Vince McMahon Issues an Apology to the UK Fans and Then Deletes It

Earlier today, the WWE posted on their official website a video of Vince McMahon apologising to the UK fans about the delay of the WWE Network launch. The chairman, however, must have changed his mind about saying “sorry” because the video soon became unavailable…just like the Network in the UK.

This story is just playing with the patience of the UK fans. It is true that the Brits are known for the “Keep Calm and Carry on” motto but I think Mr. McMahon is walking a thin line here.

About an hour after @WWEUK tweeted out a link to the video, I tried to watch it but it wouldn’t play. Looking at the comments, I assumed it was my personal issue. Later on, I found out that this was a common problem and that the video had been pulled by the WWE.

As a journalist hound, I didn’t struggle much to find the content of the video. If you’ve missed the apology, here’s what Mr. McMahon said:

We appreciate your patience as we work through the details of the roll-out and potential partnerships.

On behalf of WWE, I want to personally apologize for the delayed launch of WWE Network here in the United Kingdom. There’s no one more important than each and every one of you in the WWE Universe, especially here in the United Kingdom where we shared so many great memories together.

I assure you that we are working day and night to launch WWE Network as quickly as possible and I promise that WWE Network will be well worth your wait.

Again, thank you for your understanding.

The talk about potential partnerships logically led to rumours about Sky being behind the delay. However, on Twitter Sky denied any involvement:

Good afternoon, Jordan. Thanks for the tweet 🙂 We understand that the WWE Network release date has been delayed and this isn’t a decision that we have made and instead it was made by the WWE. You can get some confirmation on this here on our Community Forum ( ). I appreciate that the delay is frustrating and would suggest directing any questions about it to the WWE themselves.

Whatever the reason, constantly being inconsistent is offensive to the audience. The WWE must take measures to stop toying with the UK fans.

Did you manage to watch the apology before it was removed?  What do you think of the video, being pulled? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Vince McMahon Issues an Apology to the UK Fans and Then Deletes It

  1. I have heard that is was supposed to be launched. But since its problems and partnerships. This is where the delay is going to start. I blame the partnership! Not the chairman


    • Well, I heard about the issues with Sky too. But although we might be finding out just now about those, the WWE management should have know and thought about them much earlier. Vince knew he had signed a contract with Sky until the end of 2014 and so giving Survivor Series for free as part of the free November deal, would clash with Sky’s interests. Also, the idea of entering a partnership with Sky and giving the UK fans a hybrid version of the Network, like the one in Canada, should have bee discussed and dealt with before any promises about the Network launch were made. The launch and the promotional offer didn’t pop up spontaneously one day, it was all planned in advance but apparently it wasn’t planned well. Even if we accept the notion that Sky screwed the WWE in the last minute, it’s still the WWE that will take the blame because Sky deny everything and the WWE end up unable to keep their word to the fans.

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