WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 03/11/2014

Vince McMahon /Triple H/ Stephanie Segemnt

Mr. McMahon opened RAW with a blockbuster announcement – if Team Authority loses to Team Cena, The Authority won’t be in power anymore.

And Jerry Lawler posed a very important question. If the Authority isn’t in power anymore, who will take their place? Are we set for a new regime to take over?

I have another thing on my mind as well. Did the handshake between Vince McMahon and Dean Ambrose mean anything? I think the last time we’ve seen Mr. McMahon give a blessing to someone, it was the Shield when they were an emerging heel group. However, with the Lunatic Fringe being a face, maybe Mr. McMahon has decided to come to the light side for a change and take back the control over his company.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Ambrose and Cesaro are quite a good match in the ring. Their fights are easy to watch and flow nicely.

The match started with some nice old-school technical wrestling at first. It didn’t take long until the fight spilled out to the outside, though. The barricade came into play and as a result Cesaro’s head started bleeding.

Dean Ambrose was in control until the lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared, sitting in his rocking chair on top of the ramp. Cesaro used the distraction to get his momentum going.

However, the Lunatic Fringe employed some biting, dove through the ropes and then finished Cesaro with Dirty Deeds.

Ambrose wanted to go after Bray but the Eater of Worlds retreated, using the lights-out trick again.

I enjoy this feud. Nothing essential has happened yet but I find myself intrigued and asking for more. That’s a good thing. Although there’s always that little worrying feeling in the back of my head, making me question whether the WWE Creative won’t screw this rivalry. It’s disturbing how much the WWE’s inconsistence has undermined my faith in their  ability to round up a story.

Stephanie/Triple H Backstage

The WWE’s power couple was concerned. Hunter wanted to call Randy Orton for help but Stephanie doubted him. Trips convinced his wife to give it a try.

Jimmy Uso vs. The Miz

The beginning of the match was marked by loud WE WANT MIZDOW chants. Mizdow is starting to respond to those and enjoy the attention more and more.  I guarantee you, Miz won’t be excited about it.

I was trying to watch this match seriously but with Mizdow mimicking the Miz and Jay mirroring Mzidow (or Jimmy) in the background wasn’t helping the cause. The match couldn’t have been above average though if I was so easily distracted.

In the end, the Usos got wrapped up in dealing with Mizdow’s interferences, which lead to Miz pinning Jimmy, following the Skull-Crushing Finale.

Putting up the Usos against the Miz and Mizdow is a nice change of scenery. The Tag Team Division needs this breath of fresh air.

Sheamus vs. Tyson Kidd

First of all, Tyson Kidd was on RAW. This is great for Tyson. I didn’t think that the Nattie’s husband gimmick would prove to be so useful.

Tyson actually looked good early on, dominating Sheamus. Later on the Celtic Warrior overpowered Kidd and took over, only to get counted out due to an interference from Natalya.


I can’t believe it, but Tyson Kidd actually got a victory on RAW. I’m impressed.

Well, he did get taken out with a Brogue Kick after the match but still, a win is a win.

The Authority/ Dolph Ziggler Segment

Triple H played the devil so well. He tried to convince Ziggler that if he was to join Team Cena and win, Cena would get the credit and if the team lost, Ziggler would be the one to blame. Then Triple H offered Ziggler everything. The deal was that Dolph would get literally anything he wanted, if he agreed to join the Authority.


The Show Off seemed to be struggling with himself for a bit but he still declined. I’m telling you, Dolph Ziggler is the moral pillar of the WWE! For a guy who’s been pushed down so long to resist selling out – Respect!

Unsurprisingly, this got Dolph put in a championship match against Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

I want to see Rollins vs. Ziggler matches on pay-per-views. There’s not a single occasion when those two have been together in the ring and haven’t delivered. The match was awesome and it progressed so nicely.

There were beautiful spot in and out of the ring. The fight was surprisingly clean for the largest part. That’s until Mercury and Noble got involved.

Dolph got hit with the Curb Stomp and was about to lose his title when Randy Orton just barged in the ring out of nowhere and RKOed Rollins.

I think the ref got surprised too because I didn’t hear a bell at all, although this was a blatant interference. Kane came out too and there was some chaos but what’s important is that Orton’s on a roll and Ziggler retained.

Triple H/ Stephanie/ Randy Orton Backstage

Stephanie was displeased with The Viper. She wanted him to cooperate with Rollins but Randy wasn’t amused either. He was angry and he wanted Rollins, so Triple H gave him the match he asked for.

Luke Harper Promo

Let me tell you, Luke Harper’s eyes vignette is one creepy video to watch. Nobody wanted to comment on it, even the commentators.


I don’t think Luke Harper will be a face, to be fair, but I do think he’ll be liked.

Titus O’Neil vs. Ryback

Titus tried to offer himself to Team Authority but got interrupted by Ryback. Sounds familiar? Yeah, Slator Gator might not seem to be a thing anymore but they get the exact same treatment anyways.

