Where Is Brad Maddox?

It’s been 6 months since we’ve seen Bead Maddox on TV. He was the RAW GM, got “fired” in May and hasn’t been seen since. It seemed like the WWE had completely forgotten that Maddox existed. However, two days ago, on October 11, he wrestled again at a live show in Macon, Georgia.

Unfortunately, Maddox’s return didn’t harvest much success. He lost two consecutive matches – one against Zack Ryder and one against Khali. After Maddox got pinned by Ryder, he asked for a second match. Khali came out and finished him in seconds.

A post-match vine posted by the WWE, shows that Maddox wasn’t happy at all with his performance and looked notably angry.

Now, Maddox’s return to in-ring action might sound like a complete failure at first. It’s never good when a superstar returns and is booked to job twice, in a row, in one night, to two different jobbers, right? However, I have my hopes high. I can picture this being a storyline, leading to the birth of a crazed, out of control Brad Maddox.

Do you remember the “Stuck in a Cave” controversy that happened back in June? Brad Maddox posted a video on his youtube channel, claiming to be stuck in a cave in Mexico. He said he needed help and asked everyone, watching to call the authorities. The issue was that Maddox was so convincing that people actually got scared for his well-being and when it was revealed that Maddox was safe and sound, those who got genuinely worried, were outraged. After that, Maddox posted a few more controversial videos, addressing his situation. In the spirit of the title of this article, here’s an example.

The Brad Maddox we see in this video is not the nice, polite, servile GM Maddox we’ve seen on RAW. This is a desperate Brad Maddox, pushed to the edge and hanging dangerously on the crazy side of it. I love that. I know that the position of “The Unstable One” is already occupied by Dean Ambrose. Then again, as the Lunatic Fringe fell in love with the angry intensity of ECW, I’m in love with the vision of a WWE where regardless of their face/heel status, characters hunger for opportunities, fight till they can’t move any more and build realistic but passionate rivalries. A man who’s lost it all is a dangerous man. Maybe a streak of unfortunate losses, can make a switch in Brad Maddox’s head go off and we can see the man, who “can’t get out of the cave”, surface on our screens.

I think most people, don’t even know that Brad Maddox can actually wrestle. The average WWE, who hasn’t followed FCW (current NXT), would have only seen Brad Maddox in his RAW GM role. But back in FCW, Maddox was a two-time Tag Team Champion, first with Bradley Pierce and then with Rick Victor. During his second run as a Tag Team Champion, he also held the FCW 15 Championship. Maddox won the FCW 15 Championship from Richie Steamboat at a live event, so there’s no video footage of the match but here’s a previous face-off between the two:

This aggressive side of Brad Maddox, amplified by his desperation, is what I want to see. I think a lot of people, including the WWE Creative underestimate Maddox’s potential for being perceived as a threat. It’s because of his perfect doll-like  face. The long eye-lashes, the pretty curls and the perky lips might make Maddox a favourtie amongst the female audience, but they also hinder his chances of being taken seriously enough. It’s a shame because, I personally believe, that being pretty is, by no means, a reason to be taken lightly. Hopefully, Brad Maddox’s losses in Macon are just the begging of a push in disguise.

How do you picture Brad Maddox’s future in the WWE? Is he in for a push? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


5 thoughts on “Where Is Brad Maddox?

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