WWE Hell in a Cell: Match Card and Last Minute Predictions

With Hell in a Cell looming over us, let’s have a look at the card and discuss the final picks!

Match Card

  • AJ Lee vs. Paige (Divas Championship)
  • Rusev vs. Big Show
  • Sheamus vs. The Miz (United States Championship)
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro (2-out-of-3 Falls, Intercontinental Championship)
  • Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella (Loser becomes the winner’s personal assistant)
  • The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust (Tag Team Championship)
  • Randy Orton vs. John Cena (Hell in a Cell)
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell)



AJ Lee vs. Paige

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_AJ_PAIGE_HOMEAJ retains without a doubt. That’s probably the easiest prediction to make for Hell in a Cell.

Paige has only grown weaker as an opponent since Night of Champions. She now needs a crazy sidekick to do her job. That’s always a step down. Especially, when both of them can’t stand up to one single 115lbs woman. Also, Paige has become a typical cowardly heel, who avoids getting into an altercation, unless her opponent is already down. Oh, yes, and by the way, she is joining Total Divas in January.

Let’s not forget the new Survivor Series promo, which shows AJ, still holding her title. The WWE doesn’t care about spoilers apparently.

 Rusev vs. Big Show

20141023_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_Show-Russev_HOMEThis one is a no brainer too. Rusev’s reign of dominance is going to continue after Hell in a Cell.

Although the Big Show has shown great enthusiasm and determination in his new patriotic role, he is going to fall. Rusev is being groomed for something much bigger. It doesn’t make any sense to invest so much time and money in him, just to feed him to the Big Show with nothing real on the line. Rusev will become a champion of some sort before he tastes his first defeat.

If the WWE is concerned with preserving the Big Show’s credibility (which they probably aren’t), they can just have Mark Henry screw him over. Have the World’s Largest Athlete on the brink of winning and then have the World Strongest Man come out and attack him. Jealousy is a dangerous feeling. It would follow naturally from Henry’s heel-like attacks on Bo Dallas and his involvement in the Big Show/Rusev segment last week. It’s true that we’ve seen Henry vs. Show before but they both have absolutely nothing else to do so it’s not such a bad idea.

Regardless, Rusev is not losing. Whether it is by submission or by DQ, The Bulgarian Brute is leaving Hell in a Cell with a victory.

Sheamus vs. The Miz

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_Smaus_Miz_HOMEThis is one of the hardest matches to call.

Whatever happens, will happen because of Mizdow. This makes the outcome so unpredictable.

I’ll place my bet on Sheamus retaining. There are two reasons for that.

First, the kickoff of Hell in a Cell will be the first edition of Mizdow TV. I expect this, as any other talk show to be ever held in a WWE ring, to end badly. I can see the real Miz getting jealous of the attention that his stunt double gets from the crowd. Also, Sandow’s voice is going to be heard and that won’t appeal to the A-lister.  This could lead to the Miz belittling or even attacking Mizdow. Following that Mizdow will turn on the Hollywood Star and cost him the US Championship.

Second, dropping the US Championship would leave Sheamus without a storyline. Although Miz and Mizdow both would benefit from a title around their waist, they’d at least have their rivalry. Sheamus will have nothing. If The Celtic Warrior retains, I can picture Rusev, who would have already beaten the Big Show, coming out and demanding a title shot. Lana would say that he’s crushed everybody that America has put up against him, so he deserves the US Championship. This actually would be true, by the way. The only issue with that it is, that the US Championship, being a midcard title, feel a bit anti-climactic for Rusev’s mega push. Then again, it is logical.

However, if Miz does win, it will be only thanks to Mizdow and will lead to Sandow becoming a champion in the end of the line. That’s a prize that’s overdue.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC__HOME_zigglercesaro-logos.0.0_standard_730.0I’m struggling to pick a winner here even more than I was in the Sheamus/Miz match.

It’s mainly because both superstars are so good in the ring. There’s no actual storyline here. It’s just a face-off between two amazing wrestlers, who want to prove who’s better.

Ziggler has been a great champion. He deserves a longer title run than that, for sure. After his outstanding performance as an Intercontinental Champion and the way he connects with the fans, stripping the belt off him and throwing him into midcard purgatory once again, without direction, is simply unfair.

Then again, the same could be said for Cesaro. The Swiss Superman is a heel but is still well liked. His natural strength and technical work are top class. He was so close to breaking out as a star on a few occasions (Real American break up, Paul Hayman guy) and he got pulled back every time. His fans have the right to be upset too.

For me, the decisive factor in this match will be Wade Barrett. Before being taken out with a shoulder injury in June, Bad News was the Intercontinental Champion, remember? He’s expected to return by December, probably for the European tour in November. The question is whether he’ll be a face or a heel. He’s been mostly a heel so chances are he’ll return as a face and challenge the current champion for the title.

That and the fact that no other championship seems to be about to change hands at the event, I’ll go with Cesaro on this one.

However, I personally would like to see Ziggler retain because he’s been one of the best workers in the company for years and he’s been disgracefully underappreciated. So, from an emotional point of view, I’d be more than happy to see my logical choice being proven wrong.

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_Bire_Nikki_HOMEEveryone seems to be going for Nikki here but I personally think that Brie is a much more logical choice.

Yes, Nikki is a heel and the role of a bully will fit her better. However, Brie has been targeted and tortured by her sister for a month now. Another month of that would be just boring.

However, the main reason for picking Brie over Nikki is the catch in the stipulation.  If the loser does not want to carry out her duty as a personal assistant, she will have to quit. Brie has already quit once. Nikki hasn’t stopped bullying Brie over the fact that she was a “quitter”. Wouldn’t it be a perfect revenge if Nikki was made to quit?

I’m positive that Brie’s going to go over Nikki at Hell in a Cell.

The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC__HOME_tag2_logosI’ll have to be boring here and say that Gold & Stardust will retain.

I’ve said it before – those are the two best teams in the WWE at the moment and their matches never fail to deliver.

The Usos were champions for a very long time. Gold and Stardust just won the titles a month ago and haven’t had any big title defenses since then. It would look bad if they dropped the championship now.

There’s no other real reasoning behind this prediction. There are no other tag-teams currently on the main roster to step up to the plate. The feud between the Usos and Gold & Stardust will continue until this changes.

Just at Hell in a Cell, the Cosmic Brothers are unlikely to lose, to quote Bo Dallas – “the power of the Cosmic Key”. It’s just too early.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_Cena_Orton_HOMEI swear, I want to go with Orton on this one so badly but it’s so difficult, knowing he’s facing Cena the Unstoppable. You know what, I am going to go with Orton!

The reason for that is that his turn has built up so nicely that he deserves a decisive win when he breaks from the Authority. Also, his feud with Rollins is already prepared. All this rivalry needs, is to become a game of cat and mouse between the #1 Contender and Mr. Money in the Bank. No one wants to see Rollins try to cash in on Cena. Last time someone did that, they ended up dressing up as different fictional characters every week and jobbing to everyone and anyone for months (my condolences to Sandow).

This prediction is quite bold because it deprives John Cena from his rubber match with Lesnar and throws him into a no storyline situation. It’s so hard to plan for Cena because no matter who I pair him up with in my mind, the opponent suffers in the long run, so I’m reluctant to draw Cena’s potential future. I just might jinx some unfortunate superstar.

Anyways, the Viper has done it before, he could do it again. The popularity that his “RKO out of nowhere” gained over the week, will help too. Going vrial promises raise of sales. Who knows, he could get lucky.

Thinking about it, I just placed my bet on a result that would have Cena lose at three consecutive pay-per-views. If my opinion cost anything, I’d probably get broke after writing this prediction.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

20141013_EP_LIGHT_HIAC_Ambrose_Rollins_HOMETo put an end to this amazing feud, The Lunatic Fringe needs to finally get his revenge.

The fans love seeing Ambrose vs. Rollins but the more impatient ones would soon start getting bored with the same two people, fighting over the same thing for months, regardless of how awesome their rivalry is.  Rollins will go on to feuding with Orton and after that to becoming a WWE Heavyweight Champion. I hope that Ambrose will feud with the returning Bray Wyatt after Hell in a Cell. His other options would be Cena or Kane and I don’t like either of those.

Although I predict Ambrose will win, I believe that Rollins will shine at Hell in a Cell. Ambrose will give us the Lunatic Fringe, locked in a cell, psychotic, demons unleashed, just using the steel to inflict pain. Rollins, however, will bring another type of extreme to the table. I can see those two getting on top of the cage and I expect to see Rollins fly. If there is one man on the roster at the moment, who would be willing to dive off a 20 ft (6.1m) high cell, that is Seth Rollins. If there’s man, who’d be willing to break his fall/go down with him, that is Dean Ambrose. I expect those two names to be solidified as Hell in a Cell legends this Sunday night.

What are your predictions for Hell in a Cell? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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