I was just about to note that Ryback was getting a longer match for once, when the Big Guy “finished it”.


After that win the authority seemed to be interested in Ryback but it’s the second week in a row that the Big Guy squashes people who want to join Team Authority. I don’t see the bosses getting him on their side.

The Big Show Promo

The World’s Largest Athlete was torn between wanting his friend back and wanting to knock out Mark Henry.

Also, the Big Show volunteered to join Team Cena. I don’t see the Authority going after him though. What’s this special attitude towards Ziggler?

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

This match was as physical as they get. There was smashing in and out of the ring.


The devotion to this feud was so strong that at one point, Big Show even climbed on the top rope. How often do you see that?

It’s a personal rivalry. Mark Henry wasn’t concerned about winning. He got himself DQ-ed by using the steel steps on the Big Show.


After the match, The World’s Strongest Man delivered the Wiorld’s Strongest Slam to the Big Show on the steps. The Authority were impressed backstage.

The Big Show and Mark Henry are a good pairing and lately they’ve been giving their all into their performance. Over the last couple of months, both of them have really been believable on the mic and I condone that.

Triple H/Stephanie Backstage

Triple H unsuccessfully tried to convince his wife that the match between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton was going to solve the issue.

Brie Promo

Well, at least it started as a Brie interview but it surely ended somewhere far away.

Nikki didn’t allow Brie to talk and rushed her to the ring.

The actual highlight of the segment came when as Renee was trying to close off the segment, Erick Rowan appeared behind her. He touched her hair and called her “pretty”.


The audience gave Rowan a nice pop. I’m so stoked. Rowan seems to be returning as a face –a child locked in a monster’s body. I like that!

Nikki vs. Emma w./AJ on commentary

The match wasn’t long but had a couple of nice spots.  My favorite was when Nikki countered the Emma-mite sandwich with a drop kick. Nikki won with the Rack Attack.


After the match, under Nikki’s orders, Brie slapped AJ. AJ went after Nikki but Nikki escaped.

It was clever to have Nikki win clean and then use Brie. This way Nikki looks strong but also gets heel points.

Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

Does this even count as a match? Rusev squashed Ryder Baron Corbin style. I barely saw Zack’s face.


After the match, Lana, Rusev and Shamus played out almost the exact same promo and response from SmackDown – the Russians, saying that they have an order from Russia to get the US title and Sheamus coming out to say he’s proud to be the US champ with Rusev, escaping.


The new announcement in the segment was that the US Championship match was going to happen on the WWE Netowrk after RAW goes off air.

This decision is a joke. I know the WWE wants to establish the Network but some fans don’t have the Network yet (until further notice) and rubbing it in our faces isn’t particularly nice….

Stephanie/ Rusev & Lana Backstage

Stephanie asked Rusev to join Team Authority. She implied that he owed her that for having given him a title shot. Lana said she was going to consult with Russia and come back to her.

I’m pretty sure this will bring Team Authority a Bulgarian Brute and Team Cena will automatically attract the Celtic Warrior.

Fernando vs. Stardust w./Miz and Mizdow on commentary

The action in the ring was of no importance because the ending was purely based on outside interferences.

Goldust took out Diego. El Torrito took out Goldust, who fell on Miz and Mizdow. They started arguing with Goldust, which distracted Stardust and that gave Fernando the opportunity to pick up a sneaky win.

I’m starting to think that it’s becoming dangerously realistic to see Los Matadores crowned as the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Hopefully, the Miz and Mizdow will get into a triple threat with them and win. Although, I don’t know exactly how many feuds The A-lister and his stunt double can carry at the same time.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton w./The Authority at Ringside

That was one angry match. The Viper wasted little time taking the fight to the outside and smashing Rollins in the announce table.

Rollins wasn’t going to back down and he dove through the ropes, taking Orton down. The fight was brutal and Triple H was losing it.

Randy hit a 2nd rope DDT but Seth just did a backwards slide and won in the sneakiest way possible. It made me laugh. Rollins is such a troll heel. No wonder Orton is furious.

The actual action happened after the match, though. Triple H asked Randy to make peace with Rollins. Orton seemed to do just that before he RKOed Seth.

Then the Authority’s army, consisting of Mercury, Noble and Kane attacked Orton and gave him a beating. Triple H wanted to stop them and tried to calm Randy down but The Viper just couldn’t hold it any longer and punched the Game in the face.

Rollins curb stomped Orton on the announce table, cutting his forehead open.  Triple H still wanted to save the Viper but got overruled by his wife and Seth delivered a second Curb Stomp, this time on the steel steps.

Now Randy Orton is officially written off TV with a keyfabe injury so he can film his new movie. I think the Curb Stomp has become the WWE’s official way out.

I like RAW this week because it was fast-paced and full of content. What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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