WWE SmackDown – Live Attendance – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 14/11/2014

The Highlight Reel w./The Authority

The moment the countdown to Jericho’s entrance ran out and the lights of Y2J’s coat illuminated the stage, the crowd erupted in screams and Y2J chants. The pop that Jericho had was unmatched throughout the night.

The vocal fans made sure that Y2J would know what’s on their minds chanting LET’S GO RYBACK, so Jericho called out the Authority to discuss the issue of the Big Guy’s recent actions.

The WWE’s Power Couple played with the crowd’s chants, saying that regardless of the fan support that Daniel Bryan had and he’s now gone and Ryback could follow if he doesn’t measure his actions.

Y2J gave Triple H and Stephanie some proper abuse and the fans loved it. The Game, however, had had enough and explained that he had the power to erase Jericho’s name from the WWE’s history. That’s probably the most chilling threat I’ve heard in the WWE in a while.

Vince McMahon

This little segment wasn’t televised. The chairman came out to hype up the audience. He played his heel part, saying that Liverpool sounds like “an old man’s skin disease”.

Sin Cara vs. Bray Wyatt

The arena was lit up by thousands of swaying lights from the moment the Wyatt/Ambrose rivalry feature started playing, even before Wyatt’s theme hit.

Sin Cara didn’t stand a chance. The crowd was chanting LET’S GO WYATT and even sand He’s got the whole world in his hands.

Bray quickly floored Sin Cara, hit Sister Abigail and won with authority.

Wyatt’s post-match promo was the core of the segment. He once again dug into Ambrose’s family issues and urged Dean to embrace him.

Ambrose stormed in, thirsty for inflicting pain, but Bray evaded him, taking only a single punch. Wyatt laughed and called Ambrose predictable, like a puppet, whose strings he knew how to pull.

This feud makes me feel uneasy but that’s good. Unlike the time when Ambrose was feuding with Rollins, now the Lunatic Fringe does seem to be in danger. Against Rollins, Ambrose was the hunter but now he is the hunted. Wyatt toys with his emotions and uses them against him.

I wish the rivalry between the top was ranked higher in WWE’s list of priorities, though.

Gold & Stardust vs. Adam Rose & The Bunny

The crowd was singing Adam Roses theme, so Stardust turned around and screamed “Stop Singing!” at us.

The Bunny got the most support from the audience, which didn’t sit well with Adam Rose.

Rose wanted to tag in but the Bunny got carried away because of the constant chants, which caused them to lose the match.

This was the final straw and Adam Rose once again turned on the Bunny. He hit the Party Foul and urged the Exotic Express to leave, while still partying.

The issue I have with this feud is that the only logical outcome is for the Bunny to eventually disclose his identity. Who would actually want to be remembered as The Bunny?

Dolph Ziggler Promo

This promo was brilliant. Right now Ziggler is the one and only fighting champion in the WWE. The one champion that the fans can get behind. Talking with a heavy heart about the possibility of this night being the end of his reign brought a feeling of fatality to the situation.

As for the vicious persecution he’s subjected to, Ziggler said that he only needed to stay alive for a few more days. The way he spoke made this task feel like a desperate cause.

Ryback Promo

What we learned from this promo is that for now the Big Guy wants to be on neither Team Cena, nor Team Authority. He’s independent.

This little promo reminded me why the audience grew so fond of The Big Guy. There’s something endearing about calling Kane “a big stupid dummy”.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd

This was, by far, the best match of the night.

Cesaro carried the most aggression in the first half. He absolutely dismissed Tyson Kidd and wouldn’t allow him to get in the ring, let alone fight. Cesaro wanted Ziggler and Ziggler only.

The Swiss Superman was also physically the strongest competitor. One of the spots involved Cesaro delivering supplex to both Ziggler and Kidd at the same time.

Tyson got the most hate from the audience. He got vigorously booed, which is a big plus for a heel. Kidd showed amazing quality. He was on the receiving end of too many epic moves and he still survived.

Tyson was always there when needed. I was honestly starting to believe that he was going to get the title that night.

Ziggler was just being himself – exciting, expressive and technically brilliant. Although Tyson stole the pin on Cesaro, Dolph was the one who beat both of his opponents.

We were all on the edge of our seats, feeling through every near fall. The support for the champ was strong and when he finally retained everyone was on their feet.

I couldn’t praise all three competitors enough for their performance. The THIS IS AWESOME and HOLLY SH*T chants were absolutely deserved.

Natalya vs. Layla w./Summer Rae

Natty almost got counted out after Layla tossed her out and Layla was in control for a long time but in the end Natty locked the Sharp Shooter and came out on top.

This match was lost in the shadow of the Intercontinental Championship battle. The Ziggler/Cesaro/Kidd match was so emotionally draining that the I barely remember the divas’ action. Many took this as a toilet break.

Dean Ambrose Backstage

Byron Saxton stopped Dean on his way to the ring to question him about Bray Wyatt. At this moment, the Eater of Worlds attacked Ambrose from behind and planted a devastating Sister Abigail in the wall.

Bray sat on the floor, holding the barely conscious Ambrose in his arms and said “Once they put you in a box, the next one will be in the ground.” Chilling.

Seeing Ambrose so overwhelmed by Wyatt’s game is a new feeling. This feud will transcend Survivor Series and will keep haunting Ambrose for a long time.

Ryback vs. Kane

It’s amazing how strong the reaction Ryback gets is. The magnitude of the FEED ME MORE chants was outdone only by the pop for Y2J earlier in the night.

Triple H and Stephanie were at ringside and this always spells trouble.

That was the most challenging match Ryback’s had since his return. Kane was actually in control for quite some time. But once the Big Guy built up his momentum, Kane grabbed a chair and took him down, causing a DQ.

The Big Guy took a beating. Triple H ordered Kane to finish the job but Ryback countered and returned the favor to Kane.

The show closed off with a long stare down between Ryback and Triple H, and the Game retreating.

Setting Ryback for a feud against Triple H himself might give the Game something to do after the Authority loses power.

what did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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