WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 04/11/2014

Stardust vs. Jay Usos

The match started off hot as Stardust attacked Jay before he managed to get ready. Soon after that, we had a flying Uso in action.

Stardust’s character made for the more memorable spots. This new gimmick has allowed Cody Rhodes to explore his artistic abilities to their full extent.  Stardust’s emotions varied from childish joy, through pitiful begging to animalistic anger. Jay Uso was as open and welcoming to the fans as usual.

Stardust dominated the match but in the end, Jay pulled a Superkick out of nowhere and got the win.

This was a standard good match between Jay and Stardust. It wasn’t unforgettable, by any means, but the two men did their job well and retained the attention of the audience.

It felt strange to not have Jimmy and Goldust around. I expected them to pop up from somewhere but they didn’t. They might have left for the UK Tour, like Byron Saxton, whose absence brought us JBL on RAW for a second week in a row.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya Backstage

Natty approached Tyson Kidd backstage to express her love and affection for him. She gave a long speech, proclaiming her support to her husband. Too bad, Tyson had his headphones on and didn’t hear a world of that.

I’m getting fond of Tyson Kidd’s extremely ridiculous outfit and face-palm douchey behavior towards Natalya. It’s actually fun.

Justin Gabriel vs. Curtis Axel

Last week Axel had a match in-between Main Event and Smackdown. This week he’s on Main Event. Who knows – next week he might even be on SmackDown!

Jokes aside, Curtis Axel showed some attitude last night. He was angry and aggressive. However, I still doubt he’ll catch on with the fans easily.

Justin Gabriel just didn’t stop jumping on and off the ropes. I’m sure he can be very entertaining, given the chance. High-fliers make up for the most spectacular visuals.

Gabriel’s fondness of heights cost him the match though. First, he hurt his own ribs by diving on the outside and then, Curtis Axel, pushed him off the top rope (onto the cameraman) and then pinned him.


It’s sad when you realize that both Axel and Gabriel are the less successful halves of two former tag-teams that derived from NEXUS. It’s been a long time since those two have had a taste of fame.

Sami Zayn Vignette

That’s one beautiful vignette to watch and by that, I don’t mean physical attractiveness or insane editing and effects. No, I’m talking about the video, consisting beautifully done wrestling moves.

I’m just worried that Sami Zayn won’t click with the fans on the main roster. He doesn’t have “the look” and his style will be toned down to fit the main shows’ pattern. I hope, I’m just being too pessimistic.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd

If I had turned the TV on at that exact moment, I would have sworn that it’s Thursday night and that I’m watching NXT. And that’s a good thing. Too bad the fans didn’t appreciate it.

The audience was dead. A portion of the fans tried to start Ole! Ole! Ole! , SAMI’S BETTER or LET’S GO SAMI chants. However, the energy was underwhelming. I felt bad for Tyson and Sami because they put on a good show.

The fight was intense. The pace was quick. And the two men had everything invested in the rivalry. We saw the face of Zayn’s resilience and Kidd’s arrogant heel persona. Still, the fans didn’t recognize those because most probably they don’t watch NXT.Even Sami Zayn’s Blue Thunder Bomb didn’t get the pop it deserves.

In the end of a splendid match, Tyson Kidd, grabbed Sami’s tights and left the ring victorious.

It bothers me when real talent in pro-wrestling gets overshadowed by looks and drama. Even though Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd put up a great match, a weak crowd reaction might sway the WWE’s plans for them in a negative way.

Xavier Woods Vignette

What on earth is that?! It looks like a gospel version of High School Musical!

This gimmick  in this video is the very definition of “stereotypical”. I don’t want to judge a book by its cover, though.  As a writer, I’m always curious to see where a character goes. I’d like to know why Xavier Woods was falling to the back, as if sick, being taken away by his caring followers just to run back to the front and try to talk/sing/preach again?

Whatever the answers are, it seems like the Smart Athletic Friends didn’t get a green light. Oh, well….

Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara

I don’t think anybody would be surprised by the outcome of this match. Although Sin Cara tried to pull off some sort of an offence and produced a couple of good spots, the Eater of Worlds just ran him over and finished him with Sister Abigail.

However, there’s something much more important than the outcome and that is Bray’s performance. Wyatt hasn’t been in the ring for quite a while, so finding out what shape he’s in, is something that’d spark up some interest. If we have to be perfectly honest, he’s not the most exciting wrestler but he makes up for it with in-ring psychology. Bray’s mannerisms have grown to another level of craziness. He has become even madder and then before and he is much more intense.

Shouting: “Don’t you quit on me, Sin Cara!”, while wearing down Sin Cara in a painful lock, was my top Bray Wyatt moment of the night.

I want to see Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose’s insanity clash. It won’t be pretty but it’s going to be epic on the mic and in the ring. It cannot come sooner!

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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