Wednesday Night War on the Horizon: WWE NXT vs. Lucha Underground

After the WWE announced the SmackDown move from Friday back to Thursday, it’s now being said that NXT will move as well. It will be aired on Wednesday nights and the change will probably take place at the same time as SmackDown’s – 15 January 2015.

Deciding to move NXT is only logical because having both NXT and SmackDown the same night wouldn’t make any sense. However, picking Wednesday as the day for NXT is an interesting choice, as it would put NXT in direct competition with Lucha Underground, which airs on the El Rey network at 8PM on Wednesdays.It’s a bold move and I’m excited to see how it works out.

Lucha Underground and NXT stand in the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

NXT is WWE’s wrestling show. The product bets on amazing fights, stunning moves and showcasing pure talent. The drama is kept to a minimum and the characters there are stripped down, realistic personas that appeal to the small, homely NXT community.

The audience NXT attracts is made up of eager wrestling fans, who appreciate skilled competitors and happily support anybody, who puts on a good show in the ring. There isn’t much talking, the storylines are short, simple and effective.

The wrestler on NXT are there to impress. Their performance decides their faith. If you’re a top star on the main roster, your prestige can cover up for a few botches here and there, however, a mistake on NXT can postpone your move up for months or end your WWE journey altogether. The NXT superstars are constantly fighting to show that if you put gimmicks aside, they are the best of the best in the ring. I admire their determination.

Lucha Underground, on the other hand, is a an over-dramatic, movie-like show. I don’t mean to say that it lacks wrestling talent, quite the opposite – you won’t see more lucha libre anywhere on American TV. However, Lucha Underground is built around cinematic effects, and pre-recorded, obviously edited backstage segments.

So much so, that when I watched the first episode last week online, I closed the video after 10 seconds, because I thought I had been trolled. It wasn’t before I checked a few more links that I realised that what I was watching actually was the right show. It felt like an Antonio Banderas action movie about the Mexican mafia  with the shooting scenes, being replaced by wrestling matches. Lucha Underground certainly is a different breed.

The questions is, which one would the fans prefer.

I, personally, would pick NXT over Lucha Underground. I think I’m a traditionalist when it comes to wrestling. I’m so attached to the fast-paced, down-to-earth matches in WWE developmental. Skill just oozes from the ring.

I like the atmosphere that the NXT audience creates. The fans in developmental are much more open and accepting. They cheer for talent and not for gimmicks. I would side with my guys from NXT any day.

Saying that, I understand why some would prefer Lucha Underground. If you’re fed up with the WWE and you want something new – Lucha Underground is the answer to your prayers. After all, the first episode of the show featured a woman fighting a man and it actually looked believable.

The way it’s filmed, the show is almost surreal but the action couldn’t be more authentic. You’ll get more lucha libre and less power show-off. Also, that shot from the ceiling is sick…And you get Matt Striker on commentary, which in my book is a bonus.

I’m excited for the new year to come. I’ll definitely be looking into the Wednesday War between WWE NXT and Lucha Underground as the time goes by.

Who would you side with – NXT or Lucha Underground and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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