Joining Total Divas Will Ruin Paige’s Career

From January 4th onwards, Paige and Alicia Fox will become part of the Total Divas cast. Since the recent commotion, surrounding Vince McMahon’s negative stand on reality-show stars, holding the Divas Title, this could turn out to be a catastrophic decision for Paige.

Total Divas is good news for Foxy. Alicia’s barely on TV and has no real value to the WWE at the moment, since she’s only the third craziest diva on the roster. Being on a reality show will at least give her something to do.

Paige, on the other hand, should have never accepted to join this show. There’re so many reasons to back up my position that I don’t even know where to being.

First of all, there is no way that Paige will have a shot at the Divas Championship again if she’s on Total Divas. I guess by now everyone’s heard about Vince McMahon’s rule, which says that he will not put the belt on a reality-show contestant. It would apparently affect badly the image of the company. It’s a bit bizarre to have such a rule and put almost every diva on the roster on Total Divas at the same time. But, I guess, divas bring more money that way.

The only women still off the show are AJ, Emma, Tamina and Layla. Aj’s the champ. Tamina’s injured. Layla’s at an age where she’s considering retiring from wrestling, rather than titles. And Emma stole an ipad case from Walmart. This leaves the WWE with one suitable diva for a champion and that’s the current Divas Champion – AJ. However, they still have NXT and the female talent there is more than promising, starting with Rick Flair’s daughter Charlotte. So while Paige is pool partying in Brie Mode on Total Divas, she can kiss the Divas Championship goodbye as The Queen and the Black Widow battle for it.

Even if the “McMahon rule” turns out to be just a rumour, Total Divas still remains detrimental to Paige’s career. The Brit has built her entire legacy until now on the anti-diva gimmick. Here are a couple of short promos that Paige did on NXT not so long ago, explaining the meaning of being an anti-diva.

Paige used to stand for everything  that Total Divas represent and her fans loved her for that. Now, she’s turning her back on all that ever made her different. Yes, Paige will still keep her British accent and  her pale skin but looks will not be enough to keep her on top of the Divas Division. This is just sad.

The pay-checks that the Total Divas stars get must be exceptionally hefty since Paige agreed to sell out the core of her character for that. This is something that the fans will not forgive easily. It’s very unlikely that Kane will recover his demonic image after the Authority storyline and his legacy has been building for years. The audience barely knows Paige and she’s already spitting on what they noticed her for. Don’t expect the fans to buy her anti-diva talk if she’s ever to turn back to it. And it is a shame because it was a great gimmick.

I firmly stand behind the opinion that Total Divas is a quicksand pit that will consume Paige’s career faster than she could ever imagine. Let’s hope for her that the decision she’s made’s worth it.

What do you think about Paige being on Total Divas? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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