Cass is exactly the type of a powerhouse friend that Enzo needs. The guy is impressive. The high knee that Big Cass hit Simon Gotch with was remarkable.

However, it is the Vaudevillains’ time now. They’re such a technically smooth team. And their finisher, which is a barrel roll/ 2nd rope senton combination is so nice to watch.  This is exactly what hit Enzo Amore before the Vaudevillains picked up the win. This finisher seriously needs a name.


I liked how the friendship between Enzo and Big Cass was what cost them the match. Simon Gotch was legal against Enzo Amore. Big Cass threw Enzo on Gotch but Enzo got hurt probably more than his opponent. Aiden English dashed into the ring and pushed Big Cass off the apron. And then Enzo decided to go after English, instead of Gotch. Trying to avenge Big Cass was what distracted Enzo and cost him the match.

I always root for teams that have real connection so I’m starting to warm up to Enzo and Big Cass. Then again, I expect The Vaudevillians to be the next NXT Tag Team Champions.

By the way, what happened to the Legionnaires? From what I remember, last week they challenged Enzo and Big Cass to a match this week. Did the WWE forget about this?

Sami Zayn Promo

Sami Zayn talked about his upcoming match with Titus O’Neil. Sami was so on the mark when he said that Titus should be a threat but it’s hard to take him as such, having in mind that he’s feuding with The Bunny.

Zayn also explained that last week he attacked Titus because he was defending NXT and his friends Adrian Neville. The way he talked about Neville made me think that Zayn doubted his friends and it bothered him.

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

I like Becky Lynch. She reminds me a bit of Lita. She’s a hardcore metalhead, she’s aggressive, athletic and energetic. Becky Lynch was on fire in this match, she has the winning combination between fabulous moves like the backbridge she did and the powerful, screaming personality of hers.

The again, much like the Vaudevillains, Sasha Banks is on a roll lately. She’s mean, brutal and confident. The Boss was determined to hurt Lynch and took her out with a nasty-looking Bank Statement.

Without a doubt, Sasha Banks is the next one in line for Charlotte’s title.

Titus O’Neil vs. Sami Zayn

From the very beginning, Sami Zayn was taken aback by Titus’ strength. It’s true that Titus looks way too slow and clumsy, compared to the agile Zayn. However, Sami was a definite underdog in the match.

It was almost painful to watch the way Titus O’Neil manhandled Sami Zayn. Every time Sami tried to create a bit of separation, he got shut down aggressively. At one point, Titus pressed Zayn in an ugly-looking bear hug. Sami sold it so well that it looked as if he really was struggling to breathe. In the end Sami Zayn finally got the opening he was looking for and mounted some high-flyng offence. However, Titus again viciously overpowered him and finished him with an impressive elevated sit-out powerbomb. It look as if Zayn’s body was about to shatter into pieces.

After the match, Titus dragged Sami’s lifeless body to the apron and climbed on the top rope, ready to finish Sami off for good. Then Adrian Neville ran to the ring and pulled his unconscious friend out of harm’s way.

The match had been almost uncomfortable to watch, so I was so glad to see Neville come to Sami Zayn’s aid. Real friendship always makes storylines better.

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