WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 31/10/2014

This week’s edition of SmackDown was a Halloween party on its own. It featured sexy costumes, funny costumes, trick-or-treating, Halloween themed fights and AJ, instead of JBL, on commentary.

The Divas’ Halloween Battle Royal

This was a mash up of all the divas on the roster, dressed in Halloween costumes, fighting for the #1 Contender spot for the Divas Title. The participants were Paige (as Summer Rae/typical diva), Natalya (as Queen of Hearts), Naomi (as a solider), Summer Rae (as a schoolgirl nerd), Layla (as a clown), Emma (as Tarzan), Rosa (as a zombie /sexy/ nurse), Cameron (as a cop), Alicia Fox (as a firefighter) and Nikki Bella (as a black cat).


Brie was the only diva, who didn’t take part in this match because Nikki had sent her to pick up a Luis Vuitton bag from another city. If Brie had been there, she would have been in a Daniel Bryan costume.


The Battle Royal cleared up pretty fast.

  1. Naomi eliminated Rosa Mendes
  2. Natalya eliminated Summer Rae

It has to be noted that for te short period of time Summer was in the ring, she was particularly bad. She gave the impression that she was overacting without doing anything.

  1. Alicia Fox eliminated Emma

Emma was hanging on the ropes after she had just done the DilEmma, which made it easy for Foxy to get her first elimination.


  1. Paige eliminated Layla


Props to Layla for being extremely devoted to her costume. She seemed to be really into it, so much so that even her landing after the elimination was in character.

  1. Naomi and Natalya eliminated Cameron

It was obvious that this partnership was going to end quickly, having in mind that Naomi was on the wrong side of the ropes when she fought Cameron.

  1. Natalya eliminated Naomi
  2. Alicia Fox eliminated Natalya

I just wonder how come Tyson Kidd didn’t stand by the ring, dressed as Natalya’s cat. That would have totally matched the atmosphere.

  1. Alicia Fox eliminated Paige and herself


Foxy was like a bull, seeing red. The moments her eyes caught Paige, Alicia launched herself at her and the momentum threw them both through the ropes and out of the ring.

This left Nikki as the winner and the new #1 Contender for the Divas Championship, which is ironic, having in mind that Nikki had zero eliminations in the match.

It’s not hard to plan the future of the Divas Championship from here on. AJ will lose to Nikki, so that Brie can take it from Nikki after that. This will give meaning to the Bellas storyline and will change up a bit the title scene.

AJ and Paige’s feud has gone stale and it’s good that the WWE’s decided to move on. However, it worries me that both Bellas are horrendous talkers. Nikki and Brie gave a surprisingly good performance at Hell in a Cell but I’m not sure they can make a realistic storyline with their horrid overacting.

Kane/Seth Rollins segment

I’ve never seen Kane so happy. He was in the best mood ever because he was excited about Halloween and all the opportunities it provided him with – playing with blood of questionable origin and terrifying children, that is.  The way Seth’s facial expression changed while Kane talked was priceless. It went from a full-on smug smile to a “what the hell is this creep talking about” look.


The crowd booed Rollins passionately, so he all so innocently asked them “You’re booing me but, really, what did I do? No, what did I do?”. Before the fans knew it, they found themselves chanting YOU SOLD out under the directions of Seth Rollins. The way Rollins toyed with the audience was awesome. His interactions with the fans get cleverer every night. Great job!

Then Kane and Seth talked about Survivor Series and the fact that no one would want to be on Team Cena, since such affiliation would have consequences. Then they decided to make an example of the only man, who was brave enough to do that – the IC champion Dolph Ziggler.

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph was in a hurry to get the match over with early on but it didn’t work out well and it turned from a fight to a beatdown, delivered by Kane.

Ziggler used his speed to slip away from Kane’s grip a few times but got caught and overpowerd soon after that. He wasn’t allowed to gain momentum at all. Despite, Dolph’s desperate attempts to survive in this match, he lost after a chokeslam.


Obviously, a win was not enough for Kane. After the match, he delivered another chokeslam to Ziggler, causing a wave of raging boos. To top it off, Mercury and Noble, entered the ring and stomped on the fallen Ziggler. Then, they picked Dolph up and as he was hanging helplessly on their arms, barely conscious, Kane told him that he was going to have a match against Seth Rollins right now.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was no match at all. Ziggler couldn’t get up on his feet at all. Rollins just laughed and curb stomped him, which put an end to the torturing of Dolph for that night.

I am convinced now that Dolph Ziggler, is in fact the principle-bearer in the WWE. He might be the Show off but he is the most stand-up guy there. In every storyline, involving injustice, Dolp always ends up, challenging the oppressors.  I think Ziggler is the one who “shields the WWE from injustice” but it’s not in his character to make a poetic hero speech out of it.

Heath Slater vs. Ryback

Are Slator-Gator still together? Because Salter was all by himself and Titus is spending all his time on NXT.

Heath, dressed as a scarecrow, showed footage of himself being on the receiving end of an AA by Cena after RAW. I think, Slater was about to offer himself to Team Authority because he was upset with Cena’s actions but he got interrupted by Ryback.

