Unwelcoming Crowd in Leeds Upsets WWE Superstars

The European Wrestling crowds are well known for their colourful chants and vivid participation in the shows. However, a very active and vocal audience can be a double edged sword, as the WWE superstars found last night in Leeds. The houseshow seems to have been a train wreck, mainly due to the a hostile atmosphere created by the unwelcoming crowd.

The show was marked by loud YOU CAN’T WRESTlE and WHO ARE YA? chants. The atmosphere must have been really bad because it triggered responses from some of the WWE superstars, who wrestled that night.

Justin Gabriel, who suffered rejection from the crowd, in the form of dismissive chants, lashed out on Twitter:

The audience in Leeds must have touched a nerve with Cesaro as well. A photo of the Swiss Superman, flipping off a fan surfaced on the Internet.

To top off a bad night, a botch happened in the main event between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt had been laid on a table and Ambrose was setting up to hit a flying elbow from the top rope. However, the table failed to withstand Wyatt’s weight and broke down before the Lunatic Fringe could execute his move. Dean improvised and did the move anyway.

Sami Zayn wrestled Adrian Neville and the welcome for those two wasn’t too warm either. Reportedly, there were notable WHO ARE YA? chants in particular. This makes me sad. Not knowing talent when you see it is usually not a trait of the UK wrestling fans. Hopefully the crowd in Liverpool tonight will make up for the terrible welcome that the WWE superstars received in Leeds.

I’m a big believer in the importance of fan support throughout shows, so I’m personally going to attend the SmackDown taping tomorrow to pay my contribution to some more positive chants. Also, this week’s SmackDown review will have a different look, since it will be based on live experience.

If you want to see what the fans had to say, follow this link. 

Were you in Leeds last night? Was the atmosphere as bad as it seems? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


14 thoughts on “Unwelcoming Crowd in Leeds Upsets WWE Superstars

  1. there was a small minority of fans chanting abuse , mainly aimed at Sami zayn ! Apart from that a really good night ! Looking forward to next April 🙂 🇬🇧


    • It’s great to hear that! All the reports I read this morning on news source websites were so negative but since I’ve posted this article, I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me, saying it wasn’t that bad at all. This is why I love the Internet, you can always get access to the truth from the original source in one way or another. And since I’m always for giving both sides of the story a new post is coming up, looking a the fans’ response to these reports.
      On a side note, why the hate towards Sami? Was it because he was wrestling Englishman Adrian Neville in England?


      • This is bullshit, I was there front row and it wasn’t like that at all, Gabriel followed that tweet up with him getting a plane and leaving the tour, he was playing a character and he was smiling at the show too, I think he gave a thumbs up and while Ziggler and Cesaro were in the ring too they were smiling and loving it, whoever has been putting this out there are full of shit.

        Yeah there were some dudes dressed as referees that were chanting but none of it was abusive and none of it was even slightly how this is written and made out to be, why people write this I have no idea.

        Also there were actually a lot of chants for Sami Zayn (lots of Ole chants also) as well as Neville getting good chants, so not sure why people are trying to make out something that isn’t even slightly like this, it’s a surprise to me to even read this.

        Cesaro was taunting the crowds and stood right next to us, I’ve got a picture of this and loads of really good ones showing that this is the complete opposite, Layla came up and pushed this girl in the face as part of the show, I suppose they’re gonna say that was real too lol


      • Well, just to add if those guys who it’s referring to (I know who it means) did chant anything like this, it was only a very small part of the crowd (around 5 – 6 people maybe), the rest of the crowd were awesome and it wasn’t unwelcoming at all lol


      • As I journalist, when I can’t be at a certain place live, I rely on news sources and report based on those. However, I’ve taken your comments on board and I wrote an article about the fans’ point of view ( http://wp.me/p51gHK-aB ) and I’ve linked it to my first article ,as well. The WWE Comment Section will always give the opportunity to both sides to voice their opinion. Enjoy wrestling and keep sharing your thoughts with me!


    • I was there with my six year old son and two nieces last night. The attendance was very poor compared to the first and second visit of WWE live (which we’ve been to all 3) – empty seats all over. The atmosphere was pretty poor at times, but I don’t think the line up was as good which could have been the reason for poor ticket sales. Last year Daniel Bryan pulled out at the last minute due to injury and wasn’t replaced, can’t be helped but that might have put people off.

      However, for me to take four people it was over £240 for tickets (no discount for kids) – so it’s not a cheap night for families so close to Christmas. Excessive prices too – £15 for a programme, £25 for a baseball cap.

      If there was a minority of people chanting who we’re heard then it was because of the lack of people there to make an atmosphere which would have drowned out the minority.

      Justin Gabriel should also respect the families and fans that turned up and paid good money to watch that, that is really rude and he has disrespected my city – who have all contributed to paying his wages!


      • You make a great point. Perhaps, we’ve all been looking at the wrong issue. An empty hall can make anything sound loud.
        I agree, the tickets for a WWE show are expensive. The cheapest go around £45. For a comparison, a ringside seat for Kamikaze Pro Wrestling’s shown this month, featuring Chris Hero, costs just under £13, booking fee included. I understand that to maintain their status the WWE need to keep high prices but I absolutely agree that there should be a discount for children or a family package offer.
        Thank you for taking the time to comment!


      • He’s playing a character, a heel, he tweeted that after the show, it’s part of the entertainment, someone tweeted him and said ‘heel ass heel’ of which he replied ‘he gets it’ to him.

        Can’t even believe people think it’s real lol


  2. This isn’t true… Gabriel got a good reaction even giving a sly thumbs up to the crowd… Who are Ya chants to Sami Zayn… load of bull… everyone was loving Zayn.. plenty of Ole chants going… You Cant Wrestle chants?! Adam Rose got a That’s not wrestling chant when he was rolling around the ring and that’s it…. otherwise people may of misheard You cant hear us chants with you cant wrestle… Cesaro flipping the bird is because we were singing the Real Americans Theme.

    Yes I am one of the referees people moaned about but none of the parents and kids around were moaning when they were telling us to shout things or when one of our group gave them a t shirt he won that was thrown in to the crowd… or when our Daniel Bryan let a kid pin him for his belt and let him keep it. Guess its just some idiot complaining who wanted the belt for himself.


    • Haha, I wouldn’t worry about it, my mates girlfriend was sat a couple of rows in front of you with her 3 year old, I didn’t notice any of this though I’ve just spoken to her to get her take on it as she was sat nearer you and she said you were a bit loud but that Newcastle guy (meaning Neville) was laughing, it’s funny really, so just laugh at it, I wouldn’t worry about it and I’m not the only one saying this either 🙂


  3. Pingback: Leeds Fans Deny the Reports of Abusive Chants During a WWE Live | The WWE Comment Section
    • Many people have reached out to me that that the atmosphere was nowhere near as bad as the news source websites make it to be, I’ve taken that into account and wrote a second article, vociing the opinion of the audience. It’s now linked to the first article but if you haven’t seen it, this is the link: http://wp.me/p51gHK-aB

      I appreciate your comments, keep them coming!


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