Discussing Brad Maddox’s Return on the WWE App

This Monday night, Eden was talking about RAW on the WWE app when she got interrupted by none other than Brad Maddox himself.

Credit for the video: UPROXX

As I mentioned in my previous article about Brad Maddox, he’s been gone for far too long and many fans haven’t even seen him wrestle because the percentage of viewers, who follow WWE developmental is quite low. However, his return as a desperate man, who has been “stuck in a cave”, somewhere in his own mind, can be a major hit. Judging by his youtube videos, Maddox is an amazing actor. Even logically knowing that his “call for help” videos were fake, they were still hard to watch. There is a reason why so many people actually believed that he was in grave danger and tried calling the authorities in the region.

Now, this latest Brad Maddox appearance brings something new to the edgy character that lives on a thin line, drawn by desperation and leading to insanity. Here Maddox takes a jab at the Authority. He implies he was their puppet against his will and soon he will make his own voice heard. Imagine if Brad Maddox was to spectacularly screw up the Authority on a pay-per-view. That would turn him in the most unlikely anti-Authority figure of all.

A man, who has had everything taken away from him and seeks revenge is something that I personally would enjoy watching. Also, Brad Maddox would have the power of surprise behind him. The very fact the fans don’t really take him seriously as wrestler is what’s going to skyrocket his popularity if he turns on the Authority.  Only hard-core Maddox fans would know the extent of his talent, the others would be shocked to see him take out Triple H with the Deal Breaker. You don’t know what the Deal Breaker looks like?

Maddox is so easy to like. Even as a servile GM he was never truly a heel. He was doing what he had to keep his dream job. He wasn’t plotting against people or being vengeful like Vickie Guererro, he’d be sweet and awkward instead. Then again, I don’t think I’ve seen Brad Maddox as a true face either. Back in FCW he was a funny and cocky heel. With his pretty face and his amazing acting skills, he can attract the attention of the audience quickly. Booking him as a wild card against the Authority will get him over so fast the company won’t know what hit it.

This Brad Maddox return has the potential of being truly unique if the WWE Creative play their cards right.

Are you excited to see Brad Maddox back? Do you think he can face the Authority? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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