WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 23/10/2014

The Ascension vs. Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan

Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan were hyped, aggressive and eager to fight. Jason Jordan started the match against Viktor with all the confidence in the world but it didn’t take long before he found himself taking a beating from the Ascension.

The Ascension were absolutely dominating. The audience was firmly behind them too. The crowd cheered while Konnor was decimating Jason Jordan in the corner. They even asked for ONE MORE TIME.

Tye Dillinger didn’t even get to fight. The moment he tagged in he got dragged in by the Ascension and got taken out with the Fall of Man. This put an end to the match.

While the Ascension were celebrating their victory, Hideo Itami rushed to the ring and launched an attack on the duo all by himself. As the few previous weeks, Itami got viciously stomped on by The Ascension and then hit by the Fall of Man.

I feel that this might be leading to Hideo Itami getting a partner to fend off the Ascension. Could Finn Balor be the force needed to counter the animalistic fury of Konnor and Viktor? I think Kenta and Prince Devitt is a duo, which most fans haven’t even dreamt of.

CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze was meant to fight Mojo Rawley but since Prince Pretty injured Mojo’s shoulder last week, CJ Parker volunteered to face the Gorgeous One.

Tyler Breeze demonstrated incredible athleticism. Every move he did was beautifully executed and that has nothing to do with him being Prince Pretty. Breeze has gotten so much better recently with this newfound aggression.

CJ Parker had a longer match for once so he was determined to make the most of it. He used a moment when Breeze was arguing with the referee to attack and turn the match around. It was so weird seeing Prince Pretty in a face-like position. I can’t say I hated it though.

Mojo came to the ring, holding his injured shoulder. He just stood there, staring angrily at Tyler Breeze. Breeze seemed to be a bit distracted at first but then pulled the Beauty Shot out of nowhere and pinned CJ Parker.


While leaving the ring, the Gorgeous One didn’t look a single bit concerned about Mojo Rawley. Breeze just mocked his injury and left with an arrogant smile on his face

It’s just a pleasure watching Tyler Breeze wrestle. Say what ever you want but the technical smoothness and the athleticism in his in-ring work really is gorgeous. It’s a shame that the WWE didn’t put up a highlights video for this match.

The Vaudevillains vs. Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake

The Vaudevillans debuted a new song – much slower and grimmer. The fans welcomed them warmly. It’s always nice to hear the NXT Universe come up with creative chants – THAT WAS MANLY is one of those.

Team Thick actually showed a potential of becoming a real tag team. Murphy and Blake haven’t been together for more than a couple of weeks but they already showed some good double combinations. Theirs singles performance was nice too. Wesley Blake’s flying forearm was impressive.


The Vaudevillains, however, were flawless. Their team work has grown so fluid that it baffles me that they still haven’t held the NXT Tag Team titles. The speed and the timing of The Gentlemen’s Congress – the finisher they used to win the match, is exemplary of their quality as a team.

I hope that this new victory moves The Vaudevillains straight to the front line for a championship opportunity.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley demanded this match after the attack she suffered in the hands of the Boss.

The crowd was on Bayley’s side, chanting for her from the very beginning. She didn’t disappoint in her performance either. Sasha Banks just couldn’t get a breather. Bayley was all over her. That’s until the Boss caught her with a boot.

Once Sasha Banks was in control, she showed her mean streak. It wasn’t enough for the Boss just to beat Bayley. She had to slap her and mock her, and sit on her. Bayley finally got back some of her momentum but got stopped in her tracks by the Bank Statement, which gave Sasha the win.

After the match, Banks decided to beat up the helpless Bayley but Becky Lynch came out and chased the Boss away. Becky gave Baley a hug and then attacked her from behind. Afterwards, Lynch joined Sasha Banks and raised her hand in victory.

This heel turn was teased last week in that backstage segment between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I don’t see why Sasha can’t exist as a heel on her own. She seems to always need a bff to help her with her bullying.

Titus O’Neil vs. Adrian Neville

It was a championship match and the Champ was at an obvious size disadvantage. However, Neville did much, much better against Titus than Sami Zayn did a week ago.

The matched followed roughly the same routine as Zayn vs. O’Neil but the champion was much feistier. One of the closest parallels between the two matches was the violent bear hug that Titus applies. Sami last week was almost lifeless, just painfully hanging in his grip. Adrian Neville, on the other hand, was frantically trying to break free for a while before he stopped struggling ad then Titus tossed him like a doll on the side. Both times it looked visually intimidating.

Titus was taking his time, mocking the champion and toying with him. Neville wasn’t going to have that. Even when he was barely standing, he would find a way to counter O’Neil. Adrian Neville is just an overall great performer.

Titus was so vicious that the referee had to pull him away from Neville. The Champ used that opening to quickly shift the momentum, climb the top rope and land the Red Arrow to retain his title.

Neville was celebrating on top of the ramp when the OLE OLE OLE chants notified him that Sami Zayn was behind him. Zayn congratulated his friend and told him that he was now on a mission to get the NXT title. Adrian Neville readily agreed to give him a title shot whenever and wherever he wanted. The two exchanged threats, regarding the title changing hands with smiles on their faces. On his way out, Neville told Zayn that he’s not concerned because everyone knows that Sami “can’t win the big one”.

The feud between Zayn and Neville will be the clash between the two top stars of the NXT before they get sent to the main roster, tightly followed by Tyler Breeze. I, myself, am planning to enjoy their matches in developmental for as long as I can because we never know what fate awaits them on the main roster where drama overrides skills.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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