WWE Hell in a Cell – Results, Review and Analysis

Mizdow TV

I was hoping for a Mizdow turn but it wasn’t meant to happen on Sunday. Although Miz kept interrupting Mizdow and kept flattering himself on his “generosity” and success (at the expense of Mizdow), the stunt double never turned on the A-lister.


Quite the opposite, actually. Mizdow said that although technically he had pinned Sheamus on RAW, it was Miz, who inspired him so it was Miz’s win in the end. Sandow also called Miz “the best friend he ever had”. Miz returned Mizdow’s confession and they shared an emotional hug.


The Celtic Warrior interrupted that Hollywood personal moment with a video message, which was easily summarized in what Sheamus called “the trailer” – a Brogue kick to the camera.
It’s all hugs and love between the Miz and Mizdow but just wait until the A-lister starts losing. He’ll quickly forget his friendship with the stunt double and will belittle him until Sandow finally has enough and retaliates. And this will be awesome!

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

This segment was so short that I nearly missed it.

Bo Dallas came out, giving one of his usual BO style promos. When he claimed to be the New World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry just couldn’t help it and reacted with a head shake and a face palm.

There was no actual match. Well, technically there was because the bell rang but Bo wasn’t even allowed to get in the ring and take off his t-shirt first. Mark Henry just dragged him in, tore his clothes off and took him out with the World’s Strognest Slam.


After the match, Bo crawled to the bottom of the ramp, doubled in pain but still had the force to pull out a microphone. Bo told Mark Henry that he cheated to win and winners are never cheaters. So in the record book of life Bo was still 5-0 to Henry, because he Bolieved.

Bo was so dramatic – clutching his midsection in pain, making pauses in his sentences to gasp for air, struggling to sit up, the rugged remains of his ripped t-shirt still hanging on his chest. Honestly, I just wanted to give Bo a bro-hug, a candy bar and a cup of hot chocolate.

Mark Henry, on the other hand, just launched another attack on the helpless Bo Dallas, smashed him into the barricade violently and left him unconscious. How am I supposed to feel good about this?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro

Round 1: This first round was signified by exemplary old school wrestling. There was a lot of grappling on the mat and most of the action was grounded.


The highlight of this part of the match was The Cesaro Swing.   However, it wasn’t enough to take Ziggler out, Dolph rolled through and took the first pin.

Round 2: The second go was far more exciting than the first one.

Cesaro was dominating almost the entire time. Ziggler looked barely conscious. The fans were chanting LET’S GO ZIGGLER to get the champ going.

At one point, Cesaro hit Ziggler badly but “injured” his own arm in the process. Sicne then, the injured arm played a crucial part in the match.  Regardless if he was delivering a power bomb or a simple takedown, The Swiss Superman was showing that he was hurt.


Dolph tried to take advantage of the injury. The way Ziggler swung around Cesaro’s body I thought he was going for a Sleepr Hold but he modified it into a a submission lock to Cesaro’s arm. The Swiss Superstar was so close to the ropes but he refused to grab them and force Ziggler to release the hold. Instead, he climbed to the top rope with Dolph dangerously hanging on his arm and delivered a superplex. It looked amazing. The fans exploded in THIS IS AWESOME chants. The referee started a 10 count for both men.


Cesaro took too long to cover Ziggler so the champ kicked out. Dolph hit the Famouser but it wasn’t  enough. Cesaro hit his European Uppercut but the champ wouldn’t stay down. In the end, Ziggler pulled out the Zig Zag and won 2:0 against the Swiss Superman.


Although, I was rooting for Ziggler to win because he has been an amazing champion and he deserves a good run with the title, I felt bad for Cesaro. The Swiss Superman was thrown in two different feuds for two different titles in two consecutive months and he lost both of them. He never came off looking weaker than Ziggler. Cesaro always seems to have bad luck against Dolph.

