WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 10/11/2014

John Cena /Ryback/The Authority

John Cena was out discussing his barely existing team for Survivor Series.  He mentioned Zack Ryder’s injury being a direct result from Ryder’s tweet that he wanted to join Team Cena.

I wonder if this is a storyline, profiting from a real injury or the entire thing’s keyfabe. This whole scenario fits way too perfectly – the tweet, the match against Rusev, the injury. If this hadn’t happened Cena would have had to either take Ryder on his team (creating a weak link), or to reject Ryder, which would make Cena a bad guy. In any case, Zack’s injury is a way out for Cena. However, it’s possible that the injury preceded the tweet and the WWE’s just making the best out of an unfortunate situation.

Cena surprised the audience with the announcement that Jack Swagger volunteered to be part of Team Cena. This could mean one of two things – either Swagger’s in for a push, or he’s going to get crushed. Sadly, the first option never looked too probable.

Cena called Ryback out so he could try to convince him to join Team Cena but the Authority came to make their pitch too.

HHH made the usual threats to end Ziggler’s career and, in general, to end anyone, who joins Cena. And as a treat to the Internet Wrestling Community, who worships the cult of “Triple H’s Shovel” and “Triple H’s Ego”, Hunter actually uttered the words “I am god”. Priceless.

After both Cena and the Authority had made their offer, the Big Guy said he wasn’t afraid of the Authority and then delivered a spine buster to Cena, thus joining Team Authority.

Watching this segment, I thought that this alliance between Ryback and the Authority won’t last. It just doesn’t make any sense. The reason why Ryabck has a push right now is because the audience responds to him very, very well. Turning him hell would be absolutely pointless, especially with the number of face superstars being so scarce.

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

As I said, joining Team Cena would either mean a push or a crush for Swagger and despite the WE THE PEOPLE chants in Liverpool, Swagger had no chance against Rollins.

The Real American was doing really well in the match. However, every time he got close to getting this final build up, Rollins would take a break and kill his momentum.

Obviously, Mercury and Noble couldn’t stay out of it for too long either. Following a distraction caused by them, Rollins drove Swagger into the post and then curb stomped him for the win.

After the match, Mercury and Noble made sure to keep the doctor away from Swagger and Rollins delivered a second Curb Stomp.

Swagger’s time on Team Cena ended before Jack could even made a promo about it. Just sad. Swagger deserves better. Right now, storyline wise, he was made just as disposable as Zack Ryder and we all know that’s bad.

Dean Ambrose Promo

Dark and cold, Ambrose all alone, confessing his sins, setting himself on a journey to hell with Bray Wyatt – Enjoy:

Beautiful promo. Dean Ambrose is not a clean-cut character and that’s what makes him so special.

Kane/ Ryback Backstage

Kane wanted to be at ringside for Ryback’s match with Cena but Ryback didn’t want him there. This is what happened there in simple terms.

Ryback doesn’t recognize Kane’s authority and this won’t sit well with Corporate Kane, whose only credibility right now is reliant on the power of his work suit.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

This match was simply a treat to the UK fans.

The crowd was firmly behind Paige and when she screamed “This is my house”, the cheers almost blew the roof off.

Despite Foxy’s dominance for the biggest part of the match, Paige defeated her with the RamPaige.

Stephanie/ Lana/ Rusev Backstage

Lana was still considering whether to have Rusev join Team Authority or not. This got Steph mad but she again told Lana that “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” is how things work there.

Stephanie and Triple H Backstage

Trips and Stephanie discussed the stakes at Survivor Series. The possibility of losing to Team Cena is real even to them.

The “if we have each other, we’ll be ok” moment almost made me feel bad for Hunter and Stephanie. Then again, let’s not forget they are WWE’s Power Couple and that puts them far from being underdogs in any way.

Rusev vs. Sheamus

This match was preceded by a typical celebratory segment, featuring Lana, Rusev, and some dude with a terribly fake Russian accent. Sheamus interrupted them and called for a rematch.

The fight was physical. Sheamus’s back was bright red almost from the get-go. However, the match wasn’t a boring powerhouse face-off by any means. Both men showed athleticism and talent.

As expected, the match didn’t have a clean finish. Sheamus had thrown Rusev outside the ring and was giving him a beating, using the barricade. Mercury and Noble, who had been standing at ringside for a while, held up Sheamus, so that he couldn’t make the 10 count and gave Rusev the win.

I have to say that having Sheamus as an opponent really allowed Rusev to shine. Against men like Big Show, Mark Henry or Big E, the Bulgarian Brute was limited to following the traditional curve of a match against a giant – “try to take the big man off his feet, get tossed around for a bit and then win with the Accolade”.  Against the Celtic Warrior though, Rusev has the freedom to utilize his speed, agility and technicality.

Stephanie/ Lana / Rusev Backstage

After that Stephanie approached Lana and Rusev backstage once again. This time they had no choice but to accept to be on Team Authority.

