Randy Orton Pulled from the WWE UK Tour

It was reported today that Randy Orton won’t be a part of WWE’s UK tour in November, which starts next week.

The reason for Orton’s absence is that he needs to take a few weeks off to film “The Condemned 2: Desert Prey.”

The Viper was reportedly going to wrestle the retuning Chris Jericho on the tour. Apparently, Bray Wyatt will now be replacing Orton on all the events, starring Y2J.

I find this information bizarre as The Eater of Worlds has just started a feud with Dean Ambrose. It is true that before leaving on his FOZZY tour, Jericho was involved in a double storyline with both Orton and Wyatt and it makes some sense to go after them upon his return. However, I’d think that the Ambrose/Wyatt rivalry would have priority as a new and exciting territory, which hasn’t been explored yet.

I’ll be attending SmackDown on Nov 11 in Liverpool and I was excited to see the Wyatt/Ambrose feud develop in front of my eyes. Hopefully, Randy Orton’s acting duties won’t deprive me of that.

Has anyone else booked tickets for the WWE UK tour? Are you disappointed that Randy Orton has been pulled from all events? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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