WWE Raw – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 17/11/2014

Team Authority Segment

You can say all you want about the Authority but Triple H was right to point out that when Vince McMahon was the boss, the fans hated him and now they love him. Wrestling fans have really short memory.

Then Team Authority officially welcomed their newest member- Luke Harper. He once again said “I’m a team player”. This might be his new catchphrase. Both Harper and Rowan’s post Wyatt Family characters seem to be brainwashed.

And to make sure that Cena won’t get Ryback on his side, Stephanie brought up Cena’s feud against Ryback from last year.

The Big Guy came out and still claimed he was only on Team Ryback.

Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler

And yet another punishment match for Dolph Ziggler. The Show Off got attacked by Mercury, Noble and Seth Rollins before the match began.

Broken and beat up, Dolph Ziggler still put up a desperate fight, trying to defend his championship but this time it wasn’t meant to be. Luke Harper was the one to finally put an end to Ziggler’s hard-fought reign as an Intercontinental Champion.

To top that off, Seth Rollins curb stomped Ziggler after the match.

And in all of this, I’m asking WHERE IS CENA?! Where is Team Cena when one of their own is being targeted? Nowhere to be found. It always amazes me that when the members of a heel team are helping each other it’s wrong but when the members of a face team don’t care about one another it’s ok.

Miz/Mizdow/Grumpy Cat

Miz tried to offer Grumpy Cat a movie deal. Even threw a stunt double Grumpy Cat in the mix but it didn’t win over the guest star.

I can’t believe this is happening. Grown men arguing with a cat….Only WWE

Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose were trying to have a match but at ringside, the Bunny was twerking for Natalya. Rose got distracted and had to tap out to the Sharp Shooter.

Rose wanted to attack the Bunny again but the Bunny humped him from behind and left thrusting his pelvic bone. Yes, this actually happened.

This is the exact reason why I didn’t want an Adam Rose vs the Bunny feud. This idiocy is unacceptable. Can anyone remind me why wrestling needs this again?

Bray Wyatt/ Dean Ambrose Segment

Bray Wyatt cut a long promo on love and Dean Ambrose’s loneliness. Bray said that he was actually coming in peace.

Dean Ambrose popped up on the screen with a pre-recorded message. He toyed with Wyatt’s attention and then attacked him from behind in the ring.

It was so satisfactory to see Dean finally outsmart Bray and get his hands on him.

Was a too fatalistic in my article on the Bray Wyatt/ Dean Ambrose feud? Can Dean actually get some retribution?

Cesaro vs. Ryback

Although throughout the match Cesaro was the more impressive competitor, he lost to Ryback.

Cena backstage was disappointed by the fact that Ryback wants to stay neutral.

It frustrates me that Cesaro is so good but gets no attention whatsoever. He probably won’t even make it to Survivor Series.

Rusev vs. Heath Slater

Lana teased the fans by offering a topless photo of herself and ended up showing them a topless photo of Putin.

Heath Slater, dressed top to bottom in the American flag, came out, looking like a clown. He cut an enthusiastic promo on Rusev but just by his outfit I could tell it was going to be pathetic

Slater got floored by a superkick right off the bell and then lost to the Accolade.

Isn’t there a better way to utilize Heath Slater? The fans actually like him, you know…

Miz/Mizdow/Grumpy Cat/ Erick Rowan

Miz continued trying to convince Grumpy Cat to play in a movie with him. Erick Rowan showed up and said he wanted a cat. Then he stole  stunt double Grumpy cat and left.

Stephanie McMahon/ Big Show/ Sheamus

Stephanie offered big Show to be induced in the Hall of Fame 2015 if he leaves Team Cena. Then she threatened Sheamus with deportation.

As the two wouldn’t quit, she put them in a match against each other for a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Show vs. Sheamus

Big Show punished Sheamus badly in this match. The Celtic Warrior barely had any offense.

However, the authority never had any intention of giving a title shot to either man.

When both Sheamus and Big Show were beat up badly, Rusev and mark Henry ran out, got the match stopped and finished off both competitors.

Sheamus was put through the announce table by Mark Henry and Big Show was locked in the Accolade.

This now is a believable power organisation. It looked weird that the Authority couldn’t really punish anyone on Team Cena. Now people are starting to pay for turning on the bosses.

Nikki vs. Brie w./AJ on commentary

Nikki faced Brie, who was dressed as AJ. The real AJ distracted Nikki so Brie rolled her sister up and won.

After the match AJ attacked Nikki and left victorious while Brie was chanting YES.

This storyline doesn’t sound particularly exciting, does it?

Big E Vignette

As expected, a Big E New Day vignette aired this week.


This new gimmick is definitely eyebrow-raising but judging by the reaction those vignettes get from the live audience, it has a chance of being successful.

John Cena/ Ryback Backstage

Ryback dissed Cena quickly but Cena wasn’t going to back down. For once, Cena was right, for a guy who always wants to be fed more, Ryback is surprisingly reluctant to join the big fight.

Gold & Stardsut & Miz & Mizdow vs. Los Matadores & The Usos

Throughout the match, the audience asked only for Mizdow. However, they didn’t get him at all. Apart from Mizdow, taking himself out every time Miz gets hit, the stunt double wasn’t really in the match.

Netiher were the Usos for that matter. They got involved only in the end. Unfortunately, they weren’t very successful. Stardust pinned Jimmy after interference from Goldust and the Miz.


What’s more important is who’s going to win the titles at Survivor Series. I place my bet on Miz & Mizdow. What about you, guys?

Team Cena / Team Authority Contract Signing

When this segment started there was no Team Cena. Cena tried to play it cool saying that he’d pick any random 4 people from the audience to be on his team and he’d be happy because they’d have passion for the WWE.

Cheesy speech aside, Cenas was joined by Dolph Ziggler and the Big Show from his old team formation. Sheamus apparently is out after the attack earlier in the night.

Erick Rowan volunteered to fight for Cena. I think everyone was surprised. This makes no sense from what we’ve seen from Rowan’s new gimmick until now. However, we haven’t seen that much of him yet. Exposure at Survivor Series is only good for Rowan.

Cesaro trolled Cena, pretending to want to join his team and then stood on the Authority’s side. However, I think the joke’s on Cesaro. He’s still not on the Survivor Series card.

Filling up Team Cena, Ryback joined as well. This led to Cena putting Triple H through a table and Team Cena standing tall at the end of the night.

This columniation was expected but at least we finally rounded up the teams for Survivor Series.

What do you think about Team Cena’s finalized version? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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