The WWE Network Delayed in the UK Once Again, Minutes Before Launch

The WWE Network was supposed to be launched in the UK today at 8PM GMT. Just 20 minutes before the announced time, at 7.39PM GMT the long-awaited launch was delayed yet again. The WWE posted the following on twitter:

The fans’ reaction was as bad as it could have been expected. Here are a few examples:

I have to say that, knowing that the WWE Network isn’t proving to be as profitable as expected, this botched launch is not going to do the company any favours.

The WWE Network has been struggling to hit 1, 000, 000 subscribers. The WWE registered a third-quarter loss of $5.9million. Offering November for free is a desperate advertising campaign, meant to save the WWE Network’s future. It’s disgraceful that the execution of it has been so poor, knowing that the UK is the home of one of the largest WWE communities in the world.

Are you disappointed with yet another delay of  the WWE Network launch in  the UK? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


6 thoughts on “The WWE Network Delayed in the UK Once Again, Minutes Before Launch

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    • Yeah, I totally agree! The WWE not only botched the WWE Network project in the UK but they also mishandled their PR strategy afterwards.I understand that issues do happen but if you’ve been hyping something for weeks and then decide to cancel it 20 minutes before the announced release time, it’s a matter of courtesy to at least give an explanation to the fans. This story is going to hurt the company financially and this is the last thing they need right now!

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