Leeds Fans Deny the Reports of Abusive Chants During a WWE Live /UPDATED/

UPDATE: The response to this article and the one that it follows has been overwhelming. Thanks to the my readers I’ve acquired additional information on the WWE house show  in Leeds that caused a lot of Internet controversy over the last few days.

Justin Gabirel’s tweet, saying that the Leeds crowd “suck” has been proven to be just due to him playing up to his heel character

In the end, the reports that led to the belief that the audience in Leeds has been particularly unwelcoming seem to have been based on misinterpretation of photo material and social media cues.

Most of the fans appear to have enjoyed the show. However, there was a small group of people (5-6) stirring up the pot with teasing chants. The reason why those few made the news is that the attendance was notably poor. This allowed for the provocative minority to be heard and noticed by some journalists, which then led to a snowball effect and more and more negative articles being written about the Leeds fans.

The WWE Comment Section apologises to those who might have felt offended by the previous post on the topic. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me. I’ll always keep voicing the truth!

ORIGINAL: Following reports, provided by WrestlingNews.co, a series of articles were posted, reviewing the negative reaction of the crowd during last night’s WWE Live in Leeds. I also covered this topic in an article this morning. However, since then I’ve had quite a few fans reach out to me, denying the claims of hostile atmosphere during the show.

Since it’s my personal standard to represent  truthfully both sides of a story, here is what some of the fans had to say:

I believe that the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. Some negative chants were started there but only a minority of the crowd participated in them and the overall fan experience was good. From the information I’ve acquired since my last article on the topic, the atmosphere in Leeds wasn’t as bad as the Internet reports made it seem.

The fans, apparently, provoked the middle finger by Cesaro, by chanting “WE THE PEOPLE”. The partial negative response to Sami Zayn was most probably due to the fact that he was facing the English superstar Adrian Neville. I still have no information on what exactly caused Justin Gabriel’s twitter comments.

Thank you for voicing your side of the story! I’m always here to represent it. Keep sharing your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


6 thoughts on “Leeds Fans Deny the Reports of Abusive Chants During a WWE Live /UPDATED/

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  2. Yeah, they’re really is no middle ground though, everyone who was there has said the same, people are making stories up with pictures (Cesaro) and thinking the Justin Gabriel tweet is real lol, go look, someone replied to him saying ‘heel ass heel’ and he replied saying ‘He gets it’, basically breaking character there, he’s also tweeted a funny picture of him getting mad at the mention of Leeds.

    I don’t even know those guys who were dressed as referees but I was there and I know who you mean, my friends girlfriend was right in front of them with her three year old and she said they were loud and a bit annoying but they weren’t abusive or disrespectful, there is no middle ground with this, that is the truth.

    I also was right at ringside and saw the talents having such fun in the ring at the show and laughing, Ziggler and Cesaro was very noticeable, I can’t even believe people are writing things like this to be honest, I’m not aiming that at the author of this article but I’m telling you someone out there is writing some right bullshit and it’s wrong, it was a good crowd, I’m sure there are clips on YouTube anyway but the thing is, even though Gabriel has pretty much confirmed he’s playing a heel people are still saying shit, I was there, I know and there is no middle ground with this.

    If there was things there like being mentioned in these reports I’d have no problem with saying so and would just say, but there really wasn’t and people need to stop lying.

    I can’t even believe people have written these reports, do people not know what wrestling is lol , Gabriel is probably laughing now lol

    Doesn’t matter anyway, the wrestlers and the fans know the truth so that’s all that matters, it was a good show and a good crowd though there were quite a few empty seats, but that’s about it.

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  3. You might want to read this and do an update, Gabriel has pretty much had to break kayfabe over all this all over his Twitter (do some research on his timeline), which he should even have to do.

    Soon as he came out one of the first thing he did is troll the crowd (he was good at it too), he took his shirt off and pretended to throw it to the crowd and said nah, then put it back on, dude was playing such a good heel and people have been stupid enough to buy into it from his tweet, he’s playing a character and very well too seen as some people actually believes this lol

    Read this : http://www.prowrestlingscoops.com/wwe/wwe-news/update-justin-gabriels-wwe-status-after-tweets/

    If you’re a decent journalist, you might want to edit everything here and get it out there properly, like I said to you earlier, there is no middle ground, none of this happened and that’s that, it was an excellent show.

    The Cesaro thing, he was about to do his swing everyone loves to see and said nah, then have the crowd the fingers, some were singing his real Americans tune also, people have just lied here and made up stories from Gabriels tweet and been so gullible to believe that and seen a picture and made up a story, so naive.

    Anyway, this should be completely confirmed for you now and hopefully you’ll be the start of setting the record straight alongside the article that’s linked above cause honestly, it’s mad that people even tried to say different.

    Gabriel has confirmed all this anyway in his tweeted the past few days, look at what he’s replied to when he says ‘He doesn’t know what those words are’, where he says he’s batman etc .. he’s playing a part, alongside of what is showcased in this article which really, he shouldn’t have to break character but he has done slightly simply due to this, it’s ridiculous lol

    Anyway, I hope you can finally set the record straight here, there is no middle ground, none of that happened, end of lol

    Thanks for listening 🙂


    • If there’s any typos in that by the way, I’m on my iPhone and the spell check keeps changing things but in sure you get the gist lol 🙂


    • Hey Rob,

      Thank you for taking the time to research more this topic. I can see that you’ve taken the issue close to heart. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in following up the article.

      I’m proud of my journalistic integrity and I’m not one to look for cheap sensation. So if by any chance I’ve followed misleading sources, I’m glad to correct any information that might be incorrect. This is why, I’ve updated my article and I hope this will finally put this issue to a rest.

      Keep sharing your thoughts with me! 🙂


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