Authority Backstage

Randy interrupted a conversation between Kane, Stephanie and Triple H to ask about Rollins’ whereabouts. Stephanie tried to coach The Viper and explain to him that he should channel his anger towards Cena instead. The Game called Seth “a kid” and completely excused his behavior. Randy wasn’t impressed.

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

This match was surprisingly better than the expected.

It started off slow in the beginning. The crowd even started a JBL chant at one point. This might have irked the Bellas because they upped their game notably after that.


Nikki was violent and aggressive. She wouldn’t miss an opportunity to add some spiteful hair-pulling to a power move.

Brie launched herself through the ropes on Nikki on the outside and then delivered a missile drop-kick from the top rope in the ring. Nikki kicked out of that and hit her sister with the Rack Attack. Brie made it before the 3 count.


Brie went for the YES lock and as usual, she did a terrible job. Remove that one move, and I wouldn’t have had anything significant to complain about. However, I cannot overlook the fact that Brie’s attempts to place anyone in this submission are just an insult to the move. Just for mutilating the YES lock, Brie deserved to lose this match.


Nikki hit a second RackAttack and pinned Brie.

I wanted Nikki to lose because I didn’t want to see another month of Bellas bullying but hey- the WWE could just show kids the Bellas interact and tell them “Don’t do that!” as part of their anti-bullying campaign.

The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust

In an overall amazing pay-per-view, this match felt a bit lost. It might be because we’ve seen this pairing way too many times and nothing new was added to the rivalry.

Don’t get me wrong, the match was good. The first half was very physical. This time it was Jimmy, who took a lot of punishment for his team and fell victim to Stardust’s crazy aggression. Jay came in as the hot tag and the Usos flew once again.


The highlight of the match was the superpelx in stereo that the Usos performed just before the end of the match. Following that, Jay was setting up to finish off Goldust, when Stardust kicked the back of his leg, behind the referee’s back.   Jay dropped Goldust and before Jimmy could do anything about it, Goldust had already won the match for his team.


The finale of the match was so quick that without the replay, it would have been easy to miss what actually happened. And the Usos have another opening to ask for a rematch.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

I was very surprised to see this match placed right in the middle of the event.

The audience started of pretty much dead silent. They booed Cena profoundly when he appeared to gain momentum. The LET’S GO CENA/ CENA SUCKS chants weren’t as strong as the usual but gradually got stronger as the match went on.

It wasn’t a bad match. Orton and Cena are both veterans and know each other so well. The only issue is that the audience knows their rivalry way too well. This apparently was the 85th pay-per-view match between the two. Excuse me, if I am a bit underwhelmed.

The Viper was dominating throughout the fight. He was the first one to bring in a chair, a table and use the cell to hurt his opponent. Orton pulled of an RKO out of nowhere but Cena kicked out. Orton drove Cena through a table and Cena kicked out. Then Randy brought the steel steps in the ring too. Later on, he resorted to a dirty blow as well.


Cena gave the 5-knuckles shuffle to Orton on the steel steps and locked the STF but it wasn’t enough. It took 3 AAs, the last one through a table, for Orton to lose the match.


It wasn’t a surprise that Cena won. I was rooting for Orton but it makes sense that Cena will finish his feud with Lesnar. He needs a rubber match against the Beast. Also, Cena losing at 3 consecutive pay-per-views would have been unheard of. Orton will unfortunately just have to deal with the consequences. Probably, the loss is going to trigger a snarky response from the Authority and will instigate Randy’s separation from them.

Big Show/Mark Heny Backstage

It was a very short backstage footage, showing Big Show getting ready for his match with Rusev and promising Mark Henry food after the show.

Sheamus vs. The Miz

As predicted, Mizdow was the highlight of the match. His acting adventures outside the ring, attracted more attention than the action in the ring. Good for Sandow but too bad for the US title.

Miz tried to look aggressive and did better than the ususal. However, Sheamus was miles ahead of him in terms of in-ring work. The Celtic Warrior did what he could with the opponent he had. It resulted in a decent match.


