Alex Riley Back to Active Wrestling?

As in the last year the WWE Universe has gotten used to seeing Alex Ryley as a commentator, rather than an in-ring competitor, it might come as a surprise that Alex Riley seems to be interested in going back to active wrestling. The WWE superstar had a match on NXT in Lakeland against CJ Parker. Riley was sure to promote his in-ring appearance on twitter.

Alex Riley hadn’t competed since April 2013 when he was battling to become the #1 Conteder for the IC Championship. From June 2013 onwards, he has been working as a part of the announce team on NXT, Superstars and Main Event. He has also done some work as an analyst on RAW, SmackDown and pay-per-views pre-shows. This is why most people, including myself, thought that Riley would remain in a ringside position for good. However, his latest appearance on NXT might be a sign of things to come.

Alex Riley before his match with CJ Parker on NXT

Alex Riley before his match with CJ Parker on NXT

Looking back at Alex Riley’s career, it’s still difficult to understand how he lost all the momentum he had gained. Riley seemingly had everything going for him. He had a nice feud against one of the most hated heels in the WWE – the Miz: he had a good fanbase building and he was given one of the most badass theme songs to be adopted by the WWE in the recent years.

The rumours say that Riley lost his push because he rubbed Cena the wrong way backstage. However, I don’t buy it. It seems that people tend to blame Cena for everything that happens in the WWE, so I’m inclined to have my doubts about this story. I think the only thing Alex Riley lacked was direction. The WWE Creative just hadn’t thought through what they were going to do with him after his feud with the Miz was over and as a result he got lost lost in the shuffle.

Alex Riley never really had his one big moment (if we don’t count slapping the Miz) so I’m rooting for him to get a second chance. His career as a commentator seemed to be pretty much in the bag but for Riley to be back in action despite that, he must have really pushed for it backstage. He has grown more confident on the microphone, he’s talented and he’s still young. Maybe it’s not too late to see Alex Riley with a mid-card belt around his waist.

Do you think Alex Riley has a future as an active wrestler? Share your thoughts in the comment section, FB or Twitter!


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