WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 21/10/2014

“How Well Do You Know Your Bro?” w./ The Usos and Gold & Stardust

This was one of those segments that make me ask myself what the hell I’m watching. I doubt what wrestling is when a quarter of a weekly wrestling show is a game show, hosted by JBL.

Jimmy and Jay were the perfect contenders for the format – funny, talkative and always ready with the right answer. Gold and Stardust were at an obvious disadvantage, due to Stardust’s insanity. Although judging by the laughs in the crowd, that madness of his arguably slowly made them fan favorites. JBL was a hilarious host. Give that man a microphone and he can talk about anything.

In the end, even Goldust couldn’t keep up with Stardust’s craziness and that cost them the game. It all broke down and the Usos kicked the Champions out of the ring, literally.

I could swear that there are other, considerably better ways to sell a Tag Team Championship feud. Yeah, there were a few cheap laughs and a “yo mamma” joke but that doesn’t really make me take this championship seriously. It’s supposed to be prestigious gold, not comedy relief, built on 9gag jokes.

R-Truth vs. Tyson Kidd w./Natalya

Writing the title for this match, I almost wrote R-Truth vs. Nattalya. I honestly don’t think I’d have been that wrong.

In the beginning R-Truth used Natalya’s presence to play mind games with Tyson Kidd. Truth was flirting with Tyson’s wife and Kidd obviously didn’t appreciate it the slightest. This helped R-Truth take over.

However, later on Nattie finally proved to be useful for her husband too. Tyson pretended to tweak his knee. Natalya stood on the apron to check if he was fine. Truth almost hit her accidentally but managed to stop in the last second. This distraction got Tyson Kidd the advantage and he pinned R-Truth.

For once, Tyson left the ring, hugging his wife. This is a huge improvement, knowing that the last few times he ignored her presence altogether. Does this mean that the keyfab divorce between Mr. and Mrs. Kidd on Total Divas is off now?

Bo Dallas vs. Big E

Ah, Bo Dallas! I was starting to miss this guy. He, at least, is genuinely funny. This time, The Inspirational One claimed that since he had beaten Mark Henry three times, he was now the new World’s Strongest Man. What gets me every time is that Bo actually looks completely convinced that all the ostentatious nonsense he says is true.


The match itself was a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be shorter and to involve Bo Dallas being quickly squashed by Big E and maybe winning in the end by some miracle. However, it turned out to be a competitive face-off.

Although Big E was obviously more powerful than Bo, The Inspirational One outwrestled his opponent. Bo was on the attack aggressively and he countered Big E’s brute strength with smart and quick moves. Bo Dallas kept the momentum on his side for so long that the crowd found it necessary to cheer for Big E.


Big E came off looking slower but absolutely dominating in terms of sheer strength. The way he tossed Bo from the middle of the ring to the corner was impressive. This power actually won Big E the match. Bo was going for a BOdog but Big E caught him, despite his momentum, and crushed him with the Big Ending.


Despite the loss, Bo did quite well. I can see he’s trusted with longer matches now and I hope this means that he’ll rapidly climb the midcard ladder to a title. Then again, there were  no highlights of this match uploaded by the WWE. Should I be concerned about Bo?

As for Big E, he’s good in the ring and he’s funny but he still lacks direction. What happened to the Smart Athletic Friends? Is Xavier Woods too busy in uni?


Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

The Real American was dominating early on but fell victim to a distraction. Rollins hid behind Mercury and Noble, who seem to be playing his personal security at the moment, which lead to WE THE PEOPLE CHANTS and a turn of tides in favour of Rollins in the ring.

Rollins was in control for a long period of time. He used the Sleeper Hold, which isn’t a part of his usual arsenal.  Swagger managed to apply the Patriot Lock three times. Mr. MITB found a way to escape all of them.

Swagger was on a roll when he managed to deliver the Swagger Bomb after a dangerous exchange on the ropes. Rollins kicked out and his security decided to get involved again. Mercury and Noble surrounded menacingly Zeb Colter. Swagger got distracted and Rollins delivered the Curb Stomp for the win.

I absolutely hate the idea of Seth, having personal security. How can anyone be a believable threat if he is a wrestler, who needs two goons to cover for him. This is ridiculous and doesn’t help Rollins’ image before HIAC. I hope it doesn’t transfer onto SmackDown.

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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