Teddy Long Takes Us Backstage – Must-See Shoot Interview /VIDEO/

The official trailer for the Keyfabe Commentaries’ shoot interview with Teddy Long has been released and it’s definitely eyebrow-raising. I would actually pay to listen to the rest of this interview and that says a lot.

I’ve never even imagined that Teddy Long actually was, well, a “playa”. This interview includes all sorts of bizarre stories of a sexual character, ranging from Teddy Long selling Viagra backstage to a certain Mick (I leave the speculation as to which one) needing Ron Simmons’ hand for support during sex.

Here’s the video but just to warn you, the language you’re about to hear is adult rated:

Most of the things that are said in this video made me ask myself more than once if my ears weren’t playing tricks on me. Surprisingly entertaining interview from the Playa.

What do you think of Teddy Long’s mad stories? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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