WWE SmackDown15 – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 10.10.2014

Stephanie McMahon / John Laurinaitis/ Teddy Long

As the first ever SmackDown GM, Stephanie had the honor of opening the show that celebrates SmackDown’s 15th anniversary. She talked about the very first days of the SmackDown. Then she introduced one of the most prominent GMs in SmackDown history – John Laurinaitis.

The crowd welcomed Johnny with PEOPLE POWER chants. He was just about to make a match when Teddy Long’s music hit. JBL reacted so emotionally that you’d almost believe that he was genuinely surprised. The audience gave Teddy Long a warm welcome too by chanting TEDDY.


For one night only, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis renewed their old rivalry for supremacy as the Best GM of All Time. They tried to outdo each other in the craft of making tag team matches but as we know, there’s no one better than Teddy Long when it comes to throwing a bunch of superstars together in a match. The main event was set up for a 15 man tag team match. Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy for the title of Best GM.

Everyone was about to leave when Adam Rose and Rosebuds interrupted them. Adam Rose wanted to party and decided to call Stephanie McMahon “Stephie”, which in retrospect, I’m sure, he deeply regrets. Steph gave him a match against Kane. This stopped Adam Rose right in his tracks, while Stephanie started to dance to his music with Johnny and Teddy Long.

Adam Rose vs. Kane

Kane barely had to move in this match. Adam Rose tried desperately to get some offence going but got chokeslammed almost right at the start. And this is how Adam Rose’s undefeated streak came to an end. Justice was finally served.

After the match, the Rosebuds came in the ring to check on Rose. Kane decided that he’d had enough of them and went after the Bunny. Several Rosebuds tried to protect The Bunny and got chokeslammed, which allowed him and Adam Rose to retreat.

Although I am glad that this ridiculousness of Adam Rose and The Bunny being undefeated is over with, I’m concerned that Kane might end up in a feud with them. This scenario is so horrid that it send shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, you never know what the WWE Creative might find funny. Could it be the Devil’s Favorite Demon, getting pinned by a Bunny? I hope not.

AJ vs. Alicia Fox w./Paige

So Alicia Fox keeps fighting Paige’s battles. Foxy was dominating for most of the match but AJ came up with the Black Widow out of nowhere and picked up the win.

Paige entered the ring after the match to attack AJ but AJ once again took both Foxy and Paige out be herself.

This is most definitely NOT how you build a credible #1 contender for any title, even if it’s the Divas Championship. The feud between Paige and AJ has long lost its steam and is now just dragging the interest in the Divas title down.

Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

Seth was angry and he needed to vent out. Kofi just happened to be on the receiving end of Mr. Money in the Bank’s fury.

It was a very one sided match-up. Rollins just picked Kofi apart. The match had barely started when Rollins had already dragged his opponent outside the ring and was smashing him into the barricade.

Kofi got absolutely no offence at all. He was just tossed around like a rag doll until the Curb Stomp hit him and Rollins won the match.

This was a demonstration of Rollins’ heelishness. An egocentric like him could not have taken calmly the embarrassment that Ambrose had been serving him lately. I like this dangerous side of Rollins. This is exactly the type of a ruthless fighter you want to have inside Hell in a Cell.

Rusev vs. Ziggler

Much like the previous match, the heel was dominating here too. The fight was almost all Rusev and no Ziggler. The WWE used Dolph’s unmatched selling ability to restore Rusev’s credibility after his unfortunate face-off with the Rock.

It wasn’t until the end of the match, when Dolph had a small opening and had some momentum building. The audience was eager to see the IC Champion become the first person to pin Rusev. However, the Famouser got Ziggler only a 1 count and the Accolade made Dolph tap out.

After the match Lana expressed how angry she was with the Rock and Rusev challenged Big Show to a match on Monday.

You can be sure that Big Show will just be the next victim in Rusev’s path.  It will be someone much higer up the food chain, who will stop the Bulgarian Brute. By the way, a match against the Rock could bank upon  some nice titles – “Can Rusev Crush the Rock?”. I like how that sounds.

As for Dolph, it’s not good for the IC Champion to suffer such a definitive loss. However, I think it will be quickly forgotten, because it’s completely unrelated to any storyline and the audience loves The Show Off.

The Rock/ Triple H Segment

This was a good old-school segment between two veterans, featuring a WrestleMania tease. The type of manliness and the humour in it, made me feel I was transgressing back in time to the end of the 90s. Nice job there!

15-Man Tag Team Match

Team Johnny consisted of Cesaro, Mizdow, Bo Dallas, Gold and Stardust, Slater Gator and the Mini Gator. Their opponents, representing Team Teddy were Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Usos, Los Matadores and El Torito.

The first part of the match wasn’t particularly exciting, excluding some flashes of brilliance, courtesy to The Usos and The Cosmic Brothers. The lowest point of the match-up was when The Mini Gator tagged in and launched a successful attack on a fallen Jimmy Uso. From that moment on, the audience started chanting for Damien Mizdow. Since then he just turned into the star of the match. There were WE WANT MIZDOW, LET’S GO SANDOW and THANK YOU MIZDOW chants throughout the fight.

Sheamus turned the match around for his team. He took out everybody and peformed something that, in Shield style, I’d call Triple 10 beats of the Bodhran, doing his signature move on Cesaro, Stardust and Slater at the same time.

Cesaro paid tribute to SmackDown’s 15th Birthday by putting Sheamus in the Cesaro Swing and doing 15 rotations. After that it was only the type of chaos I like with everyone involved taking each other out. I loved the team work of the Usos and Bo’s ecstatic premature celebration. In the end, Jay Uso pinned the fan favourite – Mizdow, for the win, thus making Teddy Long the Best GM in SmackDown History.

There’s one thing that stood out the most during the match. The crowd just loves Mizdow. I can see how he’ll soon become one of those superstars who get elevated by the uncontrollable reaction they get from the audience. The fans will make it so that the WWE Creative cannot ignore Sandow’s talent any more.

Miz TV

Miz TV featured Dean Ambrose and John Cena. The Lunatic Fringe made it clear that he lives “by a code of his own” and that he didn’t care “how high in the food chain” Cena was. Cena acknowledged that he was impressed by Ambrose because he “had balls”.

Miz asked Ambrose if he really thought he could beat Cena, to which The Lunatic Fringe responded with a simple “YEP”. Cena wanted to leave but Miz wanted drama on his show. He ended up getting attacked by both Cena and Ambrose. Cena was going for the AA to Miz but he seemingly changed his mind and offered the honours to Ambrose, who planted the A-lister with a DDT. However, as The Lunatic Fringe was getting up, Cena surprised him with and AA and then just watched as Ambrose was lying on the mat in pain.

Cena said something that made an impression on me. He told Ambrose that people backstage were scared of him because they didn’t know what Ambrose could do/say once he had a microphone in his hand. This reminded me so much of Cena’s rivalry with CM Punk and Punk’s pipebombs. I think this is the niche that the WWE is giving Ambrose. He is to take over the fan base that favourited CM Punk.

What did you think of SmackDown15? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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