WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 14/10/2014

Miz TV ft. Sheamus

Miz opened the show, giving one of his self-indulging, egotistic speeches that make him so easy to hate. He made a case for deserving the US title and called Sheamus out.

Mizdow, dressed as The Celtic Warrior, came down the ramp, sporting a red wig and white tights. Mizdow (or maybe Sheadow?) tried to copy Sheamus’ Irish accent but ended up sounding like an Indian peddler.  He talked about Miz’s superiority and handed the Miz a US championship replica.

When the real Sheamus came out to put Miz in his place, Mizdow kept imitating every single move of the Celtic Warrior. The audience was laughing in a way that made me feel as if I was watching a stand-up comedy act, rather than wrestling. Sheamus was also laughing and was seemingly calm about the irritating impersonator standing on his right but ended up knocking down Mizdow.

Miz obviously ran away and let Sheamus deliver a brogue kick to Mizdow.

I can see Miz wining at Hell in a Cell, with the help of Mizdow, of course.  It is a bit unfair to Sheamus, who is funny, strong and reliable but it will give Sandow an opening for a push and a championship run. I think Sandow needs this opportunity more than Sheamus does.

Tyson Kidd w./Natalya vs. R-Truth

Before the match started Tyson Kidd gave a short promo, in which he was trying to convince the WWE fans that he was the one, wearing the pants in the family. Nobody believed that, probably even Tyson himself.

During the match, Tyson was jealous of the fact that his wife laughed at R-Truth’s dance taunts. He got aggressive and started beating Truth viciously. Then, Tyson got angry with Natalya because she didn’t want to interfere behind the referee’s back.

In the end, Kidd went for the Sharp Shooter. Natalya got on the apron, I believe, because she thought her husband was going to win for sure and was getting ready to celebrate. However, Truth pushed Tyson onto Natalya, Kidd got distracted and Truth pinned him.

This storyline sounds more like a soap opera than anything wrestling-related. On NXT the “Nattie’s Husband” gimmick was fun but on the main roster it’s exaggerated and simply looks like a forced Total Divas intrusion. This isn’t going to give Tyson Kidd even a mid-card feud and that is just sad.

Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

First of all, Justin Gabriel was on Main Event. This is probably considered a step above competing on NXT only. You get to be seen by more people. It’s a shame that Gabirel never had a chance in this match.

Gabirel showed off some athleticism but in my opinion, he didn’t do that great. At one point the South African climbed on the top rope and did a backflip, which Cesaro evaded, so Gabirel landed hard. However, the timing looked off. Either Justin Gabriel was too slow or Cesaro moved to early but it felt awkward to watch.

Cesaro was physical and dominating as usual. He easily manhandled his opponent and won with the Neutralizer.


The match wasn’t great. The two superstars didn’t click well in the ring and the spots that should have been spectacular seemed off. This is what happens when you put someone on the shelf for too long. Justin Gabriel needs to compete more often if he is to be successful.

Rusev vs. Big E

Before the match started, Rusev and Lana provoked the crowd and successfully got USA and WHAT chants. It seems that now Lana is only responsible for trash-talking the country and the location, while Rusev’s job is to trash-talk his opponents.

It was mostly a physical face-off. The two superstars have roughly the same build and skills, so the match was almost even. However, Rusev is more agile than Big E, while Big E catches the attention with flashy power moves. Big E delivered an impressive over the head belly to belly to Rusev. The Big Russian was selling Big E’s offence well, frequently going outside the ring to regroup.

However, Rusev was the more dominant performer overall. The crowd was chanting LET’S GO BIG E, trying to rally the face but to no avail. I was impressed by the way Rusev kicked Big E in the face so fast in such a small opening. Then he locked Big E in the Accolade and made him tap out. The submission hold looked exceptionally painful this time.

Rusev and Lana have generated so much heat by now, that anyone, who faces them, is certain to have the crowd’s support. The Bulgarian Brute is also evolving.  He has faced some ups and downs and is starting to talk more and more. However, he remains unbeaten. Rusev’s character is becoming better-rounded with time and I like that. I prefer a developing personality than a monster heel.

Just a random thought – in the end, the rumours could end up being true and it might be Cena, who kills Rusev’s momentum.

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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