WWE Main Event – Live Show Attendance- Review, Highlights and Analysis from 11/11/2014

Adam Rose vs. Stardust

As you can imagine, the Bunny was the center of attention in the match. The main chant the crowd kept going was LET’S GO BUNNY.

The Bunny, however, didn’t let the attention get to him this time. Adam Rose was doing surprisingly well against Stardust and the Bunny was intentionally staying aside, so that he won’t mess something up. At one point, he even hopped away, playing scared because he was maybe a little bit too close to the ring.

By the end of the match though, cheerleading wasn’t enough for the Bunny. Goldust tried to interfere from outside the ring so Bunny took matters in his own hands and took out Goldust by launching himself off the steps.

Stardust, like many of us, was surprised and the distraction gave Rose the opportunity to roll him up and pick up the win.

The situation at the Exotic Express seemed to be warming up. However, I don’t believe in broken things magically becoming whole again. The feud between Rose and the Bunny is definitely on its way.

Alicia Fox vs. Cameron

Cameron was leading the action for the largest part. She was playing her heel role nicely. Not that her wrestling has improved drastically, but she was aggressive and didn’t shy away from using the environment to hurt her opponent. Take it like that, Cameron might not be a wrestler but I can picture her starting a fight in the female toilet in a club.

Foxy, as true face, took a lot of punishment but in the end managed to roll Cameron and win the match.


The crowd was pretty much dead for this match. There was some clapping for Alicia Fox but that’s about it. The reason for that is that the Divas Division sees no development whatsoever. Foxy had a face turn and it remained as unexplored as her heel turn before that. The Funkadactyls broke up and a feud barely happened.

If the WWE wants the audience to participate more in divas matches, the divas need to get some character development and proper storylines.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd

The match was brilliant. Easily the best match on Main Event.

Tyson Kidd was aggressive and arrogant. He started the match well and even had the time to taunt Sami Zayn, mimicking his signature dance/walk. His show-off meter was full on. At one point, Kidd had Sami, who was hurt, on the apron, so Tyson asked for not one but two kisses from Natalya and then even hugged her for some time.

Zayn just wouldn’t lose thou. He always had something more in store for Tyson. Whether it was a top rope drop kick or a stunning Blue Thunder Bomb, Sami was never unprepared. I want to mention that the Blue Thunder Bomb is a piece of beauty even more when you watch it up-close.

When Sami Zayn’s momentum was full on, Tyson Kidd sought refuge in Natty. He desperately clung to her in a tight hug, trying to save himself. However, Sami still managed to get him back in the ring and pinned him.

I was so pleased with the response that the fans gave those two. Tyson got booed a lot at first, which means that people know who he is and buy into his heel character. But he also received some LET’S GO TYSON chants from my sector, which was a nice way to show respect to the great wrestling he delivered.

As for Sami Zayn, the crowed just loved him. He was welcomed with OLE OLE OLE chants and LET’S GO SAMI cheers were constant throughout the match. I was worried in some of my previous reviews that he didin’t get such a good reaction from the fans during the few shows he worked for the main roster. However, here in the UK, Sami seems to be as popular as he deserves to be.

Dean Ambrose vs. Justin Gabriel

The pop of the night goes to Dean Ambrose. People were not only standing up but were standing on their chairs to welcome Ambrose in the ring.

The Lunatic Fringe was in control of the match-up. He tortured Gabriel’s arm for some time and then took it to the ropes. Ambrose was flying in and out of the ring. I’m not talking about beautiful Seth Rollins like moves, no, just simple rough Ambrose diving from the top.

Justin Gabriel had his moment when he pushed Ambrose off the ropes, leaving him hanging head down. Gabriel stood on Ambrose’s knees and it looked painful.

Ambrose, though, took his momentum back, hit a running bulldog and then the Dirty Deeds for the win.

His promo after the match got a lot of hearts racing. Ambrose said that what to Wyatt were games, was real to him because it was his life and he was sick of being played with.

As much as Ambrose looks engaging on TV, it just can’t compare to the live experience. He has this presence that amplifies the influence of everything he does. The emotion that flows out of him in every move and every word feels real and that gets people to sand on his side.

The show was good and it was just the beginning of the night. I’ll tell you all about SmackDown later on.

Were you in Liverpool last night? How did you find the show? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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