Who Is Hideo Itami’s Mystery Friend?

Last week on NXT, Hideo Itami /KENTA/ announced that he was going to bring a friend along to help him fend off the Ascension. With NXT’s next episode coming out tonight, the identity of Itami’s mystery friend is one of the hottest topics at the moment. Some recent activity on social media might just be able to give us the answer to this question.

Another WWE superstar has joined the discussion about Itami’s friend. This person is Finn Balor, formerly known as Prince Dewitt. Here’s how he addressed the topic:

Now, this tweet on its own wouldn’t have sparked so much talk. However, earlier this week Finn Balor teased his long-awaited NXT debut, while promoting the WWE Network at the same time:

Yes, this tweet might only be meant to advertise the free trial period for the new subscribers to the WWE Network. However, pair it with Balor’s interest in Itami’s s secrets and we might just get an answer to who the mystery friend is.

I’ve been saying for weeks in my NXT reviews that Finn Balor needs to come out and help Hideo Itami. When Itami said he was going to get a friend to help him, I was convinced it was going to be Balor. Even purely for the sake of creating a fan-fiction type of an alliance, it’s worth putting those two together. It’s not just that though.

The timing makes sense. KENTA and Prince Dewitt got signed for the WWE roughly at the same time. Both of them dropped their indies wrestling names to joining the NXT roster. However, Hideo Itami debuted, while Fin Balor has yet to show his new look to the WWE Universe.

Hideo used NXT Takeover 2 and Balor needs a stage, fitting for his legacy too. Coming out in his signature face paint as the saviour of KENTA and outdoing the Ascension in their own craft of dark mind games would be a brilliant way to make an entrance, wouldn’t it?

Make sure you watch tonight’s episode of NXT to find whether Finn Balor is, in fact, Hideo Itami’s secret friend!

Do you believe it will be Prince Dewitt, who’ll come to KENTA’s aid? What other suggestions do you have? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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