WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis from 28/10/2014

Miz TV ft. The Usos

The fans opened the show with MIZDOW chants and boos to the Miz.

As the A-lister was ranting about the Usos’ cheat-win on RAW, I couldn’t help t but think about the Miz’s natural aptitude for being a heel. Seriously, nobody likes the Miz. I think nobody liked the Miz, ever. His ability to draw in the fans’ hatred undeniably plays a role in Mizdow’s recent rise in popularity. Without taking anything away from Sandow, we need to give some credit to the Miz for being so incredibly easy to hate.


The A-lister called the Usos out to ask them about their behavior on RAW. Jimmy and Jay weren’t interested in answering the host’s questions, as much as they were in annoying him. The twins started mimicking first – each other, and then – the Miz.  This got the A-lister fuming, so he demanded a  sequel, or in normal terms- a rematch.


The segment featured four grown men, teasing each other by playing the mimicking game. If you step back and look at it with unbiased eyes, it is utterly ridiculous and not in a good way. It’s the second week in a row that the WWE has the Usos play a central role in nonsense reality shows. I don’t like it when the Usos are being used as comedy relief. Jimmy and Jay are better than that and have built too much credibility to be in segments like this one.

The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

This match revolved around telling a story, rather than fighting. There weren’t many high spots or fast-paced technical exchanges, as the ones we’re used to see in the Usos/Cosmic Brothers matches. The action was close to none with the Miz, holding the Usos down and slowing down the pace to fit his more grounded wrestling style.

The attention fell on the relationship between the A-lsiter and his stunt-double. The fans were constantly cheering Mizdow and booing the Miz. The A-lister didn’t appreciate it and as result he didn’t want to tag his partner, so Mizdow spent most of the match on the apron, practicing his mimicking.

Miz’s mistreatment of Mzidow didn’t end there. When Jay dove over the top rope to hit the Miz, the A-lister pushed his stunt-double in the way. It’s amazing how Mizdow’s not getting tired of being used. But don’t worry, the revolt will come one day.

In the end, the events of RAW were repeated all over again. Mizdow entered the ring to save the match, the ref got distracted and although the Usos almost got caught, they switched places, which led to Jay pinning the Miz.

It’s just a matter of time before the A-lister starts blaming his stunt-double for losses like this one. I’m starting to believe that Mizdow won’t turn on his mentor.  It will be the Miz who’s going to betray his stunt-double out of jealousy.

Page vs. Natalya w./Tyson Kidd on Commentary

This week Natty and Tyson switched roles with Natty, being in action against Paige.

Throughout the match the commentators were picking Tyson Kidd apart. Tyson is so disliked for being “Natty’s husband” that even JBL turned face, just to annoy him with questions about the life of a whipped man.

While Paige was dominating, Tyson couldn’t care less. Natty looked out a couple of times but her husband was too busy boasting about his close relationship with members of the Heart Dynasty to pay attention.

Paige was trying to be disturbingly erotic. She tried her usual sexy crawl on top of her opponent but when she didn’t get any whistling going, she took it to another level and licked Natalya’s face. This also got no reaction whatsoever not only from Tyson Kidd, but from the audience as well. The final straw was when Paige pulled one of her own extensions out and started whipping Natalya with it. The crowd remained dead. This comes to show how low Paige’s popularity has dropped. When she moved up to the main roster from NXT, the fans, for once, knew who she was and chanted her name. Less than half a year later, she gets no reaction whatsoever. Also, Paige is trying too hard to get attention, which makes her look desperate.

The victory came to Paige’s hands after Natalya failed to lock the Sharp Shooter and Paige rolled her up for the 3 count. Tyson Kidd entered the ring and lovingly tapped his wife on the head. No kiss, no hug, just petted her like a dog.

I don’t know where this storyline is going. It seems like the answer is nowhere. This is not good for Tyson or Natalya.

Luke Harper Vignette

After Bray Wyatt made his presence known at Hell in a Cell, now it’s Luke Harper’s time to come back. A new vignette played to hype his return.


This video showed only his crazy eyes and the creepy “piecing myself together with pieces of you” idea from the previous one.

Bo Dallas vs. Sheamus

On his way to the ring, Bo announced that since he’s unable to be on both Team Cena and Team Authority, he’s offering himself to “whoever Bolieves”. I like that. It’s only natural to think that Bo would go on the heel team but since Bo believes he’s a face, he wouldn’t mind being on Team Cena. What’s worrying me is that maybe no one will want Bo on their team. That would be just sad.

At the start of the match, Bo was overjoyed and was throwing exaggerated and very premature celebrations after every successful move he made, from a throw to a dropkick. The pace picked up when Sheamus overpowered Bo and put an end to his triumphant overacting.

Bo’s demeanor switched the moment things stopped going his way. He got angrier and more aggressive. In the end, he exchanged slaps with Sheamus, which according to JBL “inspired” the Celtic Warrior and Sheamus brogue kicked Bo for the victory.

I think the WWE is testing BO. A few weeks back he had a match with the IC Champion and now he had a match against the US champion. They might be trying him out in longer matches to see if he’ll do well enough to be considered for a title run. Either that, or he’s the WWE’s top midcard jobber. I hope for Bo’s sake that it’s the first.

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in the comment  section, on FB or Twitter!


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