WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 20/10/2014

The Authority Segment

Triple H, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane came all suited up. As they approached the ring with the cell, hanging above it, Seth looked like a kid, who’s visiting an amusement park for the first time.

The Game took the lead and promoted the 2 on 3 handicap main event, HIAC and of course, the WWW Network for just $9.99. He also casually mentioned that he holds the record for most wins at HIAC matches.


I’m wondering how is it possible for the YOU SOLD OUT chants to get louder every time Seth Rollins takes a microphone anywhere he goes. Outshouting the crowd, Rollins explained that as much as he enjoyed being called Mr. MITB, he’d like to claim the nickname “Undisputed Future of the WWE” for himself too. This left the other three members of the Authority with “what the hell is he talking about” faces on.

Randy Orton interrupted Rollins to say that his match against Cena is the real main event at HIAC, simply because the Viper is better than Seth Rollins. Mr. MITB wasn’t impressed at all and the tension between the two was about to boil over.


Triple H tried to paly peacemaker and told them that it’ll be a double main event at HIAC. He also surprised Randy by telling him that the winner of the match against Cena will become the #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The segment reached its logical ending and Triple H’s music hit but to justify Kane’s presence in the ring, they played Kane’s pyro and music to close off.

The Usos & Sheamus vs. Gold and Stardust & Miz/dow

This match was set to be The Usos and Sheamus vs. The Cosmic Brothers and the Miz. However, before the match started, the Miz, made Mizdow take his place. Surprisngly, the crowd didn’t respond to Sandow as loud as they did the last few weeks.

Miz joined the announce team, where he had to address the issue with Mizdow’s rising popularity. According to the A-lister, the reaction that his stunt double gets is not for Sandow himself but for the Miz, as Mizdow uses Miz’s move set.

The match was of a high quality as we’ve come to expect from the two top tag teams in the WWE and the US champion. Jay Uso, who used to be less involved than Jimmy, has gradually become the guy, who spends the most time in the ring and gets a lot of punishment. Jimmy on the other side, takes the saves and the more spectacular spots during chaotic moments.

Goldust struck me as becoming more and more menacing.  Stardust’s presence can’t be missed. His Faling Star on the oustisde looks sick. I was impressed when I saw on replay how he executed his flying kick. The ease with which he just jumps from rope to rope is astonishing. People need computer effects to make elves in LOTR move like that. Stardust just does it naturally.

Sheamus is literally everywhere. Once he enters the ring, The Celtic Warrior never fights just one person. He always has the time to clear the ring and the apron too. The crowd has learned to appreciate Sheamus. When he yells FELLA, the fans give him a massive pop.

However, the Irishman got distracted by Stardust, who he took out with a Brogue kick. Mizdow took the opportunity, rolled Sheamus and won the match. The Miz couldn’t believe it.The A-lister kept screaming “I WON! I WON”.

Every win Miz gets is aided by Mizdow and Mizdow’s win, he claims as his own. This is not going to end well for the A-lister and the audience will love it. I’m just worried that Sandow doesn’t get the same level of reaction everywhere. His popularity is spreading but hasn’t reached its peak yet. I hope the WWE doesn’t mess up the opportunity that Sandow has now by rushing his turn. He should be given a bit more time in my opinion.

Randy Orton/Triple H Backstage

Randy found Trips backstage to thank him about the #1 contender opportunity at HIAC. Hunter told him it was actually Seth’s idea and Orton left to search for Rollins.

The moment I heard this, I knew what was coming. Seth would prefer to face Orton, rather than Lesnar or Cena, so he wants to set his chess pieces well for a cash-in.

AJ vs. Alicia Fox w./Paige

AJ was cheered for throughout the match, although Alicia Fox was actually dominating for the largest part. AJ was just gaining momentum, when Foxy found herself outside the ring and started an argument with Paige. The two of them exchanged blows and Paige threw Alicia back in the ring. AJ got distracted and Alicia picked up the win.


I don’t understand why they didn’t save this for HIAC. You can’t use the same ruse twice on the same person. This trick was completely wasted on a meaningless match.

Randy Orton/ Seth Rollins Backstage

Randy found Seth and thanked him for what he’s done but wanted to know Mr. MITB’s motives. As I expected, Rollins made it clear that he just wants to cash in his briefcase on the Viper.

I like where this storyline is going.The chemistry between Rollins and Orton is unexpectedly good.

