Discussing the WWE’s Plans for Ryback’s Return

It was recently reported that WWE Superstar Ryback has been medically cleared to compete. He underwent a hernia surgery on August 26 and has been off TV since then. He’s expected to return to in-ring action within a month.

The plans for The Big Guy’s return are not clear yet. There’s talk in the company about tweaking Ryback’s look a bit  and renewing his singles push. This idea is most probably due to the rise in popularity that Ryback was enjoying before the surgery.

The fans were responding positively to The Big Guy everywhere he went. Although Ryback and his partner Curtis Axel were heel and arguably jobbers by that time, the crowd kept on chanting Ryback’s old catchphrases FEED ME MORE and FINISH IT.

I believe that this is because The Big Guy is actually quite a nice guy.  He wasn’t given much mic time or any meaningful storylines since he turned heel last year. However, there has always been something irresistibly likeable about Ryback, something that always attracted the attention of the fans. It slowly turned in one of those situations when the audience starts to respond more and more often to a certain superstar without the script demanding it. The growing love for Ryback reached its highest point in his home town of Las Vegas.

That was on RAW, August 18. Ryback’s hernia surgery was just a week later. Talk about bad timing!

However, right before going in surgery, The Big Guy released a video that was bound to keep him in the fans’ thoughts until his return.

This video caused an outrage against the WWE amongst the wrestling fans on the internet. The general opinion was that if a guy delivers his best mic work while he’s drugged and half-conscious, then the WWE is obviously grossly mishandling him. If this is the quality of Ryback’s promos when he’s at his worst, imagine what he could do at his best, if he’s utilised properly. All of this leads to the rumoured plan of giving The Big Guy a new singles push.

But where does this leave Curtis Axel? Axel’s been kept off TV since Ryback’s departure, since the two of them were teaming to form RybAxel. If the WWE had put Mr Perfect’s son on the shelf, in anticipation of Ryback’s return, then the plan must have been for the two of them to return to TV programming together. It’s no secret that plans in the WWE can take a swerve overnight but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant for Curtis Axel. Unlike The Big Guy, Axel is not blessed with natural charisma and will be struggling on his own.

However, if this injury was a blessing in disguise for The Big Guy, we can only wish him luck with the new opportunity he’ll be given and hope that Axel will be fine on his own too. We are at a time when the WWE has been deprived from some of its most popular stars, due to injuries and is severely lacking star power. A well-like guy like Ryback, who has the respect of the WWE Universe behind him, can only be in favour of the company.

Are you excited for Ryback’s return? Do you think he should get another singles push or stay with Curtis Axel? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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