The match followed the usual routine. Miz was getting picked apart by Sheamus, while Mizdow was doing his stunt-double business on the outside. One moment that could be important is that at one point Miz tried to use Mizdow as a shield outside the ring but Sheamus just evaded him and Miz somehow ended up punching Mizdow in the face. Miscommunications of this sort could break the duo at any moment.


Miz was actually on a roll at one point. The audience reacted to that with loud MIZDOW’S AWESOME chants. Then Sheamus overpowered Miz decisively. The crowd cheered as the Celtic Warrior was getting fired up. Before Sheamus could finish Miz off, Mizdow jumped on the apron, screaming CUT. This saved Miz for the time being because by the time the ref finished dealing with Sandow, Sheamus had rolled Miz over and was sitting at least on a 5 count already.

In the end, the Miz dove from the top rope onto Sheamus but got intercepted by a Brogue midair and didn’t get up after that.  HIAC14_Photo_195-3876424405

After the match, the three men provided some light-hearted fun. Sheamus was toying with Miz’s lifeless body and Mizdow, instead of helping the A-lsiter, was mirroring Miz’s positioning. It went so far that the Celtic Warrior actually started a YMCM chant, using a half-dead Miz as a dancing puppet. Before leaving, Sheamus gave a second Brouge kick to the Miz. What got me was that after this, instead of checking up on the Miz, the referee checked on Mizdow. I don’t even know if this was intentional but it was hilarious.

Nikki and Brie Backstage

So Nikki has already begun bullying Brie. We saw Brie carrying her sister’s luggage and booking dinner for her. Then Nikki took the smoothie that Brie had made for her and poured it over her sister’s head. Then she order Brie to make her another one and drove off, which looked a bit strange. Where is Brie supposed to bring that new smoothie again?

Big Show vs. Rusev

Lana opened the match with a short promo and asked the audience to rise for the Russian anthem.  The anthem never played, instead, it Big Show’s theme hit.

In the first seconds of the match the Big Show started off strong but that was just about it. He was too slow and clumsy compared to Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute quickly got the Giant to his knees and started working on his leg. Big Show’s left leg twisted in ways that looked unnatural.


Rusev demonstrated monstrous strength and delivered a superplex to the Big Show. Then he went for the Accolade but the Big Show countered with a submission of his own. Lana quickly ran to his side to cheer him on and the Super Athlete got to the ropes, forcing a break.


Mark Henry came out to cheer for the Big Show. Henry seemed to want to get involved too but Show told him not to. Rusev superkciked both of them and then put the Big Show in the Accolade. That brought the Bulgarian Brute another tap-out win.


Rusev got a clean and deserved victory. He was better in the ring and he won, despite Mark Henry’s interference.  I’d say he’d go after Sheamus now but the US title seems under the level of momentum that Rusev has at the moment.

Dean Ambrose Promo

I was happy to see one of those Ambrose promos from what the Shield would have called “an undisclosed location”.

He was in a mood, talking about Walking Dead zomibes having sex with Dracula’s grandma to produce Seth Rollins. Yeah, I can’t recreate that one fully but it was totally fell under the bizarre section.

AJ vs. Paige w./Alicia Fox

The highlights of this match weren’t in the ring. What made an impression on me wasn’t the way the two women wrestled but the way they fought outside.


AJ and Paige took the fight to the outside and used the barricade to get brutal. Paige climbed on the barricade, holding AJ but the champ swept her legs and the Brit took a nasty fall.

The champ went back to the ring, while the referee was counting to 10. To avoid a count-out, Foxy threw Paige back in too. However, AJ applied the Black Widow on Paige, the moment she was back in. The Brit had to tap out.


Paige wasn’t happy and took it out on Alicia. That was a short-lived friendship.

