Silence for Freedom: The Settlement Between Alberto Del Rio and WWE

After Alberto Del Rio’s controversial release from the WWE, the world of wrestling pointed millions of scrutinising eyes at the WWE’s locker room. Is the WWE racist? Is Del Rio going to sue the company or are they going to sue him? Alberto Del Rio drew attention to too many uncomfortable questions so the company had to find a way out.

The way the WWE treated the Del Rio incident put the company between a rock and a hard place. The WWE being portrayed as racist towards Hispanics, would enrage a large number of its fans. About 20% of the WWE audience in the US are from Hispanic descent and Mexico is one of WWE’s largest markets.

To counter the statements of Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and the Original Sin Cara, the WWE pushed the current Sin Cara to talk publicly about the opportunities the company’s given him (source WrestlingNews). Trying too hard to come off as non-discriminative, however, made the WWE look terribly disingenuous. So they had to find another way out and that was reaching a direct agreement with Del Rio himself.

The settlement goes like this: Del Rio is free to wrestle wherever he wants to without any non-compete period but in exchange, he promises to keep his mouth shut about issues in the WWE. On top of that, he’ll be paid an undisclosed amount of money and both parties agree not to sue each other. However, the WWE goes out of the situation without having to issue a public apology (source WrestleZone).

In the end of this story, the WWE paid to omit admitting guilt and Del Rio exchanged his silence for the freedom to do what he does best – wrestle.  It’s being said that Del Rio was offered a way back on the roster but he declined. That is Del Rio’s way of leaving with his head raised high.

The next expected move for Del Rio is to join Lucha Underground. Their next tapings will take place on January 17. Do you think this will sway the favours in Lucha Underground’s favour when it goes head to head with WWE NXT?

Do you think Del Rio should have pushed for an apology in his settlement with the WWE?

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