WWE Returns – Who’s Coming Back When: Ryback, Curtis Axel, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns


The Big Guy made his return on RAW against Bo Dallas. Ryback had been out of action since the end of august due to a
hernia surgery.

Apparently, the WWE opted for giving Ryback a singles face run because the roster is thin on face superstars. This decision was undoubtedly reinforced by the fact that before his injury, the Big Guy had gained a lot of popularity amongst the fans.

However, after the internet hype around the WWE’s plans for Ryback, I think, his return didn’t live up to the expectations.

I like Bo Dallas and I was excited to see the Big Guy come back strong and refreshed. Even so, when I heard Ryback’s music hit, my reaction was flat. It felt very anti-climatic.

No significant changes seem to have been made in Ryback’s look or gimmick. The match was too short and characterless. The whole return was void of emotion or excitement. It would possibly translate into a declarative sentence in the lines of: “I’m Ryback, I’m back and I’m a face”.  Ryback didn’t even get to give a promo after squashing Bo Dallas.

If the WWE wanted to build the Big Guy as an engaging face character and envisioned him as a main event material, they would have put a bit more effort in booking his return.

Curtis Axel


Talking about anti-climatic returns, Ryback’s former tag-team partner – Curtis Axel, didn’t even get to come back during a televised show.

Imagine how insignificant Axel must be to the WWE, if his return didn’t even make it to the televised part of Main Event. It was a dark match in between the Main Event and the SmackDown taping this week. Axel fought Kofi Kingston and lost.

I’m afraid that, although Axel is a former Paul Heyman guy, his future doesn’t look bright.

Daniel Bryan


Unfortunately, Daniel Bryan’s future looks grim too.

During the SmackDown taping, the Big Show announced to the audience that Bryan will need another elbow surgery. The segment might not be included in the TV version of the show.

Not a long time ago, I wrote about the possibility of Bryan needing a Tommy John’s surgery. Big Show’s segment on SmackDown seems to confirm that. This is bad, really bad. The procedure is very serious and puts Daniel Bryan’s career in danger.

There’s no schedule for Bryan’s return to the WWE. It worries me because most superstars are concerned about losing their contract with the company, while DB’s in danger of losing his ability to wrestle altogether.

I sincerely hope Bryan will recover and it will be as soon as possible.

Roman Reigns

On a brighter note, Roman Reigns is doing very well and he’s set to return soon.

Apparently he’s been booked for the Royal Rumble in January and judging from his latest interview he’ll feud with Rollins then.

I can imagine Roman coming in as one of the last numbers in the Rumble, winning it and going after Seth Rollins. Rollins would have cashed in his MITB briefcase on either Cena or Lesnar (whoever comes on top in their title match) the same night. This will allow the two former Shield members to venture into a grudge feud, intensified by the biggest prize in the WWE, waiting at the end – the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Mania.  According to the latest rumours, this is going to end with a victory for the Roman Empire.

That being the latest plan for Reigns, I can already hear the internet wrestling community outrage. Roman, being groomed to become the next Top Guy, bothers many. The comparisons with Dean Ambrose will start pouring too. Guess what, Ambrose will be fine! He is unique and regardless of what others do he’ll always have a place in the top ranks of the company. Ambrose is just that good.

As for Reigns, I think that we should let things play out first, before eating the Big Dog for breakfast. It always amazes me how people work themselves up over things that haven’t happened yet and that could actually turn out better than expected. Reigns seems to be a genuinely nice guy and I like to approach things with an open mind. Let’s wait and see how he handles the spot he’ll be offered.

How do you feel about the WWE’s latest future plans? Which superstars are you most excited to see back in the WWE? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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