Sheamus Wants to Play Venom in the Amazing Spider-Man 3

WWE Superstar Sheamus shared with the Daily Mirror that he would like to play the role of Venom/Eddie Brock in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 3 movie, which is scheduled to be released in 2018.

The Celtic Warrior, like many other superstars, is a childhood comic book fan. In his interview with the Daily Mirror he said the following:

I always read comic books as a kid, I always remember Eddie Brock, who was Venom in the Spider-Man comics. He was kind of a red head. I’d love to play the role of Venom and Eddie Brock. Venom was one of my favorite characters. It would be a dream come true for me to star in the next Spider-Man film as Venom.

Stephen Farrelly (Sheamus) has tried his luck in the cinema before. He had a couple of small roles in movies, one of which was a Celtic Warrior Zombie in the 2009 Irish horror flick The Legend of Bog, aka Assault of Darkness.

Another one of Sheamus’ transformations was as inmate Two Ton in The Escapist (2008).

However, Farrelly is yet to have his big role in Hollywood. Do you think Venom could be it?


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