Zack Ryder Injured. More on the Possible Surgery and the Recovery Period

Unfortunately, for  Zack Ryder’s fans, the Broski won’t make an appearance on the WWE European Tour, due to an injury.

When Ryder first announced on Twitter that he wasn’t going to make it to the UK he didn’t specify the reasons why:

The way Zack phrased his tweet sparked a lot of rumours on the Internet. Many thought that the Internet Champion was going to part ways with the WWE:

However, later in the day Zack Ryder put all the rumours to a rest, explaining that a torn rotator cuff was behind his absence.

The rotator cuff is “a large tendon comprised of four muscles which combine to form a “cuff” over the upper end of the arm, the head of the humerus”. A tear causes pain and loss of strength in the arm.

Usually, tears can be treated non-surgically, in order to reduce the pain and achieve satisfactory functioning of the arm. However, this does not heal entirely the injury, so for sportsmen it’s recommended to permanently fix the issue with a surgery.

The bad news for Ryder is that after repairing the defect in the tendon, he’ll still need to undergo rehabilitation procedures to recover the strength in the muscles around the arm. Full recovery after surgery may take several months.

This means that if the Broski decides to go through with the surgery, he’ll be off from TV for quite a while. It’s not like he’s been on TV very often lately but a prolonged absence may really put his contract with the WWE in jeopardy, having in mind the financial issues the company has had in the recent months.

For now though, Ryder doesn’t seem to be worried about it and it looks like he’s enjoying his time off with his friend, former WWE superstar Curt Hawkins.

IN THE MIDDLE OF IT NOW! @thecurthawkins @thedanbarry @trentylocks #EFW

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Hopefully, Zack Ryder will have a quick recovery and will be back soon!

Are you disappointed that Zack won’t be at the European Tour? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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