The Feud With Bray Wyatt Will Change Dean Ambrose Forever

When the Shield fell apart, the audience stood firmly behind Ambrose because he had been betrayed. His anger was just and the fans were eager to soak in the images of Ambrose’s revenge. The Shield had been shattered with one blow in the hands of one man and that man’s name was Seth Rollins. Seth was the pray that Dean would maniacally hunt, seek out and long to destroy.

What stood between Ambrose and his vengeance was the Authority. That’s simply a structured power organization that works on buying and selling souls. But the Authority doesn’t actually need souls. It needs services and the trade with hearts is just a means to an end. The Authority is an entity that functions on manipulating fear and desire through money. Their game is nothing but business – they either pay you to work for them, or hurt you if you don’t. They couldn’t buy the Lunatic Fringe because he is a character unable to assimilate the rational benefits of selling out and they couldn’t scare him into submission because he has no regard for his own safety.

Ambrose as a face became known as the Unstable. He was unpredictable and it made Dean’s fight against a strategic enemy as The Authority’s Seth Rollins seem like a game.  Jumping out of presents, boxes, starting hot dog stand food fights, stealing T-shirts…It looked almost as a child’s play. In a sense, it was too easy. Ambrose was just toying with his bossed until he finally had the opportunity to get his hands on Rollins and exert justice upon him.

But when the emotions of those, torn apart by greed, boiled over and the former Shield brothers-in-arms clashed inside hell in a cell; when Dean was finally about to see his happy ending, the Eater of Worlds entered Ambrose’s life. And it all changed.

Ambrose became the pray in a game he doesn’t understand. He has nothing and yet Wyatt wants him. Unlike the authority, Bray Wyatt wants Ambrose’s patched-up soul in his grasp end expose it as tortured and deformed as it is. Wyatt wants to obtain access the very core of Ambrose’s being.

With his dangerously tempting words and cryptic messages, The Eater of Worlds is a character, who stands against false heroes and sees purity as a delusion, built on hypocrisy. A Dean Ambrose, loved by the masses, would simply be unacceptable. Giving merchandise out, making people laugh, being cheered for means that Ambrose was granted retribution.  But the core of Ambrose’s character is much, much different.

Dean Ambrose was rejected by society, pushed down, stripped of the right to be loved, to own anything and was left lying in a ditch. He responded by sinking his teeth into insanity, sucking life out of its veins and diving deep into a swamp of unspeakable crimes. He voluntarily turned society’s labels into a self-fulfilling prophecy and aimed to become the most despised villain of all. Sadly, he did all of that to gain recognition and find a place for himself.

This is why, when he was feuding with William Regal back in FCW, Ambrose was so out of control when Regal just walked out on him, while Ambrose was applying Regals’s arm tap cross-legged STF for the win.

This is the Dean Ambrose that Bray Wyatt wants.

Having found a place for himself in the Shield and later exerting revenge on the traitor turns Ambrose into a martyr and a hero. To accept the retribution he’s being offered would mean that Ambrose has forgiven society. Letting go of his hatred would soften Ambrose little by little, he would become dependent on the “fan favorite” label he’s been given and would eventually turn into John Cena. This is a future that Bray Wyatt cannot accept. This is the reason why he is going after Ambrose.

By bringing up Dean’s troubled childhood, Wyatt is thrusting his hand into wounds that could not have healed. Telling the “Unstable” that he’s “predicable”, like a “puppet on strings” is Bray’s way to expose the weakness that being a face has caused Ambrose. Wyatt is entirely devoted to a higher cause, while Ambrose is driven by primitive emotions. Dean Ambrose, the way he is now, cannot defend himself against the Eater of Worlds.

The Unstable Ambrose is destined to fall victim to the Eater of Worlds.  If Ambrose refuses to sink back to darkness, he’ll be helpless against Bray Wyatt’s fanatic pursuit. If Ambrose unleashes his inner Jon Moxley, he’ll no longer be face and he’ll no longer be cheered for. Bray Wyatt might get destroyed by Ambrose’s fury but Ambrose’s dream of being accepted will be shattered into pieces in the process.

To face Bray Wyatt, Ambrose will lose it all to evolve into the monster he was known to be.

Do you see a way out for Ambrose? Do you want to see Bray Waytt’s plan succeed? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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