Randy Orton/ John Cena/ Paul Heyman Segment

Randy tried to walk the audience through his history with Cena, starting from 2002. The fans tried to sabotage him by chanting ROYALS. The Viper, as a veteran, cleverly used their chants, against them, taking the time to diss the ROYALS and then say “Do I have your attention now?”. I always appreciate it when a speaker is so good that can play the audience as he wishes.


Cena joined Orton in the ring and basically told him that he was stupid. I didn’t get the logic behind that statement that well but hey, it’s a face trash talking a heel so it’s all good. Also, Cena threw away his interest in Seth Rollins as fast as he picked it up. Dean Ambrose must have been sitting somewhere backstage, looking with incomprehension, trying to explain to himself what the hell Cena was fighting him for in the last month.


The last person to join the party was Brock Lesnar’s advocate. Paul Heyman cleared for me why everyone had been talking about 2002 through the segment. It was to set up for the remark that Lesnar was the champion in 2002 and is still the champion in 2014. Cena had enough of Heyman and picked him up for an AA, but being Cena, he changed his mind and let Heyman go. Randy Orton wasn’t planning on being a nice guy and delivered and RKO to Cena, leaving him lying. Heyman was laughing hysterically until he got RKOed too.

Rusev vs. Big E

Big E is arguably the best opponent that Rusev has had. Not for any other reason but the two of them just match so well inside the ring. Big E leapfrogged over Rusev and Rusev took him down with a spinning heel kick. For two men of their size those are remarkable things to do.

Rusev kicked Big E in the throat out of nowhere and locked him in the Accolade. Big E had to tap out.

This match was of no importance whatsoever, it was just setting up for the post match antics that followed.

Lana and Rusev delivered one of their usual “evil Eastern European” heel promos.  They were waiting for the Russian flag to roll down but it didn’t. Big Show popped up on the screen with a full troll face on and seconds later the US flag rolled down behind the two Russians.

Under Lana’s command, Rusev approached the American flag with the intention to rip it down. Then a man dressed as an American soldier entered the ring to stop him. While the security was trying to apprehend him, Rusev gave him a superkick in the face and knocked him out.

After Rusev left, the Big Show came out, fuming. He was so outraged that he couldn’t speak at first. I have to give props to the Giant for his acting skills. He’s been amazing in his feud with Rusev. No one before him was as believable. Big Show told Rusev he was going to make him pay at HIAC. He was about to leave but reconsidered and called Rusev out. The Bulgarian Brute didn’t respond so the Big Show set out to look for him backstage but couldn’t find him.

That segment made me cringe. Everyone knows how protective the Americans are of their army. Attacking a US soldier just sent Rusev to another level of evil.

Dean Ambrose/ John Cena Backstage

John Cena found Dean Ambrose, eating popcorn, watching See no Evil 2 backstage. Cena was worried about their lack of a strategy for the main event but The Lunatic Fringe wasn’t fazed at all. His plan was to “throw punches at anything that moves and if they insist on taking us down, we’re going to take as many of them down as we can”.

Someone must have been reading the comments on the internet because when  Dean told Cena  that they were like Batman and Superman respectively, Cena noted that the Joker suited the Lunatic Fringe better than Batman.  Ambrose responded to that remark with “Why so serious?”. I could just see the internet exploding after this one sentence.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

Nikki was watching backstage while her sister was getting beaten by Summer Rae. However, Brie suddenly turned the momentum around delivered a missile drop kick from the ropes and won the match.


Despite my dislike of Brie Bella, the fans seem to support her. Although the YES chants were a constant throughout the match, I still question whether this is due to Brie’s performance or to her martial connections, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt today.

Dean Ambrose/ Seth Rollins/ Mick Foley Segment

The Lunatic Fringe came out, carrying something that disturbingly resembled a body bag. Inside it, he had a Seth Rollins dummy and a considerable amount of tools. Dean put Seth’s doll on a chair and started taking it apart, using instruments ranging from a screwdriver, through a hammer to a saw. During that segment Ambrose made so many literal jokes that I seriously suspected that Ryan Higa wrote the script.

When Dean was finally done decimating the dummy, the real Seth showed up. Rollins told Ambrose that he’d “finally found an opponent” he could “relate to on an intellectual level”. I found that to be quite a good joke but the audience hated Rollins too much to laugh at it. Mr. MITB got to the ring, having managed to offend the whole Mid-West, justify selling out and trash-talk Ambrose on the way there.