The Big Guy wasn’t in a festive mood. He hadn’t dressed up for the occasion. Also, the moment the match started, Ryback was left with one of the scarecrow’s arms in his hand. Slater laughed and tried to explain that it was in the spirit of “trick or treat” and he had just tricked the Big Guy. The audience wooed with Slater as he celebrated his Halloween trick success.

Ryback didn’t appreciate the joke and ran over Slater. Heath got hit with a Shell Shock and lost the match.

I feel sorry for Heath Slater. I don’t even understand why he’s a heel. The people like him; he acts funny all the time. Really, he’s simply a jokester but definitely not a heel.

The Rosebud Segment

Adam Rose and the Exotic express were on a trick or treat quest. They stroke out with Gold and Stardust but got some candy from Sin Cara, dressed as a ninja turtle, before bumping into R Truth.

Truth first scared them with his ghost costume. Then he proceeded to deliver the meanest offense to Adam Rose with a smile on his face. Truth had the nerve to tell Rose that the Bunny definitely outstaged him so obviously that people would actually forget that Rose existed when the Bunny was around. I wouldn’t call myself a Rosebud but even I felt the pain when Truth kept pouring salt in the wound. He just wouldn’t stop! It was harsh.

An Adma Rose vs. the Bunny rivalry would be a cheap rip-off of the Mizdow vs. Miz feud that will eventually come.

Miz TV with Mark Henry

Mark Henry’s explanation to his actions is that, according to him, the Big Show was jealous. Henry believes that Show entered a feud with Rusev just to try to outshine him.

The World’s Largest Athlete didn’t wait too long before her crashed Miz TV. Mark Henry pushed the host and his stunt double in Big Show’s way so he could run away. However, Show caught up with him on the outside and they started to brawl.

This segment ended with Mark Henry breaking he barricade with the Big Show. On the bright side, for once, Miz wasn’t worst off after Miz TV.

A lot of people are complaining online about Mark Henry’s constant face/heel turns. However, I don’t mind it in this case. Mark Henry and the Big Show can create loads of destruction when they feud and destruction as what we want to see. Remember that segment that almost got Drew McIntyre killed?

Gold & Stardust vs. Los Matadores

The pre-match promo by the Cosmic Brothers seemed to suggest that they, like Bo Dallas, would go with whichever team wants them.  This seems to be a trend this year.

At first, I wasn’t into the match. I was sure it was just a filler because Los Matadores have been nothing but jobbers until now and winning a title opportunity seemed ridiculous. The fact that the commentators were too busy promoting Survivor Series to actually commentate, didn’t get my excitement levels up.

Los Matadores, though, impressed me. I’m usually critical of them but last night they had upped their game. There was almost as much flying as when the Usos are in action.

Gold and Stardust decided to pick up on El Torrito but El Torrito ended up taking Stardust out. Goldust got distracted and Los Matadores got a quick roll-up victory.

I admit, I did not expect that. I never thought in a million years that Los Matadores would have any chance of getting a title shot. Then again, the Usos can’t be the only contenders for the title ever and there are no other face teams in the WWE.

Rusev vs. Khali

All you need to know about this match is that Khali tapped out to the Accolade. Surprised? Yeah, me neither.

The commentators pointed out that Rusev has the habit of picking on giants. I think that’s actually a positive. That’s a heel, who’s not afraid to fight and I like that.

The line “Dropping monsters left and right is Rusev” just made my night.

After the match, Rusev and Lana announced that under directions from Mother Russia, they were now going to direct their attention to the US title.

Sheamus came out, saying that he takes pride in representing everything that the US Championship stands for. As the Celtic Warrior, approached the ring menacingly with the obvious intention to attack Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute remained ever the gentleman. He took the time to help Lana escape, which almost got him brogue kicked. Rusev managed to escape barely.

I could see this coming. It was only logical for Rusev to claim the US title since he had beaten everyone that America put against him.

Bray Wyatt Promo

How does one summarize a Bray Wyatt promo?! His language is so poetic that it shouldn’t be butchered by dry reviews. Here’s the footage:

What stroke me the most was the last line: “I thought that you’d just really like to know, Dean, that she still cries for you”. This is implying that Sister Abigail knows Ambrose. This storyline sounds so insane that I find myself wanting to know more and more. I just hope that this angle is well planned and won’t end up being another mystery that the WWE Creative doesn’t have an answer to. I don’t want another anonymous RAW GM disappointment.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

The Lunatic Fringe and the Swiss Superman faced off in a Halloween themed street fight and it was epic.

Dean Ambrose took a lot of punishment. Cesaro didn’t shy away from using weapons. There wasn’t a prop that these two  didn’t use. After kendo sticks, chairs, tables and pumpkins the audience started a WE WANT CANDY chant. Ambrose responded by beating Cesaro with a …skeleton. Yeah, a skeleton, which by the way ended  up being suplexed by Cesaro, alongside Ambrose.

In the end, the Lunatic Fringe won after putting a pumpkin on Cesaro’s head and hitting the Dirty Deeds. One Dirty Deeds wasn’t enough from Ambrose, so he delivered one more after the match.

Cesaro and Ambrose, if they ended up feuding for real one day, would make great rivals. The pay-per-view matches between them would be easy candidates for match of the year.

This week’s SmackDown was so entertaining that the WWE decided to release top 10 of the best moments of the night.

Did you like the Halloween edition of SmackDown? What was your favorite moment? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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