Stephanie, though, made sure to let them know that she and not Putin is in power there. Not a smart move if she wants to have the Russians on her side, if you ask me. Why would you go and antagonize your own team members?

In the end of the video, Lana and Rusev looked at each other and Rusev said a sentence in Bulgaria, which translates to “This one’s a whack job!”. It made me laugh. Speaking a few languages has its perks.


Ryabck/ Seth Rollins Backstage

Seth Rollins was the next one to welcome Ryback on Team Authority. Rollins managed not only to undermine Kane’s authority but also to put the Big Guy on edge by claiming that he was the one to listen to on the team.

Honestly, Team Authority are not doing well at being a team at all.

Miz & Mizdow vs. Los Matadores

Wherever Los Matadores go, Hornswaggle follows. There’s no getting rid of this guy! Now he was a mini Miz.

Mizdow barely had 10 sec in the rng but he undoubtedly was the star of the match. The WE WANT MIZDOW chants really got to the Miz.

Also, Mizdow got the win for this team, although he wasn’t even legal. He grabbed the leg of Miz’s opponent, while the A lister covered for a pin.

This puts Miz and Mizdow in front of Los Matadores in the run for the WWE Tag Team Titles. This is a good thing. Mizdow deserves some gold around his waist.

Dolph Ziggler/ John Cena/ Triple H

Dolph and Cena had a moment backstage, promising to have each other’s backs.

Triple H interrupted them and banned Cena from ringside for Ziggler’s match against Mark Henry. Then the Game happily left, singing “Another One Bites the Dust”.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mark Henry

This match was not meant to be a match at all. Mark Henry got himself DQ-ed early on by taking a chair and beating Ziggler with it.

However, the Big Show came out and chased Mark Henry away, saving Ziggler and proclaimed that he was joining Team Cena.

Didn’t Big Show already join Team Cena last week on Raw?

Kofi Kingston Vignette

Ha! That was a good one. When I saw Xavier Woods’s Vignette last week I thought his partnership with Kofi and Big E was over.  However, it seems it’s not. I won’t be surprised to see a Big E gospel vignette next week too.

Team Cena Backstage

Cena found Big Show and Dolph Ziggler backstage. He seemed surprised that Big Show was joining his team. Seriously, didn’t anybody watch Raw last week!?

Then Sheamus volunteered to be part of Cena’s crew, leaving only one spot open on the team.

AJ vs. Brie w./Nikki

The match was short. Brie had the upper hand for most of it but lost to the Black Widow in the end.

Nikki attacked AJ after the match.

It’s obvious that those three will pass the WWE Divas Championship from one to another in the next few months.

Mark Henry/ Ryback Backstage

Mark Henry decided to welcome the Big Guy on the team by bringing up their bad past. Smart move….

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd

No one cared what happened in this match because soon after it started Erick Rowan came out and started walking around the ring. He went to the announce table and said very disappointedly “She’s not here”.

Here comes a beauty and the beast storyline between Renee Young and Erick Rowan. At least Renee can act, unlike most divas.

In the ring Adam Rose was just about to win when the Bunny climbed on the top rope, preparing to come in and help him. Rose got distracted by dealing with the Bunny and got pinned by Tyson Kidd.

After the match Adam Rose kicked down the Bunny and left with the Exotic Express.

I wonder if this feud will actually reveal the identity of the Bunny. That’s probably the one thing it could give to the fans.

Team Authority Backstage

All members of Team Authority were comparing to Triple H and Stephanie about Ryback, when the Big Guy appeared.

Triple H tried to calm things down and set Rybeck on Cena.

Looking at the line-up, there aren’t even two members f this team that like each other.

Bray Wyatt Promo

Bray Wyatt responded to Dean’s confession of sins and gave Ambrose the option of either joining him or paying dearly for refusing to.

Can’t wait for Survivor Series. The match between those two won’t end clean, I’m sure. Also, a stipulation of some sort needs to be added. A traditional match won’t be enough for Ambrose and Wyatt.

John Cena vs. Ryback

Ryback was doing quite well on his own but Team Authority still wanted to stay at ringside.

Kane kept trying to interfere in the match until he finally got Ryback disqualified right when he was seconds away from crushing Cena.

This caused complete chaos. Ryabck and Kane were about to start a fight. Seth Rollins tried to stop them and reason with them but his experience of making peace between Ambrose and Reigns, wasn’t enough to prevent what was about to happen.

Ryabck attacked his team mates. Then Team Authority ganged up on him and Cena. Cena’s team members came one by one, trying to help but they all got overpowered, until in the end Ryback took out the whole Team Authority by himself.

I was just about to ask what happened to Dolph Ziggler because he didn’t come to Cena’s aid when the cameras cut to Dolph’s lifeless body being thrown in Stephanie and Triple H’s legs. Luke Harper offered his services to the Authority. They didn’t expect it and neither did we.

The teams for Survivor Series are pretty much ready now. Were you surprised by Ryback’s turn? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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