The Lunatic Fringe was waiting with a drill in his hand and Rollins didn’t look scared even the slightest. Things could have gone down but Mick Foley’s music hit and interrupted him. Knowing that this a RAW, dedicated to hyping HIAC, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Mick Foley. After all, he’s a HIAC legend.

Foley gave credit to the Shield as group and individually. He said that in almost any scenario Rollins would beat Ambrose but not at HIAC, which is built to suit the Lunatic Fringe. However, he forewarned them both of the mental and physical scars that a match like this leaves, giving himself as an example. The crowd paid respect to him by chanting THANK YOU FOLEY.

The Lunatic Fringe told Foley that he had too many psychological and physical scars to care about adding some new on top. Ambrose also said that Mick was the only man, who could possibly understand the truth about him – that he is ready to enter HIAC. Then the Unstable One turned to Rollins and told him to ask himself whether he was ready too. Ambrose was so convincing that I got scared for Rollins there.

Mr. MITB was frustrated. His egocentrism showed through once again when he told both other men in the ring that his superior intelligence would always overrule their insanity. Mick Foley disagreed. Ambrose just grabbed a chair and swung it at Rollins, who barely managed to evade it the last second. The Lunatic Fringe added one last literal joke and tossed the whole dummy at Rollins, who was so mad at Ambrose that had to be dragged out by Mercury and Nobel.

If someone wasn’t excited about Ambrose vs. Rollins in HIAC, after this segment, they’re definitely sold. This match will be brilliant. I cannot wait!

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match unfortunately was set just after the emotionally overwhelming segment between Ambrose, Rollins and Foley. The audience seemed to be drained and although the match was good, it felt lost in the shadow of the HIAC hype.


Both man showed that they can rule the ring. The action was fast and fluid. In the end, Ziggler was on a roll but Cesaro surprised him with an uppercut out of nowhere and knocked him out. Pinning the champion wasn’t enough for The Swiss Superman, he wanted to deliver the Neutraliser too.

This gave a much needed victory to Cesaro. The IC Championship is in fact likely to change hands at HIAC.

The Authority Backstage

Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Kane were arguing backstage when Triple H interrupted them and told them to get back on the same page if they want to win against Ambrose and Cena. Then he put Kane in charge, making him “the general” of this operation.

The other two weren’t happy and kept quarrelling but Kane silenced them and helped them refocus on the task in hand. Poor Kane has to sort out everyone’s issues. That’s no easy job, I tell you!

Randy Orton & Seth Rollins & Kane vs. John Cena & Dean Ambrose

Ambrose started the match all fired up. He was onto Rollins but didn’t miss an opportunity to throw a punch at Kane or Orton whenever he could. The crowd was calling for tables and so The Lunatic Fringe brought one. However, it took him too long and the Authority took control.

While Ambrose was getting punished in the ring, Rollins and Orton kept annoying each other. Their sub-feud was featured quite heavily.

I was impressed with Rollins when he outsmarted Cena. Cena was going for an AA on the table but while on Cena’s shoulders, Seth flipped the table with his hands and then slipped away from his opponent’s grip. It was smart and perfectly fitting for the “strategist” gimmick Rollins has.

Ambrose was the provider of tools. He brought in chairs and tables,  and some high flying too. Despite that, during the second half of the match, he was out because every time he was about to get in the ring, someone was knocking him down again.

By the end of the match he got tossed out and far from the ring. Kane called for the cell to be put down. Dean was going to be left out but he chose to get locked in and managed to slip underneath, entering the cage before it was too late. Ambrose was eager to use the HIAC circumstances in his advantage. He brought in kendo sticks too. The Lunatic Fringe was so reckless in his attacks that Randy Orton’s reaction had to be beeped out.

The fans were chanting THIS IS AWESOME. The chaos in the ring was complete with everyone involved, delivering finishers to someone. The end of the sequence had Ambrose receive an RKO. Orton pinned the Lunatic Fringe for the win.

I might have been concerned about Ambrose, losing clean on the last RAW before HIAC but then Seth Rollins came in out of nowhere and curb stomped the Viper. That was by far the best moment of the night. It was unexpected and it signified the dangerous side of Rollins, while opening a completely new chapter for him after HIAC.

The show ended with Seth Rollins standing tall on the top of the cell. Looking at him like that made me think that he’s the type of e guy who’d actually throw himself from up there. I’m more than excited to see what will happen at HIAC.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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