Dean Ambrose Talks Real Wrestling, John Cena, The Attitude Era , ECW and More

In a recent interview done by @JustinLaBar for, Dean Ambrose gave his honest opinion on wrestling storytelling, gimmick predictability, the Attitude era, dream opponents and much more.

On his own character, Ambrose said:

I just really make it up as I go along. I have no idea what I’m gonna do, say, where…pretty much until I get to the building and until I get to the ring that night.

This is exactly why the WWE labels Ambrose “Unstable”. The Lunatic Fringe knows that this lack of predictibility is what sets him apart from characters like John Cena for example:

There’re a lot of guys in WWE, you would know who they are, you know you’re going to see the same thing every single match. You know you’re going to hear the same thing every time they pick up a microphone. You know John Cena is never going to get mad at you no matter what you do. You could steal his dog or set his house on fire and he’s not going to get all that mad at you. He’s going to come out and do the same thing he always does. Me, I’m not like that. I get pretty upset pretty quickly.

And I think, Ambrose here hit the nail right on the head. The majority of the WWE Universe has taken a stand against John Cena exactly because he never changes. It is unrealistic that  a man will stay the same for 12 years. No one does that in real life. Even if the core of our moral code remains in tact, life changes how we perceive things and we read our own rules differently. This is what growth is and it adds depth that a timeless character like John Cena will never have.

Our perception of things changes with time and Dean Ambrose confirms that when discussing The Attitude Era:

I was 13 years old, or whatever, back then so I was like , “HAHA! They made a dick joke”, or whatever, but I look back at a lot of stuff now and I’m like, man, where’s the wrestling? There was just a bunch of crappy jokes….

I like my stuff real.

A lot of fans on the internet talk about going back to the Attitude Era but I think that Dean Ambrose is right – what we found awesome when we were children won’t feel the same at all now. I fancy myself a supporter of the Reality Era. There is nothing more engaging than a fight fuelled by emotions that feel real.

This sort of tangible tension in rivalries is exactly what Dean liked in ECW:

Everybody was just pissed off at everybody else and it was so realistic…I fell in love with that intensity immediately.

Ambrose feels natural and this is why people like him. He abides by no rules, he just reacts to his immediate reality. Ambrose wants a world of wrestling where gimmicks are not static and wars are felt rather than scripted. I like to believe that this is what the future of the WWE will be like.

Here’s the full interview. Enjoy some real talk from The Lunatic Fringe!

What’s you opinion on The Reality Era? Is Dean Ambrose your type of a character and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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