I read recently a quote from an interview with AJ where she was saying the Paige and her had tried pushing for a Hell in a Cell match for them, but the WWE refused. However, I applaud both of them for the idea and I like how they are taking the fight outside the ring. This should be done more often.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins.

This match was AMAZING! I get excited just thinking about it.

The package for the Ambrose/Rollin rivalry was epic. Seeing Seth’s betrayal hurts every time.

Dean Ambrose came out with a kendo stick on his back, looking like the Highlander on a mission. He entered the cell and started filling up the ring with chairs, tables and other stuff. Then he climbed on top of the cell and started waving the kendo stick around, just begging for Rollins to get out. That’s what I call an entrance!


Seth came out with his two new best buddies – Mercury and Noble. He seemed to want to climb to the top of the cell too, despite his security’s attempts to talk him out of it. However, he changed his mind midway and sent his two goons instead. They weren’t excited about it but Ambrose applauded them for the effort when they got to the top safely.

Rollins tried to sneak in and used while Ambrose was distracted by Mercury and Noble. It almost worked but then the Lunatic Fringe got rid of both bodyguards and went after Rollins, who was climbing down, trying to escape. Dean caught up with him midway down. This led to the biggest spot of the night. The two men exchanged blows and then following a head-butt from Ambrose, both of them fell down, crashing through the two announce tables.


The stretchers were out and the fans were screaming THIS IS AWESOME before the match had even begun. It was insane. Rollins was writhing in pain, while Ambrose was non-responsive, barely blinking. The image was stunning.


However, The Lunatic Fringe got back to his sense, struggled off the stretcher, dragged Rollins back to the cell and order the door to be locked.

The match that followed was on the same level of epicness. Before starting the decimation inside the cell, Ambrose sat on a chair, looking at Rollins crawl and yelled at him: “Now you pay for it, Seth! You stabbed me in the back, you son of a bitch!”. And then there were chairs, sticks and steel. One of the best spots was when Ambrose dived off the top rope, driving Rollins through a table on the outside. It looked painful for both men.


Ambrose was torturing Rollins, using the steel of the cell when Kane appeared out of nowhere and sprayed a fire extinguisher in his face. This led to Rollins taking over and driving Ambrose through a table. Then he curbstomped him but Ambrose survived.

After that they both lost it. Seth was screaming, smashing Dean with a chair violently. Dean went full crazy and brought in cinderblocks.  He was about to crubstomp Seth’s face through them when the lights went off.


A sentence said in a tongue, reminiscent of the language of Mrodor kept repeating itself in the darkness. When the lights went back on, Ambrose looked shocked, backed up in the corner and in front of him, in the middle of the ring ,there was a lit lantern. It was covered in smoke and a blinking hologram of Bray Wyatt appeared. Then the real Eater of Worlds barged in and took Ambrose down. Then it was dark again. When the lights went back on, The Lunatic Fringe came face to face with the spiderwalk and got slammed violently into the mat.


Rollins looked absolutely freaked out. When he crawled towards Ambrose I thought for a second that he was going to try to save him from Bray. I probably have some old associative reflexes left from the Shield times. However, Seth just picked up the win and ran.


Bray delivered a Sister Abigail to Ambrose and stood over him as the crowd roared in a mixed reaction.

The main event was amazing from end to end. It was surreal. If you haven’t watched it, my advice is to go and watch it online. If you can’t find a link, comment or message me, I’ll give you one.  You should not miss the opportunity to see this!

It was a brilliant ending to the event. This outcome allows Ambrose and Rollins to move on to different things without actually putting an end to their feud. Ambrose get the opportunity to face Bray Wyatt, which is a dream feud for many. The war of words will be unforgettable! And when all of this is over, Ambrose and Rollins can get back to fighting each other. Also, Reigns will be back and the WWE will have the opportunity to do what they were planning to do with the three of them when Reigns got injured.  The near future looks bright, guys!

Did you find HIAC as awesome as I did? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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