WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 06/11/2014

Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn

The match literally started with a pin attempt. Tyler Breeze rolled up Sami Zayn, admittedly only for a count of one, but still, it set up the tone for the match-up.

For the first half of the match, Prince Pretty dictated a slower pace, grounding Zayn, taunting him and constantly pressing him with quick covers.

Once, Tyler Breeze got angry, the crowd came to life too. The more Price Pretty was letting his aggression out, the more the fans cheered for Sami Zayn and when Sami finally got into it, the audience was in for a treat.

Tyler Breeze had, as Dean Ambrose would say, counters to the counters of his opponent’s counters’ counters.I love watching two wrestlers, trying to outwrestle each other because that’s where you see quality technique and beautiful moves.

The two spots to remember from the match were Tyler Breeze countering the Blue Thunder Bomb with a Neck Breaker and Tyler Breeze intercepting Sami Zayn midair with a drop kick.

Although for me, the Gorgeous One stood out more through the fight, it was obvious that the match was going to be just another step on Sami Zayn’s Road to Redemption.

Sami got the win, following the exact same patter from last week – tossing his opponent into the corner and hitting the Helluva Kick.

There’s nothing to say – it’s finally Sami Zayn’s time to shine. He’s waited long enough. But don’t doubt it for a second – Tyler Breeze is going to be next in line for the NXT Championship. He’s getting more and more impressive every week.

Adrian Neville Backstage

When asked about Sami’s match, Adrian Neville said he was impressed and that he was willing to give Zayn a title shot any day because he deserved it. However, the Champ once again made it clear that he doesn’t think Sami has a chance. That’s a strange thing to say about your friend.

Seeing Adrian Neville made me think, since he’s become champion he’s been on TV less. It feel like he hasn’t had many matches since NXT Takeover 2. I wish I could have seen a bit more of Adrian Neville as a champion before Sami Zayn takes the title away from him, which he certainly will.

Dash Wilder vs. Tyson Kidd

The crowd honored Kidd with a loud reaction as usual. We can’t say the same about Dash Wilder though. The fans didn’t really know him so they barely responded to anything that happened in the ring.

Wilder was supposed to play the face in peril but didn’t get almost any clapping or cheering. Something that was supposed to be there wasn’t and it made the match feel awkward to me.


If the point of this match was to introduce Dash Wilder to the fans, he should have had more than one offensive move, regardless of how nice his scoop power slam looked.

Also, the combination of a kick to the head, Fisherman Hook Neckbreaker and a Sharpshooter that followed just made Dash look completely insignificant, compared to Tyson Kidd.  Of course, Kidd got a tap-out victory in the end.


Have you noticed that the Nattie’s husband gimmick is much more toned-down on NXT. I didn’t see Tyson Kidd sporting those cat knee pads last night. Maybe that’s why he’s taken more seriously in developmental, rather than on the main roster.

Marcus Luis Promo

Wow, just WOW!  Excuse me for the unintelligible reaction but my options of explaining my exact reaction varied in-between “WOW” and “O.O”, so I decided to go with the first.


Luis was shown, talking to himself in a dark, dark place. He took insanity to a different level. Who’d expect that from a pretentious Frenchman in a white skin-tight top he’ll turn into a monster psycho over a hairstyle!

Sami Zayn Backstage

Sami Zayn told Renee that for him the Road to Redemption was more than just a phrase, that it was real to him. He, apparently, felt ready to face Adrian Neville next week for the NXT Championship.

It feels way too fast, in my opinion. I know that the story arches on NXT are shorter than on the main roster but it feels like Sami Zayn’s redemption storyline was rushed. A road to something usually implies more than 3 matches.

Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte & Bayley

Although this match came as a result of Becky Lynch’s betrayal to Bayley, the whole fight revolved around the animosity between Sasha Banks and Cahrlotte.

Charlotte was constantly trying to get to Sasha, while Sasha was persistently evading her. It got so bad that the champ would drag Becky to her corner a couple of times and scream at her to tag Banks but Sasha wouldn’t want to join the action at all.

The only time the Boss got in the ring with Charlotte was after a cheap shot to the back and it didn’t last longer than the stun effect held the champ. Sasha was much more willing to go after Bayley and taunt Charlotte, while picking her friend apart.

The team of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch won after they both made sure Charlotte couldn’t tag in and the Boss rolled up Bayley, while holding her tights.

Probably, the Boss will take the title away from Charlotte and further on she will lose it to her newfound sidekick Becky Lynch.

William Regal Backstage

Isn’t it always a pleasure to see Mr. Regal. He gave us a bit of his English humor and then approved the title match between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn.

The Ascension / Hideo Itami/ Finn Balor

The Ascension came out to the ring ready to wipe out Hideo Itami, alongside his mystery friend, whoever that could be.

Hideo showed up, looking angry at first but then he smiled in such a way that I instantly knew my predictions about the identity of Itami’s friend were correct. Finn Balor (Prince Dewitt) walked out to loud ovations from the audience.

Balor and Itami quickly took down the Ascension and they did it in such a brilliant way that the crowd was soon chanting THIS IS AWESOME and DREAM TEAM.

The ending of the segment was, too, very dramatic. Konnor crawled back in the ring, unwilling to back down. Hideo taunted him and lured him in to a good position for Finn Balor to dive from the top rope and destroy Konnor.

It’s a bit of a shame that Finn Balor had to drop his signature face paint. After all it was his signature, right? Apart from that, his debut was amazing. The crowd loved it and it was exciting to watch.

I have to say, Balor puts in a lot of dramatism in the way he moves and the way he poses over his fallen enemies. Attention to detail of this sort always gets me excited.

I have to admit, I felt sorry for the Ascension. Watching them get beat like that makes me want to see them take revenge but that’s just weird old me.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? How did you find Finn Balor